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==Strategies and Guides==
Italy is an intersting country to play despite being the weakest of every starting Majors. It's the only country to be at war, apart of Ethopia. Taking Ethopia isn't a problem, but the timing is. Too early and Italy wouldn't train up it's weak commanders. Too late and the war of Spain would end before it could finish the 'Support Nationalist Spain' focus.
After Ethopia, Italy can decide not only the fate of the Allies, but also the Axis. In order for Italy to disrupt Germany (If Italy is going 'Italy first' focus), all Italy had to do was to invade Austria before Anschluss and take Czechoslovakia after war with Yugoslavia. Very difficult if Czechoslovakia fortifies, but possible. Ironically, despite declairing war and annexing Austria, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, this is still less than the tension that Germany can produce historically.
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