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Updated French spirits
|modifiers=*Max Planning: {{green|+25%}}
*Planning Speed: {{red|−25%}}
{{Effectbox|Full Employment|We are in the enviable position of having very low unemployment, partially because of the massive bloodshed of the Great War. However, this has made it difficult for companies to find skilled workers, and the military finds it hard to compete with the labor market for recruits. Extending the draft would only exaberate the problem. We should try and find other sources of manpower to make up for the shortfall, either in recruitment or in the economy.
|modifiers=*Recruitable Population Factor: {{red|-25%}}
{{Effectbox|Political Violence|Communists and far-right extremist leagues are always ready to resort to violence to advance their political cause.
{{Effectbox|Inefficient Economy|While still a major industrialized country, France has been left behind in terms of concentration of production capabilities. Major reforms are needed to make our economy more competitive in the global scale.
|modifiers=*Factory Output: {{red|-20.00%}}
*Dockyard: {{red|-20.00%}}
Victors of the Great War can be removed by completing National Focuses in the Defensive or Aggressive branches.
Changing conscription laws will make Full Employment worse
===Political parties===

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