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Historical Background
If played correctly, the Second World War (and any other conflicts before 1948) could very well see France reborn and reshaped and emerge from the crucible of war as the far bigger and stronger {{flag|European Union}}. If allied with the {{flag|United Kingdom}} (which can annex all of its dominions and even the {{flag|United States}} to form the '''Imperial Federation'''), these two titans can easily become the dominant superpowers of the post-war world order.
France is located in Western Europe. It consists of the mainland of France, the island of Corsica. France also controls a large number of overseas territories and colonies including, Algeria, Syria, and resource-rich Indochina. It is dominated by flat, arable land in the Northwest and forest and highland in the center. France borders {{fflag|Belgium}} to the north. To the Northeast in the region of Alsace-Lorraine lies the small Vosges mountain range and Rhine, which makes up the natural border with {{flag|German Reich}}. To the south lies the Pyrenees mountains which separate France from {{flag|Spain}}. To the east lies {{flag|Switzerland}} and {{flag|Italy}} lies to the Southeast separated by the huge Alps. France both borders the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the English channel to the Northwest.
==Historical Background==

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