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Mechanics navbox[edit]

Hi ReAn, I've copied your navbox to here Template:Mechanics_Navbox you can add it to any page using the following command {{Mechanics_Navbox}}. You can put this in any of the mechanics ages to collect the prize. I've put an working example below. Thanks Dauth (talk) 21:15, 28 February 2020 (UTC)

Politics IdeologyFactionNational focusIdeasGovernmentPuppetDiplomacyWorld tensionCivil warOccupationIntelligence agency
Production TradeProductionConstructionEquipmentFuel
Research and technology ResearchInfantry technologySupport Companies technologyArmor technologyArtillery technologyLand doctrineNaval technologyNaval doctrineAir technologyAir doctrineEngineering technologyIndustry technology
Military and warfare WarfareLand unitsLand warfareDivision designerArmy plannerCommand groupCommanderBattle planCombat tacticsShipNaval warfareAircraftAir warfareExperienceAttrition and accidentsLogisticsManpowerNuclear bomb
Map MapProvinceTerrainWeatherState
Events Events