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Volunteers to Japan[edit]

It isn't a good idea to send any volunteers to Japan. Japan will declare more wars before the China War is finished, locking your volunteer army there until you enter another war or Japan is out of any wars. Sending your the bulk of your armor off to the Far East means that any experience they gained in the Spanish Civil War is lost to you in the opening moves of Italy's next war. If you feel the need to send any volunteers, mountain troops are probably the better units to use. Outside of some plains and hills along the coast and along the Russian border, the rivers and mountains greatly reduce the power of the armor units. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Oldroad (Talk) 01:44, 16 June 2016‎ (CEST)


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France dies early[edit]

Just go for France after Ethiopia. 1.Ask Hitler to join faction (even without pact of steel relations are good enough) 2. Justify against France (watch for spain civil war - too big world tensions are bad) 3. French army unequipped after factory strikes 4. French army splits between two fronts 5. Declare war 6. Win.

After that you got much steel, factories, docks...