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Industry: Update for 1.9
|+ Factories 1936
|- style="text-align: center; vertical-align: bottom;"
| style="width: 33%" | {{icon|Military factory}}<br>{{nowrap|6 8 Military Factories}}| style="width: 34%" | {{icon|Naval dockyard}}<br>{{nowrap|8 10 Naval Dockyard}}| style="width: 33%" | {{icon|Civilian factory}}<br>{{nowrap|35 33 Civilian Factories}}
Military production is dwarfed by Germany (28 20 more factories) and Italy (19 11 more factories) and only on par with Belgium. The player can also expect production to be crippled by the 1936 strikes. However, the very good civilian production allows for considerable military buildup in the years before the war and France can easily build up its industry to a comparable level once the strikes and other negative modifiers have been removed.

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