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Intelligence agency

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Becoming the Spy Master
Once you have upgraded your agency at least 3 times, are independent or a Dominion, and you are a part of a faction, you can choose to invest 50 {{icon|political power}}PP to become this faction's Spy Master.
Spy Master status provides you with an additional spy for every two independent nations and high autonomy [[Puppets|puppets]] (Dominion, Satellite, Imperial Subject, Supervised State) in your faction and is also dependent on the nation's industry. From 0 - 10 factories the nation will contribute 0 spies, for 10 - 49 factories the nation will contribute 1/4 of a spy, for 50+ factories the nation will contribute 1/2 of a spy, i.e. when Germany is a Spy Master for the Axis and it puppets Slovakia, it will not receive an additional operative, but when . When Italy joins the Axis , because it has more than 50 factories , Germany will gain 1/2 of a spy and give you an additional operative but if . If Romania becomes a satellite and it has 10 - 49 factories then , Germany will only get a 1/4 of a spy.

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