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The Dragon Swallowed the Sun

The Dragon Swallowed the Sun
The Dragon Swallowed the Sun.png
Possible if
Playing as Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo
Achieved if

Annexed Flag of Japan Japan

This achievement requires Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo to annex Flag of Japan Japan. May be done in conjunction with the Hail to the Qing and the The Good, the Bad and the Weird achievements.


This is a continuation of the Hail to the Qing achievement.

Now that   Japan is pushed out of Asia, research and build marines, naval transports and submarines and place them on the Korean port. Increase Relations with the   United States and take the Train Marines Focus. This will give more special units and a bonus to marine research. Find out how many ships the Japanese have on the Sea of Japan. This is done by hovering over it and checking the tooltip. Build more submarines than that.   Japan will go to war with the Allies allowing   Manchukuo to join their faction. Do not do it because it will allow them to enter territory under   Manchukuo giving them more war score against the Japanese. Naval invade   Japan when ready. Either take the closest province near Hiroshima, or take the port north of Osaka. The port may or may not be guarded. If you take the Province near Hiroshima, Hiroshima may be guarded. Take Nagasaki if there are too many Japanese divisions. Once you take a port, increase its level so more divisions can be fielded in Japan. Tokyo and everything west of that might be enough to capitulate them. Once   Japan capitulates, Annex all of their territory. The achievement may not fire if   Japan gets puppeted by someone else: if the Allies or Soviet have a large contribution, you can pre-empetively puppet Japan and annex it through the autonomy system.