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Incorrect console command descriptions, commands that are currently not working, etc[edit]

I am uncertain if this is the case for anyone else as well but what I have noticed is that some of these descriptions are incorrect, and some of the commands may be marked as not working. Before adding it as notes to the commands, I figure it may be worth checking if this is the case for others.

  • teleport(tp) does not take a parameter (anymore?), instead it is a toggle command, which toggles teleportation of units instead of ordinary movement.
  • winwars does not seem to do anything right now?
  • setowner is only partially working. It changes the owner in such a way that the new owner can use the area for his/her troops. However, the previous owner is still in charge of the buildings, and will get resistance in the state. A suggested workaround, in case you want to change both owner and controller, and also give the new owner a core on the state, is to use add_core on the state, and use the return territory feature.
  • add_core description states that you should be using a province parameter. This is incorrect, and should either be a state parameter, or both state and then country tag.

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Also, developer mode doesn't make certain commands accessible, specifically spawn and instant_prepare. 20:10, 3 November 2018 (CET)