Sunrise Invasion

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Sunrise Invasion
Sunrise Invasion.png
Possible if
Playing as Flag of Japan Japan
Achieved if

Time Date is before 1945.1.1

  • Annexed Flag of Mexico Mexico before taking any land in Europe
  • Conquered a coastal state in Europe

The achievement Sunrise Invasion requires Flag of Japan Japan to annex Flag of Mexico Mexico before taking European land, then conquer a coastal state in Europe. This must all be done before 1945. The name of the achievement alludes to the Sunset Invasion achievement which references the Sunset Invasion DLC from Crusader Kings II.


For this achievement, To annex Flag of Mexico Mexico, It is important to attack the Flag of United States United States before they get too powerful as they have a guarantee over all countries in the western hemisphere. To get ready for the invasion, save up political power then justify against Flag of Mexico Mexico. World tension will not get as high as if Flag of Mexico Mexico is being justified against. Have a naval invasion to the Flag of Philippines Philippines and a larger one from the Marshall Islands to Honolulu. Make a naval invasion from Honolulu to Los Angeles as well. The preparation time for that naval invasion will coincide with the naval invasions with the armies. Have six level 2 ships in a different navy group. This will allow range towards the west coast from Honolulu Have part of the fleet protect the ocean towards the Philippines and a larger part of the fleet protect the invasion towards Honolulu. Have a few divisions with the naval invasion towards the Flag of Philippines Philippines for reinforcement. To prepare the invasion of the Flag of United States United States, move the rest of the army to the Marshall islands as well. Declare war against the Philippines when ready.

Naval Invade the Philippines and Honolulu. Once Honolulu is captured, place divisions on the naval invasion to Los Angeles and send the rest of the army to Honolulu. send the level 2 ships to protect the naval invasion to Los Angeles. They are the only ships that can reach. The other ships may protect important areas as well. Naval invade Los Angeles when ready. There may be a naval skirmish against the Americans. Make sure the level 2 ships do not repair. This will force them to stay on the sea zone so that they can protect the army. While naval invading towards Los Angeles, Take Philippine land and make them capitulate. Once landed in Los Angeles, Send the bulk of the army there as well. Take land from the United States but do not capitulate them. They will not capitulate until Pennsylvania and Maryland gets captured. Capitulate Flag of Mexico Mexico before the United States. Take all the territory from Flag of Mexico Mexico.

After the war with the Flag of United States United States, there may be enough time to attack Flag of China China before the Germans attack Flag of Poland Poland. If not, prepare war with the Allies. Once the Germans declare against the Allies, do that as well. Naval Invade from Flag of Canada Canada to the British Isles.