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bah. Need to check the games files again. To use tool | immediate = * Set country flag baltic.5_fired
And try to get | collapse = no working in this page

  • Either:
    • Is not Flag of Spain Spain
    • Date is after 1937.1.1

| triggered only = (please describe trigger here)

  • British focuses:

add Category:Events at end? with [ and ]
| immediate =

  • Pick from random list
    • (weight 20) trigger event "Draft Dodging"
    • (weight 20) trigger event "Strikes!"
    • (weight 20) trigger event "Mutinies in the Army"

| cond_event_text = yes
Multi Column

custom tooltips
# Increases the chance of internal support for a communist coup.


  • Replace current nation leader with:
    • Neville Chamberlain (democracy Conservatism)

--Elfiwolfe (talk) 00:52, 5 March 2020 (UTC)

Name Change[edit]

I think the page should have been named Netherlands events MtG. ops --Elfiwolfe (talk) 17:00, 6 March 2020 (UTC)