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About me

Hi, yea I've been on this site for a few years and finally got around to using my account. I have a variety of interests that I hope to work on. My name is Tyler and I currently reside in Ohio. Feel free to refer to me by my username or real name, your choice.


If I'm reading a page and it has spelling errors or is formatted more like an IM conversation than an encyclopedia entry, I will probably trust it less, as I will think the creator and subsequent editors did not have enough knowledge of or interest in what they were doing to do a good job at it. We have lots of content editors, and when I can I add sources, images, and content, however, I mainly follow behind others making sure what they've written puts its best face to the world. "Codicil In scanning several thousand articles, I've often "found" those that should be deleted through their poor spelling and formatting.