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Being in wars adds a {{red|-30%}} penalty in stability.<ref>See in [[defines#NCountry|defines]]: BASE_STABILITY_WAR_FACTOR</ref> The penalty is reversed when all active wars end.
Some modifiers such as Japan's leader bonus Emporer Showa give permanent stability increase to the nation. Others decrease it, such as the At War modifier.<ref>Look for {{path|custom=1|stability_factor }} in game files.</ref> When such modifiers add to above 100%, stability is displayed as 100% and the bonus effects capped at 100%. It is also possible that the sum of stability modifiers result in less than 100% maximum stability for the nation. When stability is at max after modifiers, any additional one-time stability from events, decisions and some national foci are lost.<ref>Look for {{path|custom=1|add_stability }} in game files for one-time stability changes.</ref> Active permanent modifiers are listed in the in-game tooltip for stability. One-time changes are not otherwise recorded.
== War support ==

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