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If I had a clue (i.e., some education) on how to merge, I would help merge it as there is duplication about templates and the FAQs involved may go unanswered as a result.— Preceding unsigned comment added by Sir Garnet (Talk) 20:19, 9 June 2016

Copy the stuff you want to merge from the source to the target page and then replace the source page with a redirect to the target page and you're done. Its next to impossible to totally break the wikis so you can try stuff out, or if you're feeling cautious then you can make a personal subpage on your userspace and practice there. Also please remember to sign talk page edits with ~~~~. Thanks Dauth (talk) 21:06, 9 June 2016 (CEST)

Priority Score[edit]

A sentence or two on what the game uses the priority score for would be helpful. Does it determine priority for reinforcement? --Trifler (talk) 00:43, 21 June 2016 (CEST)

Example divisions[edit]

How about a separate page for division designs people came up with? 13:16, 22 June 2016 (CEST)

Sounds all right. --Trifler (talk) 01:35, 23 June 2016 (CEST)
Sounds more fitting as a strategy section. If you can come up with such a page, focusing on the strategic values behind division design [such as "x is suitable for river" etc] even more so if it's done according to wiki style, then go ahead.
If it's simply for users to share designs with each other, then it would be best served on the forums. ~ SolSys (talk) 14:49, 23 June 2016 (CEST)

Hardness formula[edit]

Sorry current one is incorrect. --Elfiwolfe (talk) 05:07, 28 June 2016 (CEST)

formula is floor(average of line units). Data: 70+0=35; 70+0+0=23; 70+70+0=46; 70+70+70+0=52. --Elfiwolfe (talk) 05:23, 28 June 2016 (CEST)

Signal Company[edit]

Reinforcement bonus of signal company increase chance for reserve division to enter the combat if there is room on battlefield. It also increases planing speed by percentage (base is 2 per day, and basic signal company increases that 2 by 5% so 2,1 per day in total).

Brigade or Regiment?[edit]

Combat Battalions Tooltip
Support Battalions Tooltip

This page uses the term Brigade, while the game uses Regiment. Should this be changed to match the game? I noticed that other pages do use Regiment instead of Brigade. Same for Support Companies and Support Battalions. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Arjen Krap (Talk) 20:36, 31 July 2016‎ (CEST)

It looks like people use regiment and then battalion because the paradox tooltip calls the infantry units you add battalions. From that point on, things have to conform to the tooltip that is going to continue to appear. Technically it isn't divisions you're moving around on the field, it would be brigades, which is where it gets pretty hilarious and weird— Preceding unsigned comment added by (Talk) 10:01, 22 August 2019‎ (CET)