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Should be the go-to for inline text-sized icons on this wiki.


{{Icon|icon name|text|width=22px}}

Parameter Info Required Notes Examples
1 icon name Required The concept you want an icon for infantry, heavy tank
2 text Optional Text linked to be displayed alongside the icon. Leave it blank if you don't want any text. Write 1 if you want the default text that goes with the icon 1, Paradox
width size Optional The size of the image, as in MediaWiki image syntax. Defaults to 22px, except for unit icons, which default to x22px (22px height) instead. 30px

Usage Examples

Code Result
{{Icon|infantry}} Infantry
{{Icon|lighttank|1}} Light tankLight tank
{{Icon|super heavy tank|Bananas}} Super heavy tankBananas


The following icons are understood by the template. Feel free to add more in the source!


Icon Concept Code
Hearts of Iron IV Hearts of Iron 4 hoi4
Together for Victory Together for Victory tfv
Death or Dishonor Death or Dishonor dod
Waking the Tiger Waking the Tiger wtt
Man the Guns Man the Guns mtg
La Résistance La Résistance lar
Battle for the Bosporus Battle for the Bosporus bfb, bftb
Icon Concept Code
Yes Yes yes
No No no
Time Time time
Unknown Unknown unknown
Opinion Opinion opinion
War goal War goal cb, war goal
World Tension World Tension world tension
Non-aggression pact Non aggression pact nap, non-aggression pact
Autonomy Autonomy autonomy


Strategic resources
Icon Concept Code
Aluminum Aluminum aluminum
Chromium Chromium chromium
Oil Oil oil
Rubber Rubber rubber
Steel Steel steel
Tungsten Tungsten tungsten
National resources
Icon Concept Code
Air experience Air Experience air exp
Army experience Army Experience army exp
Navy experience Navy Experience navy exp
Manpower Manpower manpower
Population Population pop, population
Victory point Victory point vp, victory point
Political Power Political Power political power
Stability Stability stability
War support War support war support
Construction cost Construction cost construction cost
Production cost Production cost production cost


Icon Concept Code
communism Communism
democracy Democracy
fascism Fascism
neutrality Neutrality
anarchism Anarchism
Unknown Ideology Unknown Ideology unknownid


Conscription laws
Icon Concept Code
Disarmed Nation Disarmed Nation disarmed nation
Volunteer Only Volunteer Only volunteer only
Limited Conscription Limited Conscription limited conscription
Extensive Conscription Extensive Conscription extensive conscription
Service by Requirement Service by Requirement service by requirement
Scraping the Barrel Scraping the Barrel scraping the barrel
Trade laws
Icon Concept Code
Closed Economy Closed Economy closed economy
Limited Exports Limited Exports limited exports
Export Focus Export Focus export focus
Free Trade Free Trade free trade
Economy laws
Icon Concept Code
Undisturbed Isolation Undisturbed Isolation undisturbed isolation
Isolation Isolation isolation
Civilian Economy Civilian Economy civilian economy
Early Mobilization Early Mobilization early mobilization
Partial Mobilization Partial Mobilization partial mobilization
War Economy War Economy war economy
Total Mobilization Total Mobilization total mobilization
Collectivized Society Collectivized Society collectivized society


Icon Concept Code
Building slot Building slot building slot
Military factory Military Factory mic, military factory
Civilian factory Civilian Factory cic, civilian factory
Naval dockyard Naval Dockyard nic, naval factory, naval dockyard
Infrastructure Infrastructure infra, infrastructure
Anti-air Anti-air (building) static aa, static anti air, static anti-air, aa building, anti air building, anti-air building
Air base Air base air base
Naval base Naval base naval base
Synthetic refinery Synthetic refinery synth, synthetic, refinery, synthetic refinery
Fuel silo Fuel silo fuel silo
Rocket site Rocket site rocket site
Nuclear reactor Nuclear reactor reactor, nuclear reactor
Land fort Land fort land fort
Coastal fort Coastal fort coastal fort


Codes given are examples. More are supported.

Icon Concept Code
Infantry Infantry inf, infantry
Marine Marines marines
Paratroop Paratroopers paratroopers
Mountain Mountaineers mountaineers
Icon Concept Code
Cavalry Cavalry cav, cavalry
Motorized Motorized mot, motorized
Mechanized Mechanized mech, mechanized
Icon Concept Code
Anti-air Anti-Air aa, anti-air
Anti-tank Anti-Tank at, anti-tank
Artillery Artillery arty, artillery
Rocket Artillery Rocket Artillery rart, rocket artillery
Motorized Rocket Artillery Motorized Rocket Artillery mot rart, motorized rocket artillery
Icon Concept Code
Engineers Engineers eng, engineers
Field hospital Field Hospital fh, field hospital
Logistics company Logistics Company logistics, logistics company
Maintenance company Maintenance Company maintenance, maintenance company
Military police Military Police mp, military police
Recon Recon Company recon, recon company
Signal company Signal Company signal, signal comapny
Support Anti-air Support Anti-Air sup aa, support anti-air
Support Anti-tank Support Anti-Tank sup at, support anti-tank
Support Artillery Support Artillery sup art, support artillery
Support Rocket Artillery Support Rocket Artillery sup r art, support rocket artillery
Icon Concept Code
Light tank Light Tank light tank, light armor
Light SP Artillery Light SP Artillery light sp artillery, light sp art
Light Tank Destroyer Light Tank Destroyer light tank destroyer, light td
Light SP Anti-Air Light SP Anti-Air light sp anti-air, light sp aa
Medium tank Medium Tank medium tank, med armor
Medium SP Artillery Medium SP Artillery medium sp artillery, med sp art
Medium Tank Destroyer Medium Tank Destroyer medium tank destroyer, medium td
Medium SP Anti-Air Medium SP Anti-Air medium sp anti-air, medium sp aa
Heavy tank Heavy Tank heavy tank, heavy armor
Heavy SP Artillery Heavy SP Artillery heavy sp artillery, heavy sp art
Heavy Tank Destroyer Heavy Tank Destroyer heavy tank destroyer, heavy td
Heavy SP Anti-Air Heavy SP Anti-Air heavy sp anti-air, heavy sp aa
Super heavy tank Super Heavy Tank super heavy tank, s heavy armor
Super Heavy SP Artillery Super Heavy SP Artillery super heavy sp artillery, s heavy sp art
Super Heavy Tank Destroyer Super Heavy Tank Destroyer super heavy tank destroyer, s heavy td
Super Heavy SP Anti-Air Super Heavy SP Anti-Air super heavy sp anti-air, s heavy sp aa
Modern tank Modern Tank modern tank, modern armor
Modern SP Artillery Modern SP Artillery modern sp artillery, modern sp art
Modern Tank Destroyer Modern Tank Destroyer modern tank destroyer, modern td
Modern SP Anti-Air Modern SP Anti-Air modern sp anti-air, modern sp aa