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This template can be used to display the achievement conditions on a strategy page. Articles with this template are auto-categorized in Category:Achievements.


Parameter Description Default Status
name name of the achievement {{PAGENAME}} optional
extension extension of the acievement icon png optional
date given start date of the achievement
no restriction - disables this line
January 1, 1936 optional
possible start conditions of the achievement empty optional
happened conditions for getting the achievement empty required


This table may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below into an article.

{{Achievement infobox
|name =
|possible =
|happened =


{{Achievement infobox
| name = Canada First
| extension = jpg
| possible = The player’s country is {{flag|Canada}}.
| happened = The player’s country:
*is in a [[faction]] lead by [[Germany]].

Will display this:

Canada First
Canada First.jpg
Possible if
The player’s country is Flag of Canada Canada.
Achieved if

The player’s country: