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I've had experience modding Hearts of Iron IV since 2019. Primarily focusing on fixing and adding to the modding pages, making the wiki a complete guide to modding everything about the game. Sometimes spend time creating event pages.

Sandbox for stuff that I don't know which page to place on or which is unfinished.

My modding resources on steam:
Me on discord: RandomG#1304

Current plans

  • Run by the trigger documentation and check if any are missing from the trigger page.
  • Updating Yugoslavian events 2 (done) and Romanian events 2 to 1.10. (Hungarian events seem to be added right now by someone else)
  • Adding WtT events: wtt_britain.txt (British events or new page?), Chinese events 2, German events 2, Japanese events 2, wtt_prc.txt, wtt_soviet.txt.
  • After completing WtT events, add MtG, LR, and BftB (to be expanded later).