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Vichy French national focus tree

Flag of Vichy France Vichy France gets a unique national focus tree as part of the La Résistance La Résistance expansion. Without the expansion it utilizes the Generic national focus tree instead.

Emergency Powers To PetainThe National RevolutionLong-Term Economic PlanningAid Small BusinessesVenerate the CraftsmanDown With MarianneUp With Jeanne d'ArcCelebrate MotherhoodProsecute the LosersConcessions to the GermansMandatory Work ServiceA Nation RebornEnd the OccupationThe National Bureau of StatisticsThe Legionary Service OrderForm the MiliceAnti-Bolshevist VolunteersRebuild the MilitaryFinish the Naval BuildupHidden MaterialsAnalyze Our DefeatModernize the AirforceLearn from the EnemyBuy from the EnemyVichy French national focus treeNF tree France Vichy.png

Vichy French national focus tree. Clicking on a national focus icon leads to the appropriate table row.

Vichy France's unique focus tree has 1 single branch:

Emergency Powers To Petain Branch
This branch focuses on rebuilding and revitalising a war-torn Flag of France France with the ultimate objective of reasserting control over all occupied territories, either by collaborating with the Flag of German Reich German Reich, or by actively fighting against them.

Emergency Powers To Petain branchEdit

Focus Prerequisite(s) Effect(s)
  Emergency Powers To Petain
  • Philippe Pétain is the current country leader
  • Philippe Pétain gains:
    • Emergency Powers
- Daily Political Power Gain: +0.50
  The National Revolution
  • Requires   Emergency Powers To Petain
  Long-Term Economic Planning
  • Requires   The National Revolution
  • 100% Research bonus for: Industry
  Aid Small Businesses
  • Requires   Long-Term Economic Planning
  Venerate the Craftsman
  • Requires   Aid Small Businesses
Venerate the Craftsman
  • Production Efficiency Cap: +10.00%
  Down With Marianne
  • Requires   The National Revolution
Down With Marianne
  • Daily Democratic Support: -0.10
  Up With Jeanne d'Arc
  • Requires   Down With Marianne
Up with Jeanne d'Arc
  • Daily Fascism Support: +0.075
  • Daily Support for Unaligned: +0.025
  Celebrate Motherhood
  • Requires   Up With Jeanne d'Arc
  Prosecute the Losers
  • Requires   The National Revolution
  Concessions to the Germans
  • Requires   Prosecute the Losers
  • Ile de France (16): Controlled by the   German Reich
  • Unlocks Concessions to the Germans Decisions
    • Reduces the impact of national spirit   Occupation Costs by enacting the following decisions at the cost of 25   each:
  Mandatory Work Service
  • Requires   Concessions to the Germans
  • Modifies Occupation Costs by:
    • Consumer Goods Factories: -5%
  • Gains national spirit:
Mandatory Work Service
  • Stability: -10.00%
  A Nation Reborn
  • Requires all of the following focuses:
    •   Venerate the Craftsman
    •   Celebrate Motherhood
    •   Mandatory Work Service
  End the Occupation
  • Requires   A Nation Reborn
  • Does not control Ile de France (16)
  The National Bureau of Statistics
  • Requires   Emergency Powers To Petain
National Bureau of Statistics
  • Research Speed: +10.00%
  The Legionary Service Order
  • Requires   Emergency Powers To Petain
Legionary Service Order
  • Resistance Growth Speed: -10%
  Form the Milice
  • Requires   The Legionary Service Order
  • Resistance Growth Speed: -20%
  Anti-Bolshevist Volunteers
  • Requires   The Legionary Service Order
  • Controller of Ile de France (16):
Anti-Bolshevist Volunteers
  Rebuild the Military
  • Requires   Emergency Powers To Petain

The following will bypass the focus:
  • More Military Factories than 34
Rebuild the Military
  • Military Factory construction speed: +10.00%
  Finish the Naval Buildup
  • Requires   Rebuild the Military
  Hidden Materials
  • Requires   Rebuild the Military
Hidden Materials
  • Production Efficiency growth: +5.00%
  Analyze Our Defeat
  • Requires   Hidden Materials
  • 100% Research bonus for: Land Doctrine
  Modernize the Airforce
  • Requires   Rebuild the Military
  • 200% Research bonus for: Fighter models, Close Air Support models and Tactical Bomber models
  Learn from the Enemy
  • Requires   Modernize the Airforce
  Available only with the Death or Dishonor DLC enabled
  Buy from the Enemy
  • Requires   Learn from the Enemy
Buy from the Enemy
  • License purchase cost: -50%