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Stability is expressed as a percentage from 0% to 100%, and represents the people's support for the current government. Stability has various effects. At high stability, the nation receives production bonuses. At low stability, various crises can ravage the nation.

Stability is calulated as:

Stability = Median(0%, Base Stability + Stability modifiers, 100%)

Some Examples for Stability modifiers are:

  • At war: -30% (This modifier is removed after all wars, you are involved in, ended.)
  • Party popularity: up to +15%
  • Emperor showa: +60% (Trait of japanese Hirohito)
  • Popular figurehead: up to +15% (Political avisor, available for some countries, e.g. Soviet Union)
  • Wilhelm III: +5% (Trait of german Kaiser)

The value Base Stability is not shown in game, but changes to Stability that are not Stability modifiers always effect Base Stability. These are for example:

  • Improved worker conditions: +12.85%
  • Anti democratic Raids: +2%
  • Anti communist Raids: +2%
  • Anti facist Raids: +2%
  • Austria accepts Anschluss: +5%

Base Stability is capped at 100%. It will not rise further. The one time changes that are not Stability modifiers are lost if Base Stability is already at 100%.

If Stability is at 99% it can still be useful to do Improved worker conditions, if Base Stability is not yet at 100%.

Stability above 50% gives the following bonuses, which scale linearly from none at 50% to the full amount at 100%. At 100% stability, the bonuses are:

  • +20% factory and dockyard output
  • -5% consumer goods
  • +10% political power gain

Stability below 50% gives the following penalties, which scale linearly from none at 50% to the full amount at 0%. At 0% stability, the penalties are:

  • -50% factory and dockyard output
  • -20% political power gain

Further, stability affects resistance targets in occupied territories from 0% at 100%Stability up to +20% at 0%Stability.