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To Do


Experience/Commander Section workover, bring values and skills in line. Probably best to create two tables for generals and admirals to show effects of skill. Create links between Experience and Commander

Maybe even rework the Command Group/Commander sections.

Naval Tech MtG

Create the tech tree, check if images are uploaded.


Chance of training accident Air wing: +50% Extra attrition training army: +6% Naval training: 2%/h, 30% crit, damage of 4 strength, x4 if crit, max 5%?

Experience loss

Units lose experience[reasons]. Extent of land XP loss Extent of Naval XP loss

Extent of Air XP loss 1 plane lost - 1 pilot with 300 XP lost. Recalculate average. Means: rookies and trained level wings will suffer more from losses than seasoned and veteran wings? They do, but after replacement at 0 XP arrives, all wings lose the same percentage of XP.

training airplanes give +50% accident rate