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If a unit is currently moving, its movement arrow will be colored depending on various conditions of its movement. The arrow types are defined in /Hearts of Iron IV/interface/arrows.gfx, which in turn point to the graphics in /Hearts of Iron IV/gfx/mapitems/movearrow_*.dds.

The first matching condition from the following list gets used:

texture condition arrow type
Movearrow retreat.png Retreating retreatArrow
Movearrow withdraw.png Withdrawing withdrawArrow
Movearrow navalmission.png A task force on a mission other than hold navalMissionArrow
Movearrow support attack.png support attack supportArrow
Movearrow attack.png Final destination is enemy-controlled province attackArrow
Movearrow navalmission.png division on naval transport transportArrow
Movearrow move.png Any of the following:
  • Task force
  • Movement issued by player
  • Movement issued by unit controller with normal priority[1]
  • Division does not belong to army
Movearrow followorders.png Else followOrdersArrow
  1. This includes among other things attacks on neighboring provinces