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A country's manpower tooltip shows a break down of its free and used manpower by branch as well as the current global recruitment ratio

ManpowerManpower encompasses the number of people serving in the different branches of military and the number of people available for service. As all military units need manpower, it is critical to manage the its availability. The free manpower for the player's country is shown at the top left of the screen. The tooltip when mousing over the number shows a more detailed breakdown.

Free manpower

See also: Population

Free manpower is available for training/deploying new units, like divisions, air wings, and ships, and for reinforcements. While countries can gain some additional manpower directly through select national focuses (e.g. the Netherlands' Liberation focus), the sum of recruitable populations in all states the country controls usually constitutes its free manpower.

Less important units can be disbanded, deleted, or reduced in size to gain back some free manpower quickly. Nevertheless it is important to plan changes to conscription laws ahead of time to mobilize the necessary amount of manpower.

Used manpower

The used manpower is split into the three branches of military.


The army manpower includes all divisions of the country. The army manpower in the field, used as a condition in some focuses, includes all divisions that have been deployed and have not been sent as volunteers. Army manpower in training includes all divisions that have not yet been deployed. The amount of manpower that can be used for training new divisions is restricted to 75% of the manpower in the field or 100000, whichever is higher. Divisions can start training partially while just a fraction of the required manpower is available.

Manpower is needed for every battalion or support company in your land units. For example:

  • Infantry battalions need 1000 manpower to be full strength.
  • Engineer support companies need 300 manpower to be full strength.

The division designer shows the total manpower required by a division template.

Air force and navy

For the air force and navy, the total service manpower of their units is shown in the manpower tooltip respectively. Ships and air wings can only be deployed if the required service manpower is available.

For example:

  • Destroyers 1s (1922) require 250 naval service manpower
  • Carriers 3s (1940) require 5.5K naval service manpower
  • Air wings with tactical bombers require 40 air wing service manpower for each plane
  • Air wings with fighters require 20 air wing service manpower for each plane


Division manpower reinforcement.jpg

Manpower can be lost as casualties of war. Divisions that lack full manpower can be reinforced, as long as free manpower is available and they have a supply line back to their capital. Reinforcements arrive in increments of 10% of the division's full manpower.

The base time is 10 hours x Number of men / 100. This is multiplied by a factor depending on the length of their supply lines in terms of number of regions from the capital. 200 men being provided in a state near the capital therefore take less than 24 hours to arrive. The same number being provided further away might take up to 33 hours.

The same rules apply where the total men required in a division for it to be at full strength increases because of changes to its template.