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Battle plan

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Naval supremacy: Update to 1.9
=== Naval supremacy ===
{{SVersion|1.59}}To '''execute ''' a naval invasion, a country requires '''more than 50% ''' ''naval supremacy'' (also called 'naval superiority' in some tooltips) '''in all [[Strategic region|strategic regions]] ''' (sea zones) in which the divisions will need to traverse the sea en-route to their destination. These are the regions the arrow of the naval invasion battle plan passes through.
To be able to get ''naval supremacy'', you have to have at least {{hover|NIntel.NAVAL_SUPREMACY_INTEL_LOW|30%}} [[#Naval intel efficiency|naval intel efficiency]].
''Naval supremacy'' over the region of a navy depends on the amount what '''type of ships mission''' it is running, how '''effective''' it is on missions by the opposing sidesregion, with '''how many ships''' it has and '''how large''' they are. ''Naval supremacy'' in a multiplicative bonus for air superiority. One fleet can simultaneously contribute to strategic region (sea zone) is the sum of ''naval supremacy'' in up of the taskforces assigned to 3 regions covered by its missionit.
All ship classes contribute the same to the '''''Naval supremacy'' by [[naval supremacymission]]s:''' rating, a submarine being equal to a super{| class="wikitable" |-! Mission! Naval supremacy|-heavy battleship| [[File:Patrol.png]] Patrol| 100%|-| [[File:Strike Force.png]] Strike Force| 100%|-| [[File:Naval Invasion Support.png]] Naval Invasion Support| 100%|-| [[File:Convoy Raiding.png]] Convoy Raiding| 50%|-| [[File:Convoy Escort.png]] Convoy Escort| 50%|-| [[File:Minelaying.png]] Minelaying| 30%|-| [[File:Minesweeping.png]] Minesweeping| 30%|-| [[File:Naval Exercises.png]] Naval Exercises| 0%|-| [[File:Hold Mission.png]] Hold (in and out of port)| 0%|-|}
Ships on hold do not '''Larger ships''' contribute '''more''' to ''naval supremacy''. Otherwise all For example the italian early battleship ''RN Andrea Doria'' provides '''356''' ''naval supremacy'' on strike force mission types contribute equally. Fleets A single ''Curatone Class'' italian early destroyer provides '''117''' ''naval supremacy'' on Patrol strike force mission with Do Not Engage order contribute as well, even though they never engage in any combats.
Maximum possible bonus from [[Air superiority|air superiority]] is +100% Task forces with '''''Do Not Engage''''' order do not contribute to the ship amount, making each ship count for two. It is achieved when air superiority is 100% and there are enough planes to cover 100% of the sea region''naval supremacy''.
[[Air superiority]] and [[Minelaying]] provide a bonus for ''Naval naval supremacy'' . Maximum possible bonus from air superiority is only required for a short moment +100% to launch the prepared invasionship amount, making each ship count for two. After that It is achieved when air superiority is 100% and there are enough planes to cover 100% of the invasion will proceed even without sufficient supremacysea region.
''Naval supremacy'' is only required for a '''short moment''' to launch the prepared invasion. After that the invasion will '''proceed even without sufficient supremacy'''.Once the naval invasion has been properly planned, ''naval supremacy'' and ''naval intel efficiency'' has been attained, and sufficient convoys are gathered, the plan may be activated.
=== Invasion in transit ===

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