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I created a stub for "Fleet" as I couldn't find an article on Fleets:

Then later found this page on Naval warfare. But it is long. I suggest that the general Fleet mechanics go in the Fleet page, and just leave this about naval combat with them cross-referencing.

There are a number of references to "port", when the term in-game is naval base.

Also number of links to JPEGs which are missing. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Potski (Talk) 03:10, 26 May 2016‎ (CEST)

I have redirect 'fleet' to the according section of this article. Perhaps we can discuss a split of this page when the game is released.
Can 'port' not be regarded as a synonym for 'naval base'? The air mission to attack a naval base is called 'port strike'. :-)
The missing images will be added soon. – Lillebror (talk) 08:06, 26 May 2016 (CEST)

Appropriate fleet size ?[edit]

In the last lines it is written "organizing your fleets into appropriate sizes and with enough screens".

This is vague should be a major point to give guidelines about what is an appropriate size (size limit, diminishing returns, friendly fire) and what is "enough screens". — Preceding unsigned comment added by Nicolas I (Talk) 15:57, 9 June 2016‎ (CEST)

Expand tag: Naval missions[edit]

As far as I can tell, there's enough info on the naval missions unless we're going to start turning this page into a strategy guide (which I think, given the structure of the page, would be unwieldy) - it's probably fine to remove the note at the top that naval mission information needs augmenting (or, if it does need augmenting, let me know what whoever had in mind and I'll happily sort it). — Preceding unsigned comment added by Axe99 (talk) 01:28, 18 January 2017 (CET)

I've removed the expand tag completely. – Lillebror (talk) 08:23, 18 January 2017 (CET)


This page has been tagged as a {{Rewrite}}, the below issues have been found when the page is compared to the style guidelines

  1. Use of first person: Please change to third person
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Dauth (talk) 10:44, 31 January 2017 (CET)

GUI explanation[edit]

I feel that this article could be improved by moving the description of GUI elements to another or new article (for example, say that you can change the makeup of fleets and what the effects are, but not HOW to accomplish this). Of course, not just deleting it. Right now, this makes it very long and a bit unfocused.

What does everybody think? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Careful Plum (talk) 13:43, 31 January 2017 (CET)

Please avoid acronyms[edit]

This is a wiki used for information and providing help, and some people that come here will not know what a certain acronym stands for. There is no reason not to spell out what it is you're talking about. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 22:19, 7 April 2017‎ (CEST)

Update to 1.6[edit]

I'm planning to replace the Naval_warfare#Naval_Combat with the User:Bitmode/Naval_warfare#Battle, Naval_warfare#Shore_bombardment with User:Bitmode/Naval_warfare#Shore_bombardment, and throw in [[1]] somewhere. Thoughts? Bitmode (talk) 05:16, 29 March 2019 (CET)

Update to 1.8[edit]

A new define, NAVAL_COMBAT_SUB_DETECTION_FACTOR, showed up and some others were slightly changed. Bitmode (talk) 09:19, 11 January 2020 (UTC)