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There are three types of factories:
* {{icon|Civilian factory}} '''[[Construction#Civilian factories|Civilian factories]]:''' [[Construction]] (including repair), [[trade]], [[Construction#Consumer goods|consumer goods]], and [[Intelligence agency|Intelligence agencies]] and there their [[Intelligence agency#Agency upgrades|upgrades]].
* {{icon|Military factory}} '''Military factories:''' Infantry equipment, transport, artillery, armor, and aircraft. These have a base output of [[File:Production cost.png|link=Production]]&nbsp;4.5. This value is then multiplied by [[File:Production_efficiency.png|22px|link=Production Efficiency]] Production Efficiency.<br/>Thus, the production formula is : <math>\text{Production} = (\text{Base Output} \cdot \text{Output Modifier}) \cdot \text{Production Efficiency}</math> <br/>For example, at 50% [[File:Production_efficiency.png|22px|link=Production Efficiency]] Production Efficiency with a 10% Modifier on Factory Output, the production would be <math>({4.5} \cdot {1.10}) \cdot {0.50} = {2.475}</math>
* {{icon|Naval dockyard}} '''Naval Dockyards:''' Ships, Submarines and Convoys. Have a base output of [[File:Production cost (naval).png|link=Production]]&nbsp;2.5, but always have a production efficiency of 100%. Output do effect.
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