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If you know that a bug has been fixed, or still happens in the current game version, let me know (discussion page or forum message) and I'll update it, thanks.

N.B.: This is primarily meant for me as a reference and to track updates on these bugs without having to bump them with comments. It is not a comprehensive list of all hoi4 bugs by any stretch.

Bugs that I'm currently tracking
Name/link last verified first reported Comment
ai_will_do in national focuses is awful 1.11.12 1.11.12 (2022-06-22)
AI does not assign factories to first production line based on need 1.11.12 1.11.2 (2021-11-26)
Extreme supply alert pops up after deleting air wings 1.11.12 1.11.5 (2022-01-05)
Soviet focus "PC of the USSR Navy" is MtG-specific 1.11.12 1.11.12 (2022-07-05)
Supply Hubs sometimes do nothing 1.11.12 1.11.3 (2021-12-09)
More equipment recovered after battles than intended 1.11.11 1.11.5 (2022-02-05)
US house election ignores previous support 1.11.11 1.7.1 (2019-07-21)
USA Congress construction request fails 1.11.11 1.10.8 (2021-09-04)
Events are lost when timing out exactly at new day 1.11.11 1.11.11 (2022-05-20)
Occupied winners removed from peace conference instead of being up for grabs 1.10.7 1.10.4 (2021-03-07) introduced by LaR
Inconsistent handling of is_diplomatic_action_valid_TOKEN 1.10.5 1.10.5 (2021-05-09)
Wrong distance checks in resource delivery routes over land 1.10.5 1.10.5 (2021-05-07)
No portrait For José Diaz 1.10.5 1.9.1 (2020-04-11)
Event ai_chance mixing factor = 0 and modifiers 1.10.4 1.10.4 (2021-04-21)
CW ideology markers on unit counters are incorrectly set on coarse counters 1.10.4 1.10.4 (2021-04-19)
Division designer support column tooltip says they don't affect speed 1.10.5 1.10.4 (2021-02-05)
Outdated reference in offensive line/spearhead tooltip 1.10.4 1.10.4 (2021-02-05)
Reinforcing unit not selected based on attributes 1.10.3 1.10.3 (2021-01-06)
Declining Ask/Offer control of state repeats request 1.10.3 1.10.3 (2021-01-04) likely fallout from forum:962836
"Fascism on the Rise" event disabled for GRE and TUR 1.10.3 1.10.3 (2020-12-25) regression caused by BftB
Uneven front manager unit distribution 1.10.3 1.4.2 (2017-09-22) previously wrongly marked as fixed in 1.5.0
SAF AI fails to follow through on alternative communist strategy 1.10.3 1.10.3 (2020-12-10) multiple parts: timing, communist adviser, breaking free
Carrier Fighters Do Not Defend Fleet from Land Based Naval Strikes 1.10.3 1.10.3
AI does not exercise task forces 1.10.3 1.9.3 Regression from 1.7.1 or later
Contradictory results in London Conference 1.10.3 1.9.3
RAJ country history missing if-else for mtg_transport 1.10.3 1.10.3
gfx/models/units/cavalry_camel.mesh is present in vanilla 1.10.1 1.10.1
Unpredictable result when NF targets multiple, filtered, random states 1.9.3
Palestine and Israel have Damascus as default capital 1.9.3
State AA is unlocked without tech research 1.9.3
Incorrect ai_template upgrades 1.9.3
Incremental division upgrade does not work in most cases 1.9.3
Regression in Vichy France event trigger 1.9.3
AI strategy tooltips use wrong country 1.9.3
AI faction auto-joining 1.9.3
Italian submarine gets named "RSmg ," 1.9.3
LaR regresses non-LaR SCW cleanup 1.9.3
Clean up of dead Primo de Rivera does not work 1.9.3
Puppeting Ethiopia as Italy bypasses "Triumph in Africa" 1.10.3
Training time modifier increases experience gain 1.9.3
Iceland takes control even when not controlled by DEN 1.9.3
Garrisons use best equipment, ignoring template exclusions 1.9.3
Modern SPAA suppression does not match other SPAAs 1.9.3
100% compliance provides more resources than core 1.9.2
Resistance and compliance are tied to foreign cores 1.9.2
Italy cannot stop Mussolini's assassination 1.9.2
Showing unplanned offensive modifier as weather penalty is confusing 1.9.2
Almost all strategic regions have nonsensical temperature_day_night weather settings 1.9.2
Wrong description for Fritz Todt effects 1.9.0
German pressure on Yugoslavia does nothing 1.9.2
unit controller falls back to CPathFind::IsValidStepSafe 1.9.0
Take Austria By Force has broken requirement 1.9.0
CAN, JAP, NOR refining concern strictly worse than industry concern 1.10.5 1.8.2 (2020-02-22)
AI still misjudges effect of AOT bonus 1.9.2
Carrier aircraft only sortie once per day in certain sea zones 1.8.2 confirmed
Hungary can Demand a Referendum even when Germany has annexed Austria 1.8.2
The People Have Stood Up requires Gannan 1.9.2
CRelationStatus::CalcBorderFriction only counts units on part of the front 1.8.1
Tooltip of Romania's The Tank Division NF does not mention LARM fallback 1.8.1
Summary of inconsistencies of ship technology and designs 1.8.1
Countries capitulating before peace conference are treated differently 1.8.1
Rocket silo launch rate is too low 1.8.1
Rocket sites do not produce rockets at the defined rate 1.9.2 confirmed
Rocket silo launch capacity does not stack 1.9.3 1.8.1 (2020-01-10)
Infrastructure collateral damage scales with the square of soft attack 1.8.1 confirmed
Mining related air missions can happen simultaneously with other ground missions 1.9.2
Low level buildings take vastly reduced damage 1.8.1
Warlord takeover deletes war participation against China 1.8.1
Inconsistent display of country rules 1.9.2
AI can control divisions that were forced to retreat 1.8.1
Dutch Flooding Providing Attacker With Breakthrough? 1.8.1
Supply checks for volunteers use inconsistent source 1.8.1
Repair/construction progress does not spill over to next level 1.8.1
Many game systems are not initialized when loading a save 1.9.2
Czechoslovakia can't bootstrap a fleet with MtG 1.8.1
Non-participating country ends naval treaty 1.8.1
In-game wiki-URL is still wrong 1.8.1
Canada's focus Skewer the Eagle has wrong bypass condition 1.8.1
Communist uprising causes border conflict to fail 1.8.1
Right-clicking air wing count does not work as tooltip says 1.7.1
Ship XP gain tooltip uses wrong time unit 1.7.1
The Danish Belts do not allow neutral fleets to cross for missions 1.9.2
Colonial division manpower is maintained on annexation 1.7.1
Naval losses summary uses line break in 4-digit numbers 1.7.1 confirmed and fix pending release
Localization map is prone to collisions 1.7.1 confirmed
Starting population of most countries is too low 1.9.2
Ships are affected by naval terrain attrition when in island ports 1.9.3 1.7.1 (2019-10-20)
Sweden starts with carrier-capable NAVs researched 1.7.1
Unit controller does not understand front assignment against allies 1.9.2
Ireland gets MacDonald Proposal despite being at war with Britain 1.7.1
Carol II remains if ROM is turned into communist puppet 1.7.1
USA builds itself into huge steel deficit every game 1.7.1
AI Japan retreats units from front as Marco Polo incident happens 1.7.1
china.14 (CHI loses Border War) clears border war from wrong states 1.10.5 1.7.1 (2019-10-14)
Engineer fort defense bonus not working 1.7.1
Ironside trait description and trigger mismatch 1.7.1
CConvoySubscriber gets added to multiple countries 1.7.1 confirmed
Hungary's Reclaim the Empire focus blocked by controlling any of the states 1.9.2
Integer overflow in convoy requirement 1.7.1 confirmed
get_best_alliance_match_fascism_effect does not work 1.7.1
USA communist/fascist advisers have ai_will_do = 10 1.10.5 1.7.1 (2019-10-03)
construction repair focus does not work properly 1.9.2 confirmed
Air volunteers are not cancelled when countries are hostile 1.7.1
Wargoal tooltip in germany.122 does not always target recipient 1.9.2
case mismatch in icon file name 1.7.1
inherit_technology effect makes sub-technologies disappear 1.7.1
Adding factories to line can reduce output 1.7.1
Haiti's flag is missing the coat of arms 1.9.2
technologies without preconditions don't show bonuses 1.8.1
Flight of Rudolf Hess triggers quicker than intended 1.9.2
All-Weather Expert does nothing 1.9.2 confirmed
Fortify Shanghai reduces fort level 1.7.1
Poland has too few completed focuses in '39 bookmark 1.7.1 fix pending release
USA alternate AI strategy is blocked on historical AI focus 1.7.1
Airbases can be built on enemy-controlled provinces 1.7.1
Fascist Australia can't pick "Support Indonesian Uprising" w/o DoD 1.7.1
Recently-arrived penalty applies to paradrop missions 1.8.1 fix pending release
Mismatch between paradrop targeting and mission 1.7.1
Rocket interceptors don't consume fuel 1.9.2
Loading divisions references templates by non-unique name 1.7.1 confirmed
Cannot take core and satellite next turn of annexed country in peace 1.7.1
Mexico cannot go fascist without MTG 1.7.1 confirmed
HUN can annex AUS via NF while latter is at war 1.9.2
misleading icon for superior firepower 1.7.0
AI Romania creates template with two engineer companies 1.7.0 confirmed
DoD- Renew the Rome Protocols does not check whether AUS exists 1.9.2
paratroopers on defense after canceling battle 1.9.2
PLAN_VALUE_NO_THREAT is unreachable 1.7.0
[UI] list items respond to key-up event without key-down 1.9.2
Building slot penalty for non-cores proportionately diminishes in late game 1.7.0
Misleading description of "Sunset Invasion" achievement 1.7.0 confirmed since Aug 2017
can't draw fallback lines on tiny islands 1.9.2
Japanese Home Island supply area contains Western Chinese State 1.7.0 confirmed since Sept 2018
naval training accidents don't scale with TF size 1.10.5 1.7.0 (2019-06-10)
division does not join defensive battle 1.7.0
AI sometimes abandons front sections 1.6.2
Sometimes not possible to draw offensive lines for volunteers 1.6.2
Israel/Palestine have wrong capital state id 1.6.2
Mutually exclusive tech limits can be circumvented 1.6.2
Iceland leaving war while occupied 1.6.2
Localization error in DOD_yugoslavia.20.t 1.6.2
Italian focus tree wrong fort location on Sardinia 1.9.2 confirmed (via other thread)
retreating ships have superior targeting 1.7.0 confirmed
mismatched localization string wtt_soviet_hold_city_o_success 1.6.2
Wrong wording in NAVAL_DISPATCH_* 1.6.2-beta
Base detection from task forces in region saturates far too quickly 1.9.3 1.6.2-beta (2019-03-30)
taken states don't change color in PC 1.6.2-beta-
hidden tank bonus still applies to SPAA 1.9.3 1.6.2-beta (2018-12-25)
DIVISION_DESIGN_MANPOWER_WEIGHT is always applied as penalty 1.6.2
Destroyed Anti-Air Guns Still Count Towards Air Superiority 1.9.2
"targeting" is spelled incorrectly as "targetting" 1.9.2
EXP_DAILY_GAIN is not specific to combat 1.6.1
Inconsistent equipment levels in SCW depending on election 1.9.3 1.4.2 (2017-10-11)
AI chooses Poland First too often 1.6.1
news.323 "King Carol II Abdicates" lacks context 1.6.1
fighting units immune to organization attrition 1.6.1
pockets sometimes have wrong supply until reload 1.6.0 still present according to cnwi depite failing repro steps
(logistics view) equipment balance ignores lend lease 1.6.0
daytime air superiority also affects nighttime 1.6.0
River crossing detection errors 1.6.0
backspace/delete don't work in the wiki 1.6.0
Fleet size not improving naval search chance 1.6.0
AI Poland give up Danzig more frequently when they are in major faction 1.6.0
AI France give up Indochina more when war with weak enemy 1.6.0
wrong state code in greece.2 1.6.0
Military police has no penalty to combat abilities 1.6.0
AI builds naval bombers only if it has a carrier 1.6.0
Editing templates in-place doesn't affect unit XP 1.6.0
Completed NFs shown as having no effect 1.9.3 1.4.0 (2017-06-19) confirmed, see also: forum:1078412
two Chinese United Fronts 1.7.0 confirmed
Malaysia CW not working 1.6.0
Broken requirements for SAF fascist NFs 1.11.12 1.5.3 (2018-06-10)
CHostileAttitude overvalues planes 1.9.2
AI attitude updates not working correctly 1.6.0
Puppet effect causes crash 1.5.4
Passing in peace conferences 1.9.2
Declining "Ask for State" gives province anyway 1.5.3
Wrong template types for France in 1936 1.10.3 1.5.4 (2018-08-17)
"Test the Soviets" is available when JAP doesn't own Korea 1.9.2
Lend-lease continues at peace 1.5.3
friendly state AA damages paradrops 1.5.3
Crash when parsing partial lines in map/definition.csv 1.5.3
Archived bugs (fixed, invalid, or abandoned)
Name/link fixed updated
Armored divisions receive some speed bonuses twice WAS 1.11.12 or earlier
Starting Fleet is called "Home Command Legacy Test" 1.10.6
wrong ai_will_do for US fascist/communist adviser 1.7.0 regression caused by MtG, fix lead to forum:1254030
after ideology cw rebuild decisions of all ideologies appear 1.6.1
Infinite loop when loading empty adjacencies.csv 1.9.3 or earlier
retreated units stuck in combat 1.9.3 or earlier
Province-based intelligence compares encryption of the wrong countries 1.9.0
MtG ideas are invisible but still availabe w/o MtG 1.9.3 or earlier
disruption does not scale properly can not reproduce in 1.9.3
Panzer leader trait speed bonus not applied 1.9.1
Aces dying does not reduce war support 1.9.0
Hungary does not go communist 1.9.1
N.A. Alliance Focus Broken 1.9.0
launcher @ 100% CPU after quit unknown
tech-sharing does nothing w/o TfV 1.9.0
Smooth-Talking Charmer does nothing 1.9.0
The Securitate national spirit doesn't trigger in Romanian Focus Tree 1.9.0
take_states_cost_factor does nothing 1.9.0
Crash log - function name not available abandoned 1.9.2
add_equipment does not work for negative amounts abandoned 1.9.2
FM combat traits do not apply with 50% invalid 1.8.2
Wrong effect tooltip for The Ultimate Battleship 1.9.2 or earlier
corrupted war score in mixed-ideology pc 1.6.0
Yugoslav navy has Argentinian Ship Classes when MtG is not enabled 1.9.2 or earlier
weaker units fill the front before stronger ones 1.9.2 or earlier 1.6.1
Naval Strike mission does not target convoys except troop transfers WAD 1.9.0
Party popularity growth not scaling 1.8.0
Arbitrary code execution through lua 1.8.2
no warscore from strat bombing 1.6.1
recruited admirals don't gain traits unknown 1.5.3
Factory Bomb Vulnerability affects all building types 1.6.2
can't deselect ship with shift-click unknown
Ships do not consume manpower 1.7.0
river not connecting unknown
Commonwealth Australia cannot hire democratic reformer unknown
British lend lease of convoys to Malaysia ruins import of oil unknown
game freeze on broken internet connection 1.5.3
map/definition.csv in user dir is used without validation 1.6.2
l10n error in DR_IDEOLOGICAL_ACCEPTANCE:0 1.6.0
Air supply mission icon visible without WtT 1.6.0
ai_templates target template weighting is wrong 1.5.0 1.4.2
negative party support (e.g. Abandon Westminster) does nothing unknown 1.3.1
unassign command not working for fallback lines unknown 1.2.1
AI's join war industry modifier reversed unknown 1.2.1
Some hostile task forces stay in captured ports 1.7.0
Several exploits that are still not fixed 1.6.0
USA getting wartime exception election event 1.6.1
awake and angry enclave exception does not work 1.6.2
merging reserve fleets don't consume fuel 1.6.2
AI penalizes marines for naval invasion assignment 1.6.0
wrong suppression garrison 1.6.0
[UI QoL] naval battle result icons eat scroll events 1.6.0
Troops traveling by convoy take highly inappropriate paths since WtT 1.6.0
wrong pathing for naval invasions 1.6.0
desert adjusters mising in UI 1.6.0
[l10n] news.311.t Hungary rejects Hungarian demands 1.6.0
AI misjudges effect of AOT bonus 1.5.3
trade route pathing is buggy 1.6.0
AI unit assignment to garrison order ignores resistance 1.5.0
Supply pathing ignores edge province control 1.5.0
NF "NKVD Divisions" gives too much reinforce rate 1.5.0
Event generic.5 leaves no choice to AI 1.5.0
AI units in naval invasion re-engaging immediately 1.4.0
AI units in naval invasion re-engaging immediately take 2 1.5.0
occupation penalties don't affect partially occupied states 1.5.0
invisible rivers in romania/hungary unknown
[AI] JAP_or_friend_controls_big_part_of_CHI_or_peace only works on peace 1.4.2
Soviet border skirmish adds manpower instead of removing 1.4.2
AI Germany likes both Japan and China 1.3.3
new armies get duplicate colors 1.3.3
CAS_effort grants research bonus AND removes AOT penalty 1.3.3
path finding is suboptimal and asymmetrical 1.4.1
Tiny country stage coup mouseover wrong 1.2.1