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Naval supremacy: Calculation for Naval supremacy per ship
''Naval supremacy'' in a strategic region (sea zone) is the sum of ''naval supremacy'' of the taskforces assigned to it.
'''''Naval supremacy'' by [[naval mission]]s:'''<ref>[[Defines]]: NNavy.MISSION_SUPREMACY_RATIOS</ref>
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'''Larger ships''' contribute '''more''' to ''naval supremacy''. For example the italian early battleship ''RN Andrea Doria'' provides '''356''' ''naval supremacy'' on strike force mission. A single ''Curatone Class'' italian early destroyer provides '''117''' ''naval supremacy'' on strike force mission.''Naval supremacy'' per ship is calculated as: :''Naval supremacy'' of ship = {{hover|NNavy.SUPREMACY_PER_SHIP_BASE|100.0}} + {{hover|NNavy.SUPREMACY_PER_SHIP_PER_IC|0.005}} * ship production cost in industrial capacity (IC) + {{hover|NNavy.SUPREMACY_PER_SHIP_PER_MANPOWER|0.05}} * ship manpower
Task forces with '''''Do Not Engage''''' order do not contribute to ''naval supremacy''.

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