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National focus

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Due to the semi-random nature of the AI it ensures that no two games will play out in precisely the same way. Players wishing to have a more historical-based campaign can choose to do so by ticking the ''Historical AI Focuses'' option on the country selection screen (map) just before the start of a new game. It is important to note, however, that player nations are not bound by this and as such their in-game actions can still force the AI to pick somewhat less than historical choices.
The seven [[Countries#Major countries|great powers]] (and {{flag|Poland}}) have a unique national focus tree in the base game. Additional countries - as detailed below - received a unique focus tree as part of different DLCs. All other nations use the [[generic national focus tree]]:*{{icon|hoi4}} '''Base game''' includes focus trees for {{flag|France}}, {{flag|Germany}}, {{flag|Italy}}, {{flag|Japan}}, {{flag|Soviet Union}}, {{flag|United Kingdom}} and {{flag|United States}};*{{icon|hoi4}} '''Poland: United and Ready''' unlocks a focus tree for {{flag|Poland}};*{{Icon|tfv}} '''Together for Victory''' unlocks focus trees for {{flag|Australia}}, {{flag|British Raj}}, {{flag|Dominion of Canada}}, {{flag|New Zealand}}, {{flag|South Africa}};*{{Icon|dod}} '''Death or Dishonor''' unlocks focus trees for {{flag|Czechoslovakia}}, {{flag|Hungary}}, {{flag|Kingdom of Romania}}, and {{flag|Yugoslavia}};*{{Icon|wtt}} '''Waking the Tiger''' unlocks focus trees for {{flag|China}}, {{flag|Communist China}}, {{flag|Manchukuo}}, as well as a shared tree for the Chinese warlords ({{flag|Yunnan}}, {{flag|Sinkiang}}, {{flag|Guangxi Clique}}, {{flag|Shanxi}}, and {{flag|Xibei San Ma}}). It also further expands focus trees for {{flag|Germany}} and {{flag|Japan}};*{{Icon|mtg}} '''Man the Guns''' unlocks focus trees for {{flag|Mexico}} and the {{flag|Netherlands}}. It also further expands focus trees for the {{flag|United Kingdom}} and the {{flag|United States}}.
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! National focus trees (click on a country name to get to its section)
| {{MultiColumn|
; {{icon|hoi4}} [[#Base game trees|Base game]]
: [[#Generic tree|Generic tree]]
: {{flag|France|0}} [[#France|France]]
: {{flag|Germany|0}} [[#Germany|Germany]]
: {{flag|Italy|0}} [[#Italy|Italy]]
; {{icon|hoi4}} [[#Base game trees|Base game]]
: {{flag|Japan|0}} [[#Japan|Japan]]
: {{flag|Poland|0}} [[#Poland|Poland]]
: {{flag|Soviet Union|0}} [[#Soviet Union|Soviet Union]]
: {{flag|United Kingdom|0}} [[#United Kingdom|United Kingdom]]
: {{flag|United States|0}} [[#United States|United States]]
; {{icon|tfv}} [[#Together for Victory trees|Together for Victory]]
: {{flag|Australia|0}} [[#Australia|Australia]]
: {{flag|British Raj|0}} [[#British Raj|British Raj]]
: {{flag|Canada|0}} [[#Canada|Canada]]
: {{flag|New Zealand|0}} [[#New Zealand|New Zealand]]
: {{flag|South Africa|0}} [[#South Africa|South Africa]]
; {{icon|dod}} [[#Death or Dishonor trees|Death or Dishonor]]: {{flag|Czechoslovakia|0}} [[#Czechoslovakia|Czechoslovakia]]: {{flag|Hungary|0}} [[#Hungary|Hungary]]: {{flag|Romania|0}} [[#Romania|Romania]]: {{flag|Yugoslavia|0}} [[#Yugoslavia|Yugoslavia]] ; {{icon|wtt}} [[#Waking the Tiger trees|Waking the Tiger]]: [[#Chinese Warlords|Chinese Warlords]]: {{flag|China|0}} [[#China|China]]: {{flag|Communist China|0}} [[#Communist China|Communist China]]: {{flag|Manchukuo|0}} [[#Manchukuo|Manchukuo]]: {{flag|Germany|0}} [[#Germany|Germany]] (expanded) ; {{icon|mtg}} [[#Man the Guns trees|Man the Guns]]: {{flag|Mexico|0}} [[#Mexico|Mexico]]: {{flag|Netherlands|0}} [[#Netherlands|Netherlands]]: {{flag|United Kingdom|0}} [[#United Kingdom|United Kingdom]] (expanded): {{flag|United States|0}} [[#United States|United States]] (expanded) |6}}|}<div class="toclimit!-- end of focus trees ToC --3">__TOC__</div>
== Mechanic overview ==
== National focus trees ==
=== Base game trees ===

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