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Japanese events 2

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| event_id = japan.1
| event_name = Young Officers Coup
| event_text = A group of young officers has succeeded in assassinating various government officials, as well as the prime minister. They have occupied Tokyo and have secured control of the Imperial Palace, announcing their intent to purge the government of 'corrupt officials' and 'ideological threats', reinstating the Emperor as the sole ruler of the nation.<br/><br/>Their actions had an unexpectedly large following in the military, where intended counter-operatioms operations were forestalled by mass arrests and assassinations of elements loyal to the old government. Faced with the sudden and overwhelming nature of events, as well as rebel control of the Palace, the Emperor has made no move to denounce the rebels.<br/><br/>Organized government resistance seems already to crumble, and the rebels are expected at any time to announce the establishment of total Imperial control to all areas of domestic, foreign, and military policy.
| triggered only = Japanese focus [[File:goal_generic_military_deal.png|28px]][[Japanese national focus tree#Support the Kodoha Faction|''"Support the Kodoha Faction"'']]
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