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Expansion should be used to indicate which expansion of Hearts of Iron 4 must be enabled to use the described content.


This infobox may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below at the beginning of a section.


Substitute the value for X.


Parameter Explanation Default Status
1 To specify which expansion must be enabled empty required
2 To specify a second expansion which can be enabled instead of the first empty optional
small as of {{Ambox}} left optional

Parameter Values Explanation
1, 2 tfw Together for Victory must be enabled
dod Death or Dishonor must be enabled
wtt Waking the Tiger must be enabled
mtg Man the Guns must be enabled
lar La Résistance must be enabled
bfb Battle for the Bosporus must be enabled
small left for sections (default)
not left for articles


Page notification

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<-- Content -->

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Section notification

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<-- Content -->

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<-- Content -->

Multiple DLCs

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<-- Content -->

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