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Political parties
| <span style="color: red;">'''Parti Communiste Francais'''</span> || {{Icon|communism}} Communist ||<span style="color: red;">'''20%'''</span> || <span style="color: red;">'''Maurice Thorez'''</span> || <span style="color: red;">'''French Commune'''</span> || No
| <span style="color: orange;">'''Mouvement Franciste'''</span> || {{Icon|fascism}} Fascist || <span style="color: orange;">'''1%'''</span> || <span style="color: orange;">'''Philippe PétainMarcel Bucard'''</span> ||<span style="color: orange;">'''Nation Française(If Independent)/Vichy France(If formed by Germany's decision)'''</span> || No
| <span style="color: grey;">'''Non-Aligned'''</span> || {{Icon|neutrality}} Non-Aligned || <span style="color: grey;">'''15%'''</span> || <span style="color: grey;">'''Generic'''</span> || <span style="color: grey;">'''Orleanist France(If Orleanist)/Bourbon France(If Legitimist)/French Empire(If Imperialist)'''</span> || No

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