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User Information

Forum nick Zemurin
Location: Stygia, Baator
Join-date: Jun 29, 2016
Wiki-role(s): Mod Manufacturer

Member the -= Paradox Game Converters =- Team
Lead developer on: CK3 to EU4, CK2 to EU4, EU4 to Vic2
See our other converters: Vic2 to HoI4, Imp to CK3
Older Converters: CK2 To EU3, EU3 To Vic2, Vic2 To HoI3 and more.
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Relevant Wiki Pages: Imp to CK3, CK3 to EU4, CK2 to EU4, EU4 to Vic2, Vic2 to HoI4

I have no official affiliation, just a simple mod producer.