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Military: Some rephrasing
[[File:France Maginot Line.jpeg|thumbnail|France relies on the heavy The ''Maginot Line'': Heavy fortifications (Seven level 10 forts) at the border against to [[Germany]] to defend them there.]]
* The remaining 23 are ''Brigade Coloniale'' with 6x infantry, no support, and low reinforcement priority.
France relies on the heavy fortifications at the border against to [[Germany]] , the ''Maginot Line'' to defend them there. With its far-flung and vast colonial possessions, defending them against attack will require a higher concentration of light, fast forces compared to Metropole defense.
In terms of technology, France has a good head start on mechanized, motorized and tank forces with only a little catch-up for infantry weapons. The problem with fielding a modern army will be expanding France's production base, which is both extremely limited and faced with the prospect of crippling manpower shortages in the very near future in 1936.

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