Vichy French national focus tree

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Flag of Vichy France Vichy France gets a unique national focus tree as part of the La Résistance La Résistance expansion. Without the expansion it utilizes the Generic national focus tree instead.

Emergency Powers To PetainThe National RevolutionLong-Term Economic PlanningAid Small BusinessesVenerate the CraftsmanDown With MarianneUp With Jeanne d'ArcCelebrate MotherhoodProsecute the LosersConcessions to the GermansMandatory Work ServiceA Nation RebornEnd the OccupationThe National Bureau of StatisticsThe Legionary Service OrderForm the MiliceAnti-Bolshevist VolunteersRebuild the MilitaryFinish the Naval BuildupHidden MaterialsAnalyze Our DefeatModernize the AirforceLearn from the EnemyBuy from the EnemyVichy French national focus treeNF tree France Vichy.png

Vichy French national focus tree. Clicking on a national focus icon leads to the appropriate table row.

Vichy France's unique focus tree has 1 single branch:

Emergency Powers To Petain Branch
This branch focuses on rebuilding and revitalising a war-torn Flag of France France with the ultimate objective of reasserting control over all occupied territories, either by collaborating with the Flag of German Reich German Reich, or by actively fighting against them.

Emergency Powers To Petain branch[edit]

Focus Prerequisite(s) Effect(s) Description
Goal generic demand territory.png Emergency Powers To Petain
  • Philippe Pétain is the current country leader
  • Philippe Pétain gains:
    • Emergency Powers
- Daily Political Power Gain: +0.50
With the battle for France lost, it is clear that radical measures must be taken to secure the state. The president can not be restricted in doing what is necessary.
Focus generic strike at democracy1.png The National Revolution
  • Requires Emergency Powers To Petain Emergency Powers To Petain
Our defeat was without a doubt caused by a fundamental flaw in our nation. It will take a long time to remedy this flaw, but perhaps the shock of our defeat will allow us to return stronger.
Goal generic construct civilian.png Long-Term Economic Planning
  • Requires The National Revolution The National Revolution
  • 100% Research bonus for: Industry
While it is tempting to see the current situation as so important that it supersedes all other concerns, we must not forget that there are things that take a long time to implement. By creating a series of economic plans, we can grow our economy in an efficient manner.
Goal generic consumer goods.png Aid Small Businesses
  • Requires Long-Term Economic Planning Long-Term Economic Planning
The many small companies that make up our economy have been hit hard by rationing and other war measures. We should try to remedy this in order to help them survive.
Goal generic production.png Venerate the Craftsman
  • Requires Aid Small Businesses Aid Small Businesses
Venerate the Craftsman icon
Venerate the Craftsman
  • Production Efficiency Cap: +10.00%
For too long has the discussion of labour focused on the industrial worker, who works in a large factory for a big company. It is time to show the accomplishments of the skilled craftsman, working in his own workshop, providing for his family.
Focus focus fra down marianne.png Down With Marianne
  • Requires The National Revolution The National Revolution
Down With Marianne icon
Down With Marianne
  • Daily Democratic Support: -0.10
The pseudo-religious worship of Marianne, the symbol of French republicanism, has twisted the minds of our people. Much like the worthless Republic she represents, all traces of her must be eradicated.
Focus up joan of arc.png Up With Jeanne d'Arc
  • Requires Down With Marianne Down With Marianne
Up with Jeanne d'Arc icon
Up with Jeanne d'Arc
  • Daily Fascism Support: +0.075
  • Daily Support for Unaligned: +0.025
Jeanne d'Arc fought bravely against a seemingly overwhelming enemy, sacrificed all she had for the good of the fatherland, and rallied the nation under her banner to throw out the invaders. Surely she is a much better symbol for our youth to aspire to than Marianne?
Goal generic propaganda.png Celebrate Motherhood
  • Requires Up With Jeanne d'Arc Up With Jeanne d'Arc
It is inherently obvious that a woman's place is in the household, just as it is the man's place to be at the workbench or in the field. Our people must be reminded that a woman's work is every bit as vital for the survival of the nation as the man's.
Goal generic neutrality focus.png Prosecute the Losers
  • Requires The National Revolution The National Revolution
France held out for years against the Kaiser's armies, yet folded in the present war. There must be a reason for this, and we must not stop until it is brought to light and the people responsible are brought to justice.
Focus chi mission to germany.png Concessions to the Germans
  • Requires Prosecute the Losers Prosecute the Losers
  • Ile de France (16): Controlled by the Flag of German Reich German Reich
  • Unlocks Concessions to the Germans Decisions
    • Reduces the impact of national spirit Generic goods red bonus.png Occupation Costs by enacting the following decisions at the cost of 25 Political Power each:
The realities of the situation demand that we come to an arrangement with our former enemies. There must be a way to reduce the crippling burdens placed upon us.
Goal generic construction2.png Mandatory Work Service
  • Requires Concessions to the Germans Concessions to the Germans
  • Modifies Occupation Costs by:
    • Consumer Goods Factories: -5%
  • Gains national spirit:
Mandatory Work Service icon
Mandatory Work Service
  • Stability: -10.00%
We have managed to secure a promise from the Germans that we will have our occupation costs reduced if we supply them with labourers. However, it appears few amongst the people are willing to do the necessary work to help their fatherland in its hour of need. Where incentives have failed, we must now regretfully use compulsion.
Goal support fascism.png A Nation Reborn
  • Requires all of the following focuses:
    • Venerate the Craftsman Venerate the Craftsman
    • Celebrate Motherhood Celebrate Motherhood
    • Mandatory Work Service Mandatory Work Service
At the end of the long and painful process of rebuilding our humiliated and defeated nation stands a new, reborn France, rid of the cancer of republicanism and its internal divisions.
Goal generic territory or war.png End the Occupation
  • Requires A Nation Reborn A Nation Reborn
  • Does not control Ile de France (16)
  • Set the rule: Yes Can Create Factions
  • Removes national spirit Generic goods red bonus.png Occupation Costs
  • Removes all Flag of Vichy France Vichy France's penalties and Flag of German Reich German Reich's bonuses to aircraft production costs if Flag of Vichy France Vichy France has previously subsidised Flag of German Reich German Reich's aircraft production
  • Flag of German Reich German Reich gets event 'An end to the Occupation'
At the end of our national revolution, we are ready to take our place along our former enemies and fight for a new Europe, a Europe safe from the threat of Bolshevism and free from the divisive temptations of republicanism.
Focus generic treaty.png The National Bureau of Statistics
  • Requires Emergency Powers To Petain Emergency Powers To Petain
National Bureau of Statistics icon
National Bureau of Statistics
  • Research Speed: +10.00%
If we are to lead our people into a better future, we need hard data to base our decisions on. We should form a new agency tasked with generating this data.
Goal generic small arms.png The Legionary Service Order
  • Requires Emergency Powers To Petain Emergency Powers To Petain
Legionary Service Order icon
Legionary Service Order
  • Resistance Growth Speed: -10%
With our military largely disarmed and in any event stretched too thin to protect all of France, we need a new organization of patriots to support the regime.
Focus fra milice.png Form the Milice
  • Requires The Legionary Service Order The Legionary Service Order
Milice icon
  • Resistance Growth Speed: -20%
With the resistance growing ever stronger across France, we need to create a force that can take the fight to them. We will recruit only the most patriotic of members and give them far-ranging freedom to act as they see fit to bring these terrorists to heel.
Focus generic military mission.png Anti-Bolshevist Volunteers
  • Requires The Legionary Service Order The Legionary Service Order
  • Controller of Ile de France (16):
Anti-Bolshevist Volunteers icon
Anti-Bolshevist Volunteers
  • Max volunteer force divisions: +3
  • Attack bonus against Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: +10.0%
  • Defense bonus against Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union: +10.0%
The greatest struggle in human history is taking place right now between the forces of western civilization and the forces of Communism. We can not sit idly by while this titanic battle is being fought.
Goal generic construct mil factory.png Rebuild the Military
  • Requires Emergency Powers To Petain Emergency Powers To Petain

The following will bypass the focus:
  • More Military Factories than 34
Rebuild the Military icon
Rebuild the Military
  • Military Factory construction speed: +10.00%
The army of France has been utterly defeated and humiliated, it will take a long effort to bring it back to full fighting strength.
Goal generic construct naval dockyard.png Finish the Naval Buildup
  • Requires Rebuild the Military Rebuild the Military
  • Navy experience Navy Experience: +50
  • ×1 Random coastal core state:
The late republic laid down a number of ships to modernize the fleet. Begun too late and pursued too slowly, it could not be finished in time. But it may yet serve as the nucleus of a new French Navy.
Focus secret rearmament.png Hidden Materials
  • Requires Rebuild the Military Rebuild the Military
Hidden Materials icon
Hidden Materials
  • Production Efficiency growth: +5.00%
The Germans could not have rebuilt their armies as fast as they did if they hadn't cheated on the terms of their treaties. It is therefore only fair and proper that we should do the same.
Goal generic army doctrines.png Analyze Our Defeat
  • Requires Hidden Materials Hidden Materials
  • 100% Research bonus for: Land Doctrine
Our defeat was not inevitable. Many different people failed in their duties, in a long string of despicable complacency. We will find out the exact causes, and ensure that we are better prepared in the future.
Goal generic air doctrine.png Modernize the Airforce
  • Requires Rebuild the Military Rebuild the Military
  • 200% Research bonus for: Fighter models, Close Air Support models and Tactical Bomber models
Perhaps the most humiliating part of our defeat was our inability to compete in the air. We had too few modern planes. As the war continues around us, new planes are rapidly put into production. We must not let a similar thing happen again.
Focus research2.png Learn from the Enemy
  • Requires Modernize the Airforce Modernize the Airforce
The fastest way to understand how and why we failed is to understand what our opponents did right.
Death or Dishonor Available only with the Death or Dishonor DLC enabled
Goal generic air fighter.png Buy from the Enemy
  • Requires Learn from the Enemy Learn from the Enemy
Buy from the Enemy icon
Buy from the Enemy
  • License purchase cost: -50%
Our military industry was not up to the task of providing us with enough modern weapons, and it still isn't. We must look towards acquiring modern weapons from every available source.