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Air warfare

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Air superiority: According to my test in-game, the zone remains red until 40% superiority, not 30
== Air superiority ==
[[File:Air power comparison tooltip.png|thumb|36 interwar fighters operating in the Iberian Peninsula produce 1.3 air power]]
Air superiority is the degree of dominance of your air force over an opponent's air force in a strategic region. Air superiority is provided by planes actively performing their mission and depends on their type as well. Each type of an air wing has a defined air superiority power value that describes how effective it is in domination of the sky (see table below).
Superiority power is calculated for each country operating air wings in a given strategic area individually. Each air wings raw air power is its number of planes, multiplied by the superiority power above and its mission efficiency. The sum of all wings' power is additionally scaled with the '''region coverage'''. The region coverage reaches 100% when there is 1 point of raw air power for every {{hover|1 / NAir.AIR_REGION_SUPERIORITY_PIXEL_SCALE|25 pixels}} (1265 km²) of strategic region area. This means the number of planes and their mission efficiency has a '''quadratic effect''' on air power until the region coverage saturates at 100%, as they increase both the region coverage and the raw air power.
The As an example, setting 36 interwar fighters in Madrid to air superiority power mission in the region comes from all Iberian Region results in a mission efficiency of your (and your allies) active airplanes in that region81.7%. The more airplanes, raw air power of the higher the valuewing is 36 * 87.1% = 31.356. Be aware that The area of the value Iberian Peninsula (582,000 km² in reality) is also reduced 18044 pixels in-game (adjustedequaling 913,189 km²) with low , so <math>1 + 18044 * 0.04 = 722.76</math> raw air power is required to achieve 100% region coverage. So remember to rebase your With only 31.356 raw air wings to get power available, the most optimal region coverageis just <math>31. Air superiority can also be adjusted by mission efficiency356/722.76 = 4.3%</math>. Fighters on The total air superiority missions are generally power is then <math>36^2 * 87.1%^2 / (1 + 18044 * 0.04) = 1.360</math>. Doubling the number of planes ''quadruples'' the best way result to get 5.441. 830 interwar fighter would accomplish full region coverage, after which the air superioritypower growth becomes linear again.
As region coverage is calculated for each country individually, multiple allied countries have less combined air power than a single enemy country with the same raw air power if they don't accomplish full region coverage individually. [[File:Air map nogui.png|500 px|thumb|Air map mode screenshot showing different air superiority levels]]A region's air superiority is determined by comparing your adjusted air power (including plus allies) to the enemy's adjusted air power. This ratio is stated as a percentage and results in a color applied to a region (can be viewed using the [[Map#Strategic Air map mode|Strategic Air map mode]]). The colors and interpretation of the colors is listed in the table below.
{|class = "wikitable plainlist" width="40%" style="text-align: center;"
| '''Color''' || '''Air Superiority Percentage''' || '''Explanation'''
| {{Red|Red}} || 0% - 30< 40% || enemy has air superiority
| Yellow || +3040% - 60% || contested region
| {{Green|Green}} || +> 60% || you (or allies) have air superiority
[[File:Air map nogui.png|1000 px|center|thumb|Air map mode screenshot showing different air superiority levels]]
Static AA [[File:Anti-air (building).png|24px]] can also reduce air superiority in an air region. Each building level (maximum level 5) affects the air superiority multiplier by {{red|-1}} (reference [[Defines#NBuildings|Defines NBuildings ANTI_AIR_SUPERIORITY_MULT = 5.0]] -- How much air superiority reduction to the enemy does our AA guns? Normally each building level = -1 reduction. With this multiplier).

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