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Hearts of Iron IV has 112 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Achievements have no in-game effects; the achievement just pops up in-game, and is then added to the player's Steam profile. It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam.

The difficulty of each achievement varies; some achievements are very easy (e.g. joining a faction), while some are more difficult (e.g. conquering Flag of Australia Australia as Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia or reaching 1948 as Flag of France France without ever surrendering). The below list groups the various achievements by a difficulty level as assessed by the wiki editors (uncategorized - UC - achievements haven't been assessed yet).

Achievements can only be gained in single-player Ironman games, with the 1936 start, on regular, veteran or elite difficulty. (30 Minutes of Hel and Don’t Die for Your Country can only be completed in the 1939 start date.) They can be earned while playing older versions of the game as long as said achievements were present in that version. They can also be earned with Historical AI Focuses set to off. They are also still available in games that run past the end game screen in 1948 or later.

It is not possible to gain achievements if the checksum has been changed - either by tampering with game files, or by running the game using mods that affect gameplay mechanics (graphical mods do not affect checksum), or a corrupted installation.

List of achievementsEdit

The "Notes" column lists helpful short tips/strategies.

The   column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics (currently 45 out of 112). Multiple expansion icons mean either can be used.

The "Ver" column indicates in which version a certain achievement was added. Achievements cannot be earned prior to the version they were added in.

The "DI" column is for difficulty as assessed by wiki editors. VE = Very Easy, E = Easy, M = Medium, H = Hard, VH = Very Hard, I = Insane, UC = Uncategorized.

Achievement Starting conditions Requirements Notes   Ver DI
As Portugal, join the same faction as Great Britain.
  Playing as   Portugal   In a faction with   United Kingdom You don't need DLC for this. Just go democratic and wait for world tension to rise. Recommend speed 5, you don't need technologies or focuses. You don't need to rush democracy because world tension will be under 80% for a long time. 1.9 VE
As Canada, complete the Send in the Zombies focus.
  Playing as   Canada   Focus   "Send in the Zombies" is completed   1.3 VE
Canada First
Join Axis as Canada.
  Playing as   Canada
The faction does not need be the Axis, but it must be led by Germany. Although Together for Victory is not required; the achievement is much easier with it due to the DLC granting National Focuses specifically geared for this. 1.0 VE
District 9
As South Africa, have 9 civilian factories in Transvaal.
  Playing as   South Africa   Has civilian factories >8 in the state Transvaal (275) Convert military factories into civilian factories in Transvaal. Follow the Focus tree for free civilian factories. They can randomly give Transvaal the required Factories. If Transvaal runs out of building slots, follow the Dispersed/Concentrated Industry tech tree to get more building slots. 1.3 VE
Do You Mined?
Lay at least 1,000 mines on the coastline of an enemy nation.
  Any country is at war with player: has more than 999 mines on their coastline.

Can be done immediately at the start of the game as Italy. Remove your divisions from one or both of Ethiopia's shores, and lay mines with your starting navy until you reach 1000 mines.

  1.6 VE
Friend in Need
Join a faction.
  Country flag achievement_has_joined_faction is set Choose   Sinkiang click on the   Soviet Union, click Join Faction, and click yes on the pop-up. It's that simple. 1.0 VE
Get over 90% intel in each category on a major without using code cracking.
  Achieve 90% intel on all categories on any major nation without activating decryption on them:

  Intel on any Major:

  • NOT fully decrypted
  • Civilian intel > 89%
  • Army intel > 89%
  • Airforce intel > 89%
  • Navy Intel > 89%
In order for the achievement to fire, the decryption must not be complete or cracked, but if the player selects it and waits the 30 days, the achievement will fire.   1.9 VE
Lethal Straight
Have a production license from at least 5 of the 7 major powers.
  Is licensing from 5 of the below: As any country, preferably recommended to select neutral nations ( ), as to avoid the “Strategic reasons” diplomatic penalty (–100 value), that may block the “Request License Production” option, improve relations with five of the seven major powers then license the basic infantry weapons.

Yugoslavia can pick the focuses "Reinforce Old Alliances" and "Ban Slovene Nationalist Parties" to improve relations with three of the five countries.

Alternatively you can also play a longer and larger game and just simply either ally or puppet all of the major nations and then get licenses from them.

  1.4 VE
Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This...
Have a French and British spy work together on the same Operation.
  Have a British and French Operative complete an Operation together. Check happens upon operation completion. At least 1 participating operative requires French, and at least 1 participating operative requires British nationality. As of 1.9.0, there's no check that the French and British operatives are not the same person.   1.9 VE
Man of a Thousand Faces, Every One the Same
Have the same spy get captured twice.
  Have any operative get captured twice. The trigger flag is le_clerc2. On first capture, the operative gains le_clerc1. On second capture, the operative gains le_clerc2.   1.9 VE
Mine is bigger than yours
Lead a faction with at least 20 members.
  •   Is a faction leader
  •   Members of faction > 19
This suggestion requires   DLC.

As   United Kingdom, go down the Revisit Colonial Policy branch of the national focus tree to release all your subjects.

This suggestion requires   DLC, patch 1.6 or later, and to not have   DLC. As   United Kingdom, release at least 14 colonies as puppets at the start of the game. Alternatively, this can also be done by playing as   Germany or   Italy, going to war with the Allies (  France and   United Kingdom, defeating them, puppeting them and satelliting all releasable nations from their colonies in the peace deal. Then simply invite the puppets into your faction.

1.0 VE
No country for old men
Reach 0 manpower with Scraping the Barrel as Conscription Law.
Can be accomplished by having the law after capitulating and controlling no territory (e.g. do nothing as Luxembourg). You can also spam recruitment of divisions until you've used up all your manpower, wait a few ticks for the achievement to trigger, and then cancel them all again (if you want to continue your game). You can start training a ton of 1-battalion divisions and boost the template later.

  Tannu Tuva can easily reach this achievement due to their abysmally low core population of just 85k.

1.0 VE
Nothing Wrong with our Bloody Ships
As the United Kingdom, have at least 9 battlecruisers.
  Playing as   United Kingdom   At least 9 Battlecruisers Battlecruisers are built with Heavy Ship Hulls and Battlecruiser armor. The United Kingdom starts with both. 1.6 VE
Play It, Sam
Have a spy network of at least 50% strength in Casablanca.
  Network Strength in Casablanca (461) more than 50% Establishing a spy network is avaliable even in peacetime so the achievement is fairly simple. Set your operatives on "Establish Spy Network" mission in Casablanca and the achievement will trigger once the network strength is over 50%. You can do this as soon as you have recruited your first operative but the more operatives you assign to establish a network in the same region, the faster the network will be at full strength.   1.9 VE
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
As China, puppet and then annex Yunnan and Guangxi Clique.
  Playing as   China   Integrated the   Guangxi Clique and   Yunnan through making them a puppet.
  • With   DLC:

Pick the "Subjugate the Warlords" focus from "Three Principles of the People" branch. Yunnan and Guangxi will either subjugate (and will become your puppet) or will refuse - then you will get a wargoal against them. You may annex the majority of their states, however, it is important to puppet them.

After subjugating warlords, a series of "Integrates the Warlords" decisions will be opened; just make decisions for Yunnan and Guangxi.

1.5 VE
Shaken, Not Stirred
Successfully stage a coup in any nation using a spy with the Seducer trait.
  Start a coup in any nation using an Operative with the seducer trait. At least 1 operative participating in the Coup Government operation requires the seducer trait. This will trigger the achievement_seducer_spy flag.   1.9 VE
Spies Trade
As India, become the spymaster for the Allies.
  Playing as   British Raj   Is spymaster

  In a faction with   United Kingdom

Make sure you have 5 free Civilian factories, and immediately use them to Form Agency on the top of the Intelligence Agency menu. Then, upgrade the Agency three times with anything you like, and after that the option to Become Spymaster (for the Allies) will be available next to the name and icon of your agency at the top of the window. Invest 50 PP, and the achievement should trigger. The AI will always accept, as there is a whopping +1000 positive modifier for the AI to accept a request to become Spymaster if the asking country is controlled by a player. India needs to be at least a dominion to become spymaster.   1.9 VE
The Balkan Powder Keg
As Yugoslavia, start the Second World War (i.e. be part of either the Axis or the Allies and at war with the other faction in a war you started).
  Playing as   Yugoslavia   Declared war on Axis/Allies while part of Allies/Axis (respectively)
  • Choose Fascist Demagogue as your first Political Power spending, turn Fascist (skip Civil War option) and join the Axis
  • Start Justifying War on the UK and when it's done declare war
    • Alternatively, start justifying a war goal on a European nation when World Tension is above 25%. The nation you are justifying on will thus get guaranteed by either France or the UK and they often ally together. Once done, declare the war and the Allies will join in defense of the targeted nation
  • When playing with   DLC before joining Axis get "Invite German Military Mission" Focus to avoid Civil War
  • Can be done before 1938
1.4 VE
Time is on our side
Reach 1948.
  Date is > 1947.12.31 Play as any South American nation if you want to AFK. If you manage to pull this off as   France, without ever surrendering or capitulating once, you will also unlock the Vive la France achievement. 1.0 VE
To Arms in Dixie!
As the U.S.A., start a new civil war as the South.
  Playing as   United States   The Boston Rebellion has begun.

Abstain from Continue the New Deal until the 1936 election, choose Republicans, and Reestablish the Gold Standard. Go down the America First path and complete the "Ally with the Silver Shirts" National Focus to trigger the event chain leading to the civil war. For best results, complete the "Work with the bund" and "Recruit the Free Corps" national focuses. To actually form the Confederacy, complete the national focus "Honor the Confederacy" and all of its constituent decisions before the civil war ends.

  1.6 VE
Transport Tycoon
Have at least 1000 convoys.
  Has convoys > 999 Just set all of your dockyards as the   United States to Convoy production and stay out of any wars. 1.0 VE
Turing Complete!
Fully decrypt all nations in the Axis.
  Playing as   United Kingdom   As Great Britain, fully decrypt every Major nation in a faction with Germany
  •   Germany is a major
  • Every other country is either:
    • Not Germany and not in faction with Germany
    • Not a Major
    • Is fully decrypted
As of 1.9.0, UK only needs to fully decrypt the Axis majors. Easy by rushing Encryption Updates from the beginning.   1.9 VE
United Netherlands
Conquer Belgium and Luxembourg as Netherlands.
  Playing as   Netherlands   Own and control the states:
  • Vlaanderen (6)
  • Holland (7)
  • Luxembourg (8)
  • Wallonie (34)
  • Brabant (35)
  • Friesland (36)
This becomes much easier with the   Man The Guns DLC as it grants the Netherlands a National Focus tree containing focuses specifically geared towards this achievement. Cave to the British, then rush immediately to "Lead the Minor Democracies" branch. A focus is called "Form the Benelux" under it, and completing the focus will activate a decision "Propose Benelux Unification" for the player to take, which costs 300 political power. Taking the decision will fire an event for Belgium and Luxembourg to decide whether they should join the Netherlands. The event gives Belgium and Luxembourg a chance to avoid annexation. However, the AI will always choose to be annexed. Once Belgium and Luxembourg agrees, you will annex them both and you have successfully achieved this without a single bloodshed. 1.0 VE
We'll Build it in a Day
Research Construction V.
  Has researched  Construction V Stack up as many bonuses to research speed (especially industrial research speed) and work your way down the industrial branch. Eventually, you should reach Construction V.   Brazil is a good candidate, being a very large minor nation that isn't likely to get involved in any wars. 1.0 VE
You Will Never Kill Me Alive
Have one of your spies take a Suicide Pill.
  Have an operative die with the Suicide Pills agency upgrade active. The required global flag: kill_me_alive_flag is set when a player's operative dies if the player has completed the Suicide Pills agency upgrade. If you keep sending your operatives on missions, or indeed just have them perform various activities like Build Intel Network in other countries, eventually one of them will die and the achievement will trigger.   1.9 VE
Arsenal of Democracy
As the U.S.A., have more than 300 military factories.
  Playing as   United States   Current ruling party is  Democratic

  More  Military Factories than 300

To get extra building slots, the War Powers sub-branch gives war goals even as a democracy. Save up Political Power. Do not do the building quests while Roosevelt is in power because when you make Alf Landon president, The Congress Support will be high. Take all statehood-granting decisions when Political Power reaches 100. When Landon becomes President, go straight to America First. Once complete, take the new advisor. Then go to American Institute of Sciences. When Fascist support gets to 30.10%, it will be possible to take War Powers Act. Change the Advisor to Democratic as soon as that focus is taken. Take Anti-Fascist Raids decision whenever available to reduce Fascist support. When War Support reaches 35%, take Seize Cuba and Eliminate the Southern Threat for Cuba and Mexico. When Fascism reaches below 20%, take Ban Fascism to be able to take the Neutrality Act for factories.

For more experienced players, the Panay incident random event (which fires when   Japan conquers Shanghai and Nanjing) grants the player the opportunity to start an early war with Japan to acquire even more factories.

1.6 E
As Australia, own all core territory of Hungary.
  Playing as   Australia   Conquered all   Hungarian core territory
  • Turning off  Death or Dishonor DLC will prevent Hungary from obtaining cores aside from those it started with.

Get Fascist, justify on Hungary, leave Allies/join Axis, wait for Anschluss, paradrop from German Austria to the three Hungarian cities. Don't ask for help in the war. If you do it early enough, it should be a quick conflict. Focus tree: Never Another Gallipoli down to Our Own Empire. To prevent delays, read ahead down the tree, e.g., have enough infantry equipment stored for Supply Indonesian Nationalists.

1.5 E
Better Than Szent István
As Hungary, have Miklos Horthy as a Naval commander and build a battleship.
  Playing as   Hungary
  •   Has the unit leader Miklos Horthy
  •   Has at least 1 Battleship
  • As Hungary you start without a coast. Getting to the coast is easiest through either Yugoslavia or Romania. There are several decisions in the focus tree, giving claims, but to make Miklos Horthy a Naval Commander you need to take the Habsburg Prince Focus Path.
  • All you need to do after, is build at least 1 Battleship, (you need to research that tech because Hungary starts without any Naval Tech in 1936) and assign Miklos Horthy to that fleet.
  1.4 E
As the United Kingdom, put Edward VIII in power, ally Germany and fully control Paris.
  Playing as   United Kingdom   Has completed focus The King's Party

  Is in faction with   Germany
    France has capitulated or does not exist
  has full control of Ile de France

Follow the focus tree to Alliance with Germany Justify against France and launch a naval invasion of Normandy. It is not necessary to call Germany into the war. This can be combined with the Last for a Thousand Years achievement. If France is puppeted the achievement will not fire. Annex all cores, territories, and colonies to be sure.   1.6 E
Cut The Strings
Break free from your overlord as a puppet.
  Playing as a puppet   Is not a subject With   /   DLC:
  • As British Raj build military factories, invest tech in newest infantry weapons, mass produce it and lend lease them to UK for autonomy points (technology above UK level will net more points).
  • Can be combined with "Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons" (declaring independence after dropping the nuke) - requires  .
  • WARNING! Cannot be done as Egypt (possibly because starting a game as UK).
  • Can be done as Manchukuo by following the focus tree to declare war on Japan - requires  .
1.3 E
Destroyer of Worlds
Deploy a nuke.
  Country flag achievement_has_dropped_nuke is set 1.0 E
En Svensk Tiger
As Sweden, acquire a production license for a Tiger or Tiger II tank from Germany.
  Playing as   Sweden   Is licensing from   Germany either:
  • Heavy Tank II (Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger)
  • Heavy Tank III (Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B)
  • Choose Fascist Demagogue as your first Political Power spending and turn Fascist (skip Civil War option)
  • Join Axis and help them in wars (Germany has to survive until they research Tiger tank - at least late 1943)
  1.4 E
I Am the Tong Master
As South Africa, break free from the UK and puppet another nation.
  Playing as   South Africa
  •   Is not a subject
  •   Has subjects >0

With   DLC:

  • Get the Fascist focuses ,declare indepence of South Africa
  • Release Namibia as your puppet.

Without   DLC:

  • Turn Fascist
  • Produce few subs and some extra convoys
  • Justify and Declare War on Liberia and puppet them in a peace deal (can also be done by releasing Namibia and justifying on them.)
1.3 E
Make a Man Out Of You
As a Warlord, have at least 1,000,000 manpower queued up for deployment.
  Playing as either:   More than 1,000,000  manpower in deployment queue
  • You can only train 75% of the manpower currently on the field with a minimum of 100.00K. So that means you must have at least 1,333,334 Manpower on the field to do this achievement.   Guangxi Clique has the highest starting manpower.
  • It may be best completed with the Battlecry achievement.
1.5 E
Master of War
Fully research a land, naval and air doctrine tree.
  Has researched a full branch in each of the tech fields:
  • Air Doctrine
  • Land Doctrine
  • Naval Doctrine
If you think you should have got this and haven't, double check you haven't missed one that wasn't mutually exclusive on the same row of the tree. 1.0 E
As Mexico, host a government-in-exile.
  Playing as   Mexico   Any country is exiled in   Mexico

In order for Mexico to host an exiled country, it has to be Democratic, and the faction leader needs to be Democratic. Although Mexico does not have to be the faction leader, it still needs a powerful army or economy to host exiles.

  1.6 E
Monarchy is Back in Fashion
As Germany, Bring back the Kaiser and ensure that Italy is controlled by Victor Emmanuel by killing Mussolini.
  Playing as   Germany  Wilhelm II is the current country leader

    Italy: Victor Emmanuel III is the current country leader

Follow the "Return of the Kaiser" and the "Focus on the True Enemy" path in the "Oppose Hitler" tree until you get to the "Assassinate Mussolini" Focus. Wilhelm II must be your leader and he must not die before the focus is complete.   1.5 E
Our Words Are Backed With Nuclear Weapons
As India, develop and deploy a nuke. You must have the Quit India Movement national spirit.
  Playing as   British Raj
  •   Country flag RAJ_quit_india_movement is set
  •   Country flag achievement_has_dropped_nuke is set
  • RAJ_quit_india_movement country flag is set by Quit India Movement national focus
  • Develop, build and deploy a nuclear bomb (remember about getting some strategic bombers and fighters for air superiority). You have 2 focuses giving you boost in that area. If China falls you can alone keep Japan away at the border and look out for Siam because it can turn Fascist by Japanese Focus.
  • Can be combined with "Cut The Strings" (just do it after dropping the nuke).
  1.3 E
As a warlord, be at war with all Chinese nations simultaneously.
  Playing as either:   At war with: This is best with the  Waking the Tiger DLC because without it, the warlords will be annexed by   China and   Communist China.

Easiest to do as   Sinkiang because of the possible alliance with   Soviet Union

1.5 E
Second Time’s the Charm
As France, occupy Moscow while Napoleon VI is your country leader.
  Playing as   France   Controls Moscow (219)

  Napoléon VI is the current country leader.

Can be done easily if siding with Germans. Rush the monarchist focus tree, you need "Avenge Waterloo" focus. Prepare to attack Britain with naval invasion. Your starting army and fleet will be enough to destroy them. Wait until Germany declares war on Poland. Britain will join the war. The moment they do this declare war on Britain. Germany will invite you to their faction, accept this invitation and annex Britain. After that you can do whatever you want until Germany declares war on USSR. Join this war and help them. Once they take Moscow, ask them to give you control in that state. Make sure you have enough warscore so they will allow this.   1.9 E
Team America
As the U.S.A., drop a nuclear bomb on Paris.
  Playing as   United States   Dropped a nuclear bomb on Paris As a democratic nation, build a lot of planes, namely strategic bombers and fighters, and rush nuclear technology. Germany will control Paris. When in the allies, move your planes to the airfield on the British Isles and set them on mission to Northern France when the nuclear tech is ready and one nuke is available. Achieve air superiority and nuke Paris when ready. 1.6 E
The Empire Strikes Back
As Britain, declare war on one of your former subjects.
  Playing as   United Kingdom   At war with either:
  • With   DLC:

Any sub-branch of the tree under 'A Change in Course' causes the Dominion to break ties with the United Kingdom and leave the Allies.

  • Without   DLC:
    • Turn Fascist - that will prompt your allies to leave faction
    • Justify and Declare War on one of these: Canada/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa
1.3 E
Tojo Shot First
As Japan, Nuke a core territory of the US before the US develops nuclear weapons.
  Playing as   Japan     United States does not have technology: Nuclear Bombs

  Dropped a Nuclear Bomb on a core state of the   US

  • This is best done with the Sunrise Invasion Achievement.
  • When you have nukes, release the US and go to war with them.
  • To make the war easier to re-annex them, finish off the allies and Comintern so the US does not join their faction but it is not necessary.
1.5 E
Tour de France
Occupy all of mainland France while having at least 20 fully equipped Bicycle regiments.
  Not playing as   France  Occupy all of mainland France while having at least 20 fully equipped Bicycle regiments.

  Control all   French states in Europe
  number of bicycle battalions > 22
  number of infantry equipment in armies > 2200
  number of support equipment in armies > 220

  • "Mainland" France includes Corsica. Only Japan and the Netherlands have access to bicycle batallions.
  • Start as Japan. Join Axis and move all your armies and navies to Germany. Don't pick a focus yet.
  • Start fabricating a claim on France as soon as you have enough Political Power. After you gain 10 more PP start working on the army focuses to unlock bicycle divisions. Setup a naval invasion from Germany to Dieppe and put your navy on naval invasion support.
  • When your claim is finished, declare war on France. Don't call in anyone, especially Germany.
  • After making a beachhead, put your entire army on French shores and conquer them.
  • Change 6 infantry to 6 bicycle battalions in the Hohei Shidan template.
1.9 E
Underpaid, Undersexed, and Under Eisenhower
As the U.S.A., assume faction leadership of the Allies, and have over 50 expeditionary divisions from the United Kingdom.
  Playing as   United States   Is in faction with the   United Kingdom

  Is faction leader
  Received at least 50 expeditionary forces from the   United Kingdom

You need 50% more factories and fielded manpower than the UK, which shouldn't be a problem after a few years of buildup. The UK will accept to send the 51 divisions you need if they have ~160 divisions, you can send them some of your own troops as expeditionary forces to get them past that number. Remember: Press the button below the army to ask for expeditionary units. Before request UK, give an order for the new army (for example, garrison), otherwise they will refuse.   1.6 E
Vive la France
Reach 1948 as France without capitulating or surrendering.
  Playing as   France
  •   Date is > 1947.12.31
  •   Global flag achievement_france_surrender is not set
  •   Has not capitulated
If you manage to pull this off, you will also unlock the Time is on our side achievement, if you haven't done so already. 1.0 E
Vive la Jeune Ecole
As France, have at least 150 Destroyers and research the maximum torpedo launcher technology, before 1945.
  Playing as   France   Date is < 1945.1.1
  •   Has at least 150 Destroyer
  •   Has technology Modern Ship Torpedo Launcher
Can be achieved easily by rushing the fascist route in focus tree and joining the Axis. Concentrate on civilian factories. Wait for Germany to declare war on Poland. You can also annex Spain for more coastal provinces and factories while you are waiting. Join the war. Britain doesn't have a chance to oppose you, so it will be an easy war. Make sure that you took as many coastal provinces as you can. After that concentrate on building naval dockyards and make sure that you researched Modern Ship Torpedo Launcher technology. If everything done correctly, you can get this achievement by 1942.   1.6 E
Research all rocket, nuclear and jet technologies.
  Has researched:
  •   Advanced Rocket Engines
  •   Jet Engines
  •   Nuclear Bombs
1.0 E
Assuming Direct Control
Starting as a minor power, assume faction leadership of the Allies, the Axis, or the Comintern.
  Not playing as either:   Has assumed faction leadership from:

  is Faction leader

  • Assuming leadership on the diplomacy screen requires 50% more factories and fielded manpower than the current leader. Canada and Mexico probably have the best shot at doing it early, with a quick war against the US and lots of puppet manpower.
  • Faction leadership is also transferred to another major if the current leader capitulates. Join the Comintern as a minor and get enough factories to become a major. Do not help the USSR (do not join the war) and wait for them to capitulate.
  1.6 M
Crusader Kings
As South Africa, finish the A King for our People focus and take Jerusalem.
  Playing as   South Africa
  •   Has   Edward VIII national spirit
  •   Control the state Jerusalem (454)
  • Take Fascism route for independence, justify war on Portugal (don't leave Allies) and take their colonies - should be done before start of WWII.
  • Leave Allies justify war on UK (or if possible join Axis) and attack them from behind.
  • This should make UK lose in Egypt as they have to send some troops to fight you. If that's the case Italy will take Palestine so ask for control over it (if you don't have enough war score just kill more Allies). If not, drive straight for Palestine (get some ports along the way so you won't get cut off from supplies).
  • Remember to defend your ports - basic District Brigade (3xINF) will do the job nicely. It's the only quick way to lose cos it will take ages for Allies to get to you through land (way longer than your troops going for Palestine will take).
  1.3 M
Crush the Dream
As a Communist United Kingdom, crush the American Dream by puppeting the U.S.A.
  Playing as   United Kingdom   Current ruling party is  Communist

  Has completed focus Crush the Dream
  The   United States is a subject of The   United Kingdom

Take the Move to Secure the Dominion focus as soon as you switch communist. Move your army to Canada and declare martial law to prevent it from seceding. Attack the United States from the Canadian border.   1.6 M
As Egypt, go from puppet to a free nation using the autonomy system.
  Is   Egypt
  • Country flag achievement_EGY_colony is set
  • Country flag achievement_EGY_dominion is set
  • Country flag achievement_EGY_free is set
  • Start as UK (don't unpause) and release Egypt as a puppet (check "Play as" when the checkbox appears).
  • Produce some units to fight Italians in Africa. After you are secure the fastest way to gain autonomy points is to mass produce infantry weapons and Lend Lease them to UK (it will give you more points if you have better tech than them so rush those next level weapons).
  • Fighting in Europe also give you nice autonomy boost (not as large as Lend Lease) but remember that if you win too soon you will be stuck with only 0.5 autonomy daily from focus.
  1.3 M
Forge of Victory
Have 50 factories as Belgium.
  Playing as   Belgium   Has factories > 49
  • Naval dockyards count toward this total
  • This total can be reached by going fascist or communist and conquering the Netherlands, combined with normal industrial build-up. Also easily accomplished as fascist as Germany will use your territory to bypass the Maginot Line typically resulting in your control of northern France upon their capitulation.
1.0 M
History Repeated Itself
As the U.S.A., Win against the Confederate States. Again.
  Playing as   United States   The Second American Civil War has started

  Confederacy of American States: Does not exist

Pick the national focus "Suspend the Persecution", complete the national focus "WPA" and complete all of its successive focuses and then pick either the "Full desegregation" or "Union representation Act" national focuses to trigger a civil war with the Confederacy. The   Confederacy of American States appears in the same southern states as the original Confederate States. Be mindful that several states in the Midwest around the Great Lakes will also break off to form the   Unaligned States of America, but they will not be hostile towards you.

  1.6 M
Last for a Thousand Years
As the United Kingdom, accomplish the federation of the entire British Empire.
  Playing as   United Kingdom   Has completed focus Imperial Federation

Can be done as any ideology, but going down the King's Party path and fomenting imperialist revolutions in your dominions will allow you to create integrated puppets, eliminating the need to reduce autonomy. Make sure to improve relations and save up a few hundred political power before starting the imperial conference. 300-400 political power is a good number to have saved before starting but if you can spare the time and effort, having around 600-700 political power will ensure success.

  1.6 M
Made in China
As Communist China, have over 100 military factories.
  Playing as   Communist China   at least 101  Military Factories This achievement can be combined with The People Have Stood Up! achievement.
  • As   Communist China, annex   Nationalist China and all of the warlords and build a lot of Military factories in your territory.   Japan may justify war on you and if so, just have your ports well guarded and hold the front line or conquer Manchuria and Korea, as doing so will trigger an event that allows you to end the war and acquire all of Japan's mainland possessions. The "Social Democracy" national focus and all focuses after it allows Communist China to start a power struggle with Nationalist China and if they can gather enough political support points, they can annex Nationalist China with no shots fired.
  • Offmap military factories do not count as they are considered occupied factories and are not specifically on your territory.
1.5 M
As Colombia, form Gran Colombia and have 10 Carriers and 10 Battleships.
  Playing as   Colombia   Has taken the decision to form   Gran Colombia

  At least 10 Battleships
  At least 10 Carriers

Play on Historical AI to prevent the US from interfering with your conquests until mid-1944
. Requires the Restore the Bolívar Union decision.

  1.5 M
Nobody expects...
As Nationalist Spain in Axis manage to take Paris before the Germans.
  Playing as   Spain
  •   Current ruling party is fascist
  •   In a faction with   Germany
  •     Germany is a faction leader
  •   Control the state Ile de France (16)
It is viable to begin justifying the moment Franco takes power, win the civil war, and then go one of 2 routes. The first option is to launch naval invasions against Paris. You can join the axis faction after the conclusion of the war. The other option is to join the Axis and gain enough war score for Germany to give control of Ile de France (16) to Spain. It can be completed in the same run with the The Bell Tolls For Us achievement simply drifting towards communist or democratic after you capture Ile de France (16). 1.0 M
Northern Light
As a Scandinavian country form your own faction, and have Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in it.
  Playing as either:
  •   Is a faction leader
  •   Is in a faction with:
  • Begin by creating and upgrading a spy agency five times to get a second agent and deleting your entire army, start turning fascist through a demagogue and then prepare for a civil war via decisions, continually use the 'Expand civil support' decision to lower stability below 50%, once below 50% stability ignite ciI1 war and rush out one cavalry division to b-line for Stockholm, the enemy should have zero divisions and very little territory so this will be enough to capitulate them.
  • After the civil war ends save up 190 political power to justify on Denmark and Norway then cancel justification on Denmark and redo it, this will give you concurrent war goals to avoid them getting guaranteed by the UK, while this is happening devote your spy agency to first 'Propoganda' in Finland and then once the civil war is over switch to 'Boost Ideology' to get ready for a Fascist coup.
  • Now begin preparing for war with Denmark and Norway by sitting one or two units to attack the Danish strait and sending around four units behind them with a naval invasion from the north, after justifying, expand conscription and follow the collectivist tree to be able to produce a large amount of cavalry to hold the Norwegian line.
  • Once justification is complete declare war at exactly the same time to avoid guarantees from the Allies and quickly rush for victory points, you will be much stronger and Norway will leave most of their land undefended, in the peace deal annex all their land for the time being as you can release them as a puppet later on.
  • Continue working on boosting fascist support in Finland and keeping their stability below 70%, once facism is above 20% begin preparing a coup in the Åland Islands, this is crucial as they will remain undefeatable by mainland Finland, once the coup is complete (and it is important to do this before late 1939 / early 1940 to avoid the Soviet Union getting involved) begin using 'Diplomatic Pressure' and 'Improve Relations' on the fascist rebels, they will survive almost indefinitely and once world tension is around 55% you will be able to create a faction with them, alternatively you can now freely justify on Finland as now they are at war which prevents them from being guaranteed, just make sure you haven't already strated the faction as that could cause them to join the Allies.
  • Once the faction is created release Norway and Denmark as puppets and they will automatically join you.

This achievement can be done with 'Med plutonium...' if you annex and release Denmark as free via the autonomy system by building in their states and lend leasing them.

1.0 M
Once More Mate
Occupy Gallipoli as Australia.
  Playing as   Australia   Control the state Istanbul (341) The easiest strategy is to join the Comintern and attack Turkey from the USSR. If in the Allies, simple occupation will not work due to Greece having cores on Istanbul. 1.0 M
Our Chief Weapon is Surprise...
As Spain, have at least 5 spies and stage 5 coups against other nations.
  Playing as   Spain

    Spain has started more than 4 coups

  • You have to start five coups to get it and doesn't mind the result of them. Coups will count if the new government lost the civil war.
  • You can be any ideology, but you must complete 6 coups, not 5.
  1.9 M
As Imperial Germany, conquer a Caribbean island.
  Playing as   Germany   Has completed focus Our Place in the Sun

  Conquered an island in the Caribbean

Requires   Germany to follow the  Monarchist branch of their focus tree

  1.5 M
Poland Can Into Space
Finish all Rocket Technologies as Poland.
  Playing as   Poland   Has researched  Advanced Rocket Engines Give into German and Soviet demands for territory. Stay out of WWII. Stay on speed 5 the whole time. Research rockets.

With   DLC, Even when you get overrun and conquered by the Germans and/or the Soviets, you will continue the game as a government-in-exile hosted by the United Kingdom and remain eligible for the achievement. As long as Allies survive, you can continue doing research to get the achievement.

1.0 M
Pride and Extreme Prejudice
Sink the British Pride of the Fleet.
  Not playing as   United Kingdom   Sank the British Pride of the Fleet

It can be done quickly as Japan. In the 1936 start, the Japanese fleet is immediately capable of sinking not just the HMS Hood, but the entire Royal Navy if played properly. Choose to purge the Kodoha faction and justify on the UK (or British Malaya) as soon as possible. Ask Germany for docking rights, and move your entire fleet to their port nearest to the UK. Use the bulk of your fleet as a strike force, with three groups of destroyers patrolling the naval areas around the UK. If possible, you can also use naval bombers as well for added firepower. When the justification has finished, declare war on them. If Germany invites you to the Axis you should accept for the opportunity to move your planes to their airfields. From there just keep beating the Brits and building new ships and bombers (importing Oil for fuel if needed) until your fleet sinks the Hood and unlocks the achievement.

  1.6 M
The bell tolls for us
Win Spanish Civil War as Republican Spain.
  Playing as   Spain   Is not fascist

  Won the Spanish Civil War
  One of the following must be true:

As of 1.9, capitulating one of the other factions(Anarchists/Fascists/Carlists) in the civil war as the Republicans, even if the civil war hasn't ended, will trigger the achievement. (Possibly because of every time one faction capitulates a peace deal is automatically made, counting as the civil war has ended) 1.0 M
The Good, the Bad and the Weird
As Manchukuo, have max level infrastructure in every owned state and generate at least 15 units of oil.
  Playing as   Manchukuo   At least 10  Infrastructure:
  • Heilungkiang (714)
  • Liaoning (715)
  • Jehol (610)
  • Kirin (328)
  • Sungkiang (717)

  At least 16  Oil

May be done in conjunction with the Hail to the Qing and the The Dragon Swallowed the Sun achievements.

  • Hulunbuir and Liaotung's infrastructure does not need to be increased to 10
1.5 M
The Munich Disagreement
As Czechoslovakia, occupy Munich while at war with Germany.
  Playing as   Czechoslovakia
  • Turn Communist and join the Comintern
  • Follow the focus tree until The Polish Division and go to war with Poland and take as much warscore as possible.
  • On peace deal, give the Soviets a contiguous border with Germany and Czechoslovakia. The Soviets will only help with the next if they border Germany.
  • Build up Sudetenland to lvl 7 forts via focus, prepare for war against the Axis and refuse Germany's demand for it.
  • It is easier with historical AI turned off (there is a good chance of Hungary taking Austria and/or allying with Italy so Germany will be weaker)

Can also be done by rushing out paratroopers and hoping for an early war with Germany following little Entente path. You only need to occupy the city of Munich for achievement to fire. You may need to concentrate research & ministers on planes for air superiority.

1.4 M
The Puppetmaster
Have at least 51 subjects.
  Has subjects >50 This suggestion requires   DLC.

Play as the   United Kingdom, as they can release about 40 nations as puppets through their national focus tree. But don't do this yet!

  • Turn communist as soon as possible, and then declare war on   France.
  • Defeat France and in the peace deal puppet them and satellite every releasable nation from their colonies as your puppets.
  • While the war is ongoing Follow the "Revisit Colonial Policy" branch of the national focus tree and dismantle your colonial empire, releasing a lot of puppets in the process. Be careful, though, as if you fail to complete the branch within 2 years of going communist, a civil war will break out!
  • If you still don't have enough puppets, follow the rest of the national focus (the communist path) and pick either "Follow Moscow" or "The British Communist Alternative" and start puppeting the rest of Europe or annex the United States and go after the rest of the Americas.
1.3 M
The Revolution Triumphant
Have Germany as a puppet of Soviet.
  Playing as   Soviet Union     Germany is a puppet of   Soviet Union

Must be unified Germany.   West Germany or   East Germany will not count, even if you puppet both.

  • Justify and declare war on Poland to border with Germany
    • As an optional bonus, boost communist party popularity in   France to make them flip to communist, then try inviting them to the Comintern. If France refuses to join, you can also wait until Germany attacks them, and then invite them, as they will be more inclined to join you.
  • Then justify and declare war on Germany, then Puppet them in the Peace Conference
1.0 M
True Blitzkrieg
As Germany have both Poland and France surrender before January 1st 1940.
  Playing as   Germany
  • Does not exist
  • Has capitulated
  • Global flag achievement_france_surrender is set
Both nations need to be either in a capitulated state or annexed to trigger. Neither of them can be a puppet. 1.0 M
Warszawo, Walcz!
Stage the Warsaw uprising and succeed.
   Poland has risen up against an occupying country that you are at war with.

  Any country at war with the player and   Poland has the Global flag warsaw_liberated_self_flag is set

warsaw_liberated_self_flag gets set if resistance hits 90 in a   Polish state. In 1.9.0, it doesn't seem to require you to succeed, just to hit 90 resistance.

An easy way to trigger the uprising: 1, Surround Warsaw as Soviet(but not attack it.) Don't give allies militrary access. 2, Liberate all other parts of Poland( As you are Soviet, you occupied Poland's land while not give them back to Poland. ) In the meantime, German lost all other occupied land so that those province will not reduce average resistance. 3, Now you just need to blow up the resistance insides blocked city of Warsaw.

Can be done without  , but without the ability to strengthen resistance the achievement has to be done quickly, otherwise complience will make it impossible to reach 90 resistence.

1.9 M
We Will Rock You
As Spain, own Gibraltar.
  Playing as   Spain  Gibraltar (118) Owned by   Spain As Carlist Spain, after the Spanish Civil War, rush towards the Retake the Spanish Netherlands focus and take the Benelux. Have around 24 divisions each on the French northern and southern borders and declare on France when Germany's at war with them. Capitulate France and launch a naval invasion on the United Kingdom. Once the United Kingdom capitulates, take Gibraltar in the peace deal. 1.9 M
Well, I Didn’t Vote for You
Win the Spanish Civil War as the Anarchists.
  Playing as   Spain  Win the Spanish Civil War as the   Anarchists

  Is   Anarchist Spain
  Any other country with the original tag of   Spain not including   Anarchist Spain does not exist.

  • Anarchist Spain is created from either the Masters of Our Own Fate focus or the Government Crackdown event. As of 1.9.0, the event gives a larger portion of units and equipment.
  • Easier if the Nationalist are weakened by the Carlist rebellion (in non-historical)
  1.9 M
Why Die For Danzig?
As Germany, turn France fascist and occupy Danzig without going to war with France.
  Playing as   Germany   Have France become Fascist without going to war with France.


Danzig (85) is controlled by   Germany
 does not have country flag: invalid_for_danzig_achievement
  Germany is not at war with   France

  • invalid_for_danzig_achievement flag fires when Germany declares war on France.
  • Bugged in 1.9.0: The achievement fires for being Germany, never declaring on France or Poland, and France flipping Fascist.
  • France has to flip Fascist without triggering a civil war.
  • Playing on non-historical mode, follow the focus tree until Demand Sudetenland. If Czechoslovakia refuse, you will get a wargoal against them. France and Romania will have guaranteed Czechoslovakia, so you will be at war with both when declare over them. Place your troops on the frontier with those three countries and start a war against Czechoslovakia. For any reason, it won't affect country flag invalid_for_danzig_achievement. Romania, France and Czechoslovakia won't be on the same faction, so you will have a peace deal each time you defeat one of them. To conquest France, just merge all your ships in one single army with the mission naval invasion support over the two sea regions between them and you. Make a landing, take Paris and some other victory points. They will surrend quick. On the french peace deal, make them a puppet. When the three countries have been defeated, you will get the achievement.
  1.9 M
William Wallis
As the United Kingdom, put Edward VIII in power, enforce an American monarchy, and have both it and Scotland as subjects.
  Playing as   United Kingdom   Has completed focus The King's Party

    Scotland is a subject of The   United Kingdom
  The   United States is a subject of The   United Kingdom
  Installed an American monarchy

Hidden requirement for Installed an American monarchy

  1. You need to ensure Royal Marriage, so Wallis would be Queen Wallis
  2. You need take focus Unite the Anglosphere
  3. You need to either annex all USA core states, or puppet the USA and let it have all core states. Puppet USA is probably better choice if you are sharing war scores with other countries.
  4. Once you have annexed/puppeted the USA, a decision will appear to install an American Monarchy.
  1.6 M
Awake and Angry
As China, reconquer all of China and Manchuria and force a Japanese surrender.
  Playing as   China     Japan was forced to sue for peace after losing all of Manchuria and Korea

  Conquered all core territory of   China and   Manchukuo not including the states of Hong Kong(326) , Macau (729) and Guangzhouwan (728)

Do not accept cooperation with Communist China until the Japanese are about to attack. Then, form the Chinese United Front and accept all invites. Quickly rush to Korea and push them off the continent. After they have offered peace, accept it, and kick Communist China from your faction. Declare on them and annex them as soon as possible, before they start war against you. Do the same with the other faction members, leaving Sinkiang for last. Dismantle the faction, declare war on the Soviet Union after Germany is pushing east. Join axis. They will be easy to capitulate with all their forces in the west. Take as much territory and then join their war against the allies. 1.5 H
Bearer of Artillery
Gain Vojtek as commander.
  Playing as   Poland   Country flag POL_vojtek_commander is set Vojtek is a special commander that appears with the Polish event "Wojtek Never Drops A Crate". 1.0 H
Big Entente
As France, complete the "Little Entente" National Focus, and have all German cores owned by you or someone in your faction.
  Playing as   France
One possible way to achieve this is refuse   Germany's Remilitarization of the Rhineland while   United Kingdom refuses it. This will cause a minor Civil War in France. Place Divisions on the Maginot and around Northern and Central France where the civil war spawns. As soon as war starts with   Germany, Capitulate the civil war first and push into   Germany. Once   Germany capitulates, annex everything or puppet Germany. Then follow the focus tree until Little Entente. 1.0 H
Die, Perfidious Albion!
As Fascist France or Vichy France, occupy all of Great Britain.
  Playing as   France   Conquer all of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  Is fascist
 Control all states belonging to the   United Kingdom in Europe that is not a core of   Ireland and   Northern Ireland

Rush the fascist focuses. Upon taking "Utilize the Leagues", you will have access to decisions of boosting fascist and non-aligned popularity. Never take "Unleash La Cagoule" decision. Just take fascist demagogue and spam "Rally the Leagues" decision. Because if your stability drops below 30%, the civil war will start. In the mean time you can pick any focuses you want and plan the naval invasion of Britain. Once you have 50% of fascist and non-aligned combined popularity, you can continue working on the fascist focuses. Take the "Political unity" focus as soon as possible, it will remove the chance of spawning the civil war. After that pick "Towards the new Europe" branch. Rush the focus tree until you will do "Expand to the Suez" focus. Immediately declare war on Britain and annex them. Your starting army is strong enough to easily destroy Britain.

You don't need the DLC, join Axis, paratrop and naval invade UK, eventually your paratrops will get a port randomly (just move your air units between regions), or you and Germany and Italy and Nationalist Spain will overwhelm. If you are really struggling and tension is low enough (below 25%) invade Ireland first.

1.9 H
Don’t Die for Your Country
As Germany in a 1939 start, occupy all of Poland and France without taking more than 475 casualties.
  Playing as   Germany

  Start date is 1939.8.3

 Occupy all of Poland and France without taking more than 475 casualties.

  controls all cores of   Poland and   France, excluding cores that are islands or outside of Europe
  casualties < 475
  Does not have has_paradropped_flag set

  • Make sure you don't bring your allies (Espeically Italy, which will take your land unless you use all your war score on Poland and France)
  • Paradropping troops prevents this achievement.
  • Organize your troops on the frontiers with France and Poland, but divide one with all your light tanks. This army should be next to Danzig. Merge all your ships in one single army and place it in one of your ports at the west of Denmark with the order naval invasion support over the two regions between France and Germany. Prepare all your planes to attack on Poland.
  • Start the war. Don't invite your allies and don't activate your battle plans, except your light tanks army over Danzig.
  • After getting Danzig, move your light tanks to a port at the west of Denmark and make a naval invasion against France with ten of the eleven divisions. Send each one to a different coastal province of France, the ten nearest to Belgium. The naval invasion will be ready in seven days, and your navy with naval invasion support mission will be enough to get the naval superiority you need (anyway, support it from the air with fighters, CAS, bombers and so on with the order air superiority, interception and naval strike).
  • When your tanks arrive France, change the planes order to support troops over their territory and move the tanks quick to the victory points (focusing Paris). Try to avoid direct confrontations with their troops if possible. France will surrend quick.
  • Repeat the naval invasion, in this case against UK. Don't forget to change the regions of the planes to help your troops. Once in UK, focus London and other victory points. Again, avoid direct fights with enemies if you can.
  • When UK and France have surrended and you have Danzig, the war will end. Take all the territory.
  • This strategy works most of times, but not all. Sometimes Poland attack you from other provinces and cause some thousands casualties, so you will have to repeat the game.
1.9 H
Duce Nuked'em
Nuke Los Angeles as fascist Italy.
  Playing as   Italy
  •   Country flag achievement_has_nuked_california is set
  •   Is fascist

After securing the Mediterranean, it can easily be done with a small 1944 strategic bomber fleet (without any escort) by taking control of the following provinces : Gibraltar (118), Azores (698), Bermuda (696)

1.0 H
Georgia On My Mind
As the U.S.A., own and fully control all three Georgias.
  Playing as   United States   Owns and fully controls the states of:
  • Georgia (365)
  • Georgia (231)
  • South Georgia (720)

The USA starts with the first Georgia, while the other two; Georgia and South Georgia, are owned by the Soviet Union and United Kingdom.

  • Because of this, collaborating with the Axis is the simplest route to achieving this. Help the axis capitulate the allies and Comintern, and grab South Georgia (an island off the coast of Argentina) from the British, and Georgia (a Soviet state in the Caucasus region) from the USSR. Reaffirm Monroe Doctrine focus unlocks a decision to ask the UK for, notably, South Georgia.
  • An alternative strategy is to turn communist, complete the national focus "Unholy Alliance", join the Comintern. This will cause a decision named "Join the Unions" to appear, which can only be taken once the Soviet Union is at 80% surrender progress and will make the US annex the Soviet Union. When the "USS Panay sunk" event fires, take the option to start a war with Japan and defeat them to get them out of the way. When Germany attacks the Soviet Union, do not join the war and wait until Germany forces the Soviet Union to 80% surrender progress, then take the decision, thus earning you the second Georgia. After that, use your industrial capacity to build up a military, conquer Germany and the Axis and finally, start a war with the Allies (  United Kingdom and   France), defeat them and annex everything, including South Georgia.
1.6 H
As Manchukuo, restore the Qing dynasty.
  Playing as   Manchukuo   Has completed focus Claim the Mandate of Heaven

In order to complete the national focus "Claim the Mandate of Heaven", you must be independent and own all of the starting territory of   China,   Shanxi,   Xibei San Ma,   Yunnan,   Guangxi Clique,   Communist China and   Sinkiang. May be done in conjunction with the The Dragon Swallowed the Sun and the The Good, the Bad and the Weird achievements.
requires the Assertiveness Sub-branch of the focus tree

  1.5 H
As Greece, Form Byzantine Empire.
  Playing as   Greece   Formed the   Byzantine Empire

Only requires the Restore Byzantium decision, which can be taken by conquering all of   Turkey and the entire Balkans (  Albania,   Bulgaria,   Yugoslavia,   Romania and   Hungary).

  1.5 H
It's 1812 All Over Again
As Canada, take and hold Washington D.C.
  Playing as   Canada   Control the state of Maryland (361) This suggestion requires   DLC.

Pick Patriation and Swastika Clubs as your first focuses. Go for Synarchist Baja when you switch, get Mexico in your faction and attack the United States on the East Coast. The United Kingdom will be too busy in Europe to do much against you, so it is possible to declare war on the UK first to unlock War Bonds and get some of your powerful industrial focuses before invading the US.

1.3 H
Med plutonium...
Nuke Denmark as Sweden.
  Playing as   Sweden   Is   Sweden
  • Country flag achievement_med_plutonium is set
  • The nuked state must be both owned by and a core of Denmark.
  • The Faroe Islands (and Iceland, and Greenland) are Danish cores, and within the air range of Sweden, so there is no need to prevent Germany from invading mainland Denmark.
1.0 H
As Romania, make it to 1942 with all the states you started it with and control either Moscow or Berlin.
  Playing as   Romania
  •   Date is > 1941.12.31
  •   Has not lost any of the starting states
  •   Control either state:
  • Brandenburg (64)
  • Moscow (219)
The main goal is defending your original states until 1941.12.31. The achievement can be done controlling Moscow or Berlin after that date. 1.4 H
New World Order
Make all nations fascist.
  All existing nations are fascist
  • Puppets may only change ideology via 'Paramilitary Training' Decisions or war.
  • Neutral nations forced into your faction might create neutral puppets.
  • Avoid accepting anyone into your faction who is not fascist, as you can't go to war with them later to change their ideology.
  • You can also alternatively start as a nation that has no puppets, turn fascist and just conquer and annex every other nation present.    Manchukuo is the best candidate in this case due to them being fascist and having the ability to gain cores on all of China, giving an extreme amount of manpower
1.0 H
One Empire
Unite the entire world under the British Empire.
  Playing as   United Kingdom
  •   Is a faction leader
  •   Every state in the world is controlled by either:
The straightforward, but boring and slow, approach is to defeat the Axis, then go to war with the Comintern and defeat them (note that the PRC will declare war on China one year after the end of the war with Japan, so you can use the focus to get China democratic and add them to the Allies before that war starts) - this should add lots of countries to the Allies, and then trigger coups everywhere you can. Once there's been a civil war, the winner has created world tension and you can justify against them. It takes a very long time, and, once you've won WWII, it's obviously going to work eventually, so it's very boring.

Successfully forming the Imperial Federation with the United States as part of it, can make this a lot easier, as you gain a lot more manpower, resources and industry.

1.0 H
Operation Sea Lion
Control British mainland as Germany.
  Playing as   Germany   Control the states:
  • Scottish Highlands (120)
  • Lothian (121)
  • Wales (122)
  • Cornwall (123)
  • East Anglia (125)
  • Greater London Area (126)
  • Sussex (127)
  • West Midlands (128)
  • East Midlands (129)
  • Yorkshire (130)
  • Northern England (131)
  • Lancashire (132)
  • Lanark (133)
  • Aberdeenshire (136)
  • Gloucestershire (338)
  • Immediately justify on The United Kingdom.
  • Prepare two Naval Invasions to Hull and Edinburgh.
  • Put two death stacks in the North Sea and the Eastern North Sea.
  • Micromanage your army into London and annex the UK in the Peace Conference

This achievement can also be done along with True Blitzkrieg achievement.

1.0 H
Party like it's 1520
Occupy Stockholm as communist Denmark.
  Playing as   Denmark
  •   Is communist
  •   Control the state Svealand (141)
Use a naval invasion to the two provinces adjacent to Stockholm, but leave one division in Copenhagen with land forts to defend the strait. 1.0 H
Putting the Raid on the Medway to Shame
As the Netherlands, ensure the United Kingdom has no capital ships (carriers, battleships, battlecruisers, or heavy cruisers).
  Playing as   Netherlands   The   United Kingdom has at most 0 capital ships With   DLC:

Cave to the German, join the Axis and take your naval focuses. Build warships and planes, use naval bombers to sink the British fleet once you have gained air superiority. Some capital ships might escape to Malta, East Africa or the Caribbean, use carriers with naval bombers on Port Strike to find and sink them. The achievement will also trigger if the United Kingdom has been fully annexed and no longer exists so it is possible to also just stage a naval invasion and finish off the UK that way.

1.6 H
As Japan, conquer Mexico then Europe before 1945.
  Playing as   Japan   Before 1:00 1 Jan, 1945

  Annexed   Mexico before taking any territory in Europe
  Conquered a coastal state in Europe

  • Ignore China and earn enough Political Power to justify war goal on Mexico for generating lesser World Tension, then declare war as early as possible. Being at war with the USA is unnecessary but unavoidable as they have guaranteed Mexico, but they are relatively easy to take down early game and the conquest will supercharge your industry.
  • Prepare your navy and your marines to the closest islands owned (Marshall Islands) to naval invade Hawaii then to West Coast America, the final ocean province outside of California can be reached by seperating your three 4000km range light cruisers (Hosho, Akagi and Kaga). Primarily in California for the Lv10 Naval Base. USA, Mexico and the Philippines can be annexed in 1938.
  • Once the USA and Mexico have been annexed, dismantle your faction and join the Axis to fight off the Allies.

It can be done before WW2 1939. Tojo Shot First achievement can be done after this achievement.

1.5 H
Sunset Invasion
Occupy a coastal province in Europe as Mexico, and if in a faction have it contain only South American members or puppets.
  Playing as   Mexico
  •   Country flag achievement_failed_sunset_invasion is not set
  •   Control any coastal state on the European continent
  • Achievement will fail permanently if any non-puppet country with capital outside South America is ever in a faction with the player.
  • Turn fascist. Rush into Submarines III. Start justifying on Denmark as soon as Mexico become fascist. Build ~10 submarines and when justification will end, declare war. Capture a port in Greenland and then invade Iceland. Achievement will pop after landing in Iceland.
1.0 H
The New Home of the Revolution
As Mexico, put Trotsky in power and puppet the Soviet Union
  Playing as   Mexico   Leon Trotsky is the current country leader

  The   Soviet Union is a subject of   Mexico

When the Trotsky seeks refuge event pops up, choose to invite him into the government. Follow the right most side of focus tree to become communist and put Trotsky in charge. Wait for Germany to start the war against the Soviet Union and finish the Smash the Bureaucrats focus which gives a puppet war goal against the Soviets. Declare war on the Soviets. To gain warscore against them, ask Germany for military access and put your troops on their front line. Alternatively, try to naval invade Soviet's far east front and capture a few victory point provinces. In patch 1.6.0, German is very likely crush the Soviets without trouble in one or two years. During the peace conference, the Fascists will focusing on grabbing land, so it is possible to puppet the Soviet Union.

  1.6 H
The Revenge of Montezuma
Restore the old borders with the USA as Mexico.
  Playing as   Mexico   Control the states:
  • Texas (375)
  • New Mexico (376)
  • Arizona (377)
  • California (378)
  • Nevada (379)
  • Utah (380)
Rush Fascist and justify a war goal on the Philippines, if you try to justify on a major country like the United States world tension will skyrocket but because the Philippines is a puppet the US will automatically join when you declare war upon them, with far less world tension generated. With this, you should have no problem overrunning the country with either infantry or cavalry. Try to poke holes in the US line as they will have a tough time manning a long border and encircle their troops. They will have no way to real way to grow their military until they remove isolation so it should be trivial to win this way. 1.0 H
As Manchukuo, Break free from Japan and annex your former Overlord without being in a faction.
  Playing as   Manchukuo   Annexed   Japan

May be done in conjunction with the Hail to the Qing and the The Good, the Bad and the Weird achievements.
requires the Assertiveness Sub-branch of the focus tree

1.5 H
Treading the Narrow Path
As the Netherlands, do not cave to the Germans, continue the Zuiderzee works, and do not lose control of any of your continental European states until 1945.
  Playing as   Netherlands   Has not completed focus Cave to the Germans

  Has completed focus Continue the Zuiderzee Works
  The   Netherlands has not lost one of its starting states
  Date is > 1945.1.1

Can be done quite easily. Start the game with historical AI and follow the focus tree down the communist route. As soon as you are faced with the choice between "affirm loyalty to moscow" and "Bastion of the True Communism" focus choose the 2nd one. Afte that take the focusses enemies on al fronts and Pre-Empt Westeren Intervention. This focus gives wargoals for the UK, France and the USA. The perfect timing for this (the Pre-Empt Westeren Intervention focus) is when Germany goes for the Danzig or War focus. Improve your relations with Germany. Once Germany has declared war on Poland and Poland has joined the Allies declare you wars on France and the UK and soon after Germany will invite you in to the Axis. Now you are safe from Germany. Complete the "Contine the Zuiderzee Works" focus, defend your coastline and your provinces / states. The Allies like to naval invade the part of the Germany that bordes the North Sea and that is your backyard. And for this achievement you are never allowed to lose controll of any of your states. While waiting out the time till 1945 you can play pure defence or just help Germany conquer Westeren-Europe (play it correct and you can get all of Belgium and Luxembourg and Repudiate the Treaty of London) and perhaps the Soviet Union.

Another option is to use the national focuses and join either Allies or Comintern BEFORE Germany justifies on you(Normally 1940). This will make faction members move divisions to your border with Germany, thus making your defence somewhat easier. If possible, ask your faction members for as many expeditionary forces as possible. Also, don't forget to do the "Prepare the Inundation Lines" Focus because it will give you land forts which makes it even harder for Germany to attack you.

  1.6 H
As a warlord, conquer all of China and Japan.
  Playing as either:   Conquered all of   China,   Manchukuo and   Japan not including the states of Hong Kong(326) , Macau (729) and Guangzhouwan (728) . 1.5 VH
As the Netherlands, liberate the continental Netherlands after relocating the government to the East Indies.
  Playing as   Netherlands   Current ruling party is  Democratic

  Has completed focus Liberation

Begin to develop the east indies, focus on planes (specifically bombers) and submarines to destroy factories and shipping to damage the German economy so the USSR doesn't loose. You will need some civilian factories and lots of cargo ships. Beware of Japan as they will likely attempt to attack and invade Indonesia so make sure to guard all ports and have some planes and ships to hold them off. Once you have safely fortified the East Indies from Japanese attacks, either focus on Germany to reconquer your home territory or focus on Japan and finish the off to gain some resources and factories.   1.6 VH
As Czechoslovakia, occupy Canberra while at war with the Allies.
  Playing as   Czechoslovakia

With   DLC:

  • Turn Communist, join Comintern and take Romania to have a border with Soviet Union
  • Build up Sudetenland to lvl 7 forts and don't give up Sudetenland
  • When Germany attacks hold on till Soviets arrive and beat them (if you are quick Italy will not join Axis)
  • Take the best Germany provinces (by resources and IC), build up your forces and take Italy, Balkans and France (avoid fighting with Allies if possible)
  • Build up your navy, attack the Allies and island hop to Australia
  • It is easier with historical AI turned off (Hungary can take Austria and/or ally with Italy, France may not join the Allies)
  • Alternatively just join Axis, get military access from Japan (when they war on Allies) and naval invade from Japan (VERY easy)
1.4 VH
As Romania, own a slice of all your starting neighbors.
  Playing as   Romania   Has Carol II as country leader

  Has not completed any of the below focuses:

  Own at least one core province from all of your starting neighbors:
  • Turn on historical focus to have USSR and Germany sign Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.
  • Bring Carol II into power and make a huge army from the start.
  • Go by Balkans Dominance path, which will help you get cores from 4 of 6 required nations.
  • Expand your army, wait for German attack to Poland and prepare to fight against Soviet Union.
  • After Molotov-Ribbentrop pact signed and Poland capitulated, Soviets will take Eastern part of it. You can justify on them directly or guarantee Finland to enter the war then as defending country.
  • Defeat Soviets alone or with German help. If fighting with Germans (in alliance or not), make bigger war score than they, because at peace conference Germany could first take all Eastern Poland and it'd be unavailable to get Polish land without struggle with Axis.
  • At peace conference take at least one Soviet and Polish core territory.
  • This achievement could also be done with "Neither Death nor Dishonor" one, just take Moscow at the peace conference.
  1.4 VH
Go Ahead, Macau My Day
As Portugal, create a collaboration government in Macau and have it own all Chinese states.
  Playing as   Portugal   Create a collaboration Government in Macau and have it own all core territory of China and Manchukuo:

 One of the following countries:

 Is a subject of   Portugal
  Is a Collaboration Government
 Capital is Macau (729)
 All states are either owned by one of the above countries or is not a core of   China and   Manchukuo

  • Best done by joining the Comintern, as the USSR will never take or puppet any land in China.
  • This achievement requires Hong Kong and Guangzhouwan to be taken in a peace deal. If Japan occupy them and you take them back, you might be able to snatch them in the peace deal, otherwise you will have to defeat the Allies.
  • Alternatively, take the Fascist path and take the focus "Join the Axis". Then, put troops on the border with Poland and help Germany take out Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and France to get as much war score as possible. Then, use paratroopers to land in Dover and send your army into mainland England to finish the war. In the peace deal, make sure you give Hong Kong and Guangzhouwan to your provisional government. After defeating the Allies, you should have a large enough army and economy to take on China and Japan yourself. Then, give all Chinese territory to Portuguese China and the achievement will be yours.
  • Taking British Raj as a puppet is highly recommended to invade through Sinkiang and Yunnan. Also, having Britain as puppet is essential to get naval supremacy over Japan.
  1.9 VH
As Yugoslavia, occupy all your neighbouring countries (Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Italy and Greece).
  Playing as   Yugoslavia   Every state in the world is either: It is only necessary to occupy the land required so it is possible to have this achievement fire whilst at war. Can be combined with The Balkan Powder Keg achievement. 1.4 VH
Miklos Horthy and the Habsburg Prince
As Hungary, Restore Austria-Hungary.
  Playing as   Hungary
  •   Is cosmetic tag   Austria-Hungary
  •   Own and control the states:
  • Lower Austria (4)
  • Bohemia (9)
  • Franche-Comte (17)
  • Neiderschlesien (66)
  • Oberschleisien (67)
  • Sudetenland (69)
  • Western Slovakia (70)
  • Eastern Slovakia (71)
  • Zaolzie (72)
  • Carpathian Ruthenia (73)
  • Eastern Sudetenland (74)
  • Moravia (75)
  • Upper Austria (152)
  • Tyrol (153)
  • Lombardy (159)
  • Emilia Romagna (161)
  • Tuscany (162)
  • Palestine (454)
  • Lebanon (553)
  • Southern Slovakia (664)
  • You have to go for "Restoration of Austria-Hungary" Focus Tree and have to have a navy so it is a perfect match to do with "Better Than Szent István" achievement
  • Take Austria and Czechoslovakia ASAP to weaken Germany. The focus "Reintegrate the Railroads" has a hidden effect that increases the chance of a peaceful annexation.
  • Hungary starts with more aluminum than it will ever need: build a large airforce to support your ground troops
  • You can let the German have the Sudetenland, they will leave you alone after that
  • Conquer Yugoslavia, then Romania and Greece: the oil fields will supply your army, while chromium can be used to build battleships and heavy tanks
  • Construct ships and naval bombers as soon as you have a coastal province, destroy buildings to make room for more dockyards if necessary
  • Find a good time to backstab Germany once they are at war with the USSR and join the Comintern. Attack the Allies immediately after the defeat of the Axis
  • You have to own the provinces, not just occupy them - watch out for them in a peace treaty, do not let AI take them or you will have to go to war again
  • As of patch 1.6, the United States might stay out of the war entirely if not attacked by Japan.
  1.4 VH
As Bourbon Spain, hold all Spanish and French core states.
  Playing as   Spain   is   Carlist Spain

  Conquer all of France.

You must own the cores, which means completely defeating France's faction and get all cores in a peace deal. Remember that France may get cores on the Algerian coast. Best done in non-historical, as France might not ally with the UK or the US.

As of 1.9.0, Bourbon Spain only needs to own the French cores.

  1.9 VH
Rule Britannia
As any British Subject state, conquer all of Britain.
  Playing as either:
  •   Is not a subject
  •   Control the states:
  • Scottish Highlands (120)
  • Lothian (121)
  • Wales (122)
  • Cornwall (123)
  • East Anglia (125)
  • Greater London Area (126)
  • Sussex (127)
  • West Midlands (128)
  • East Midlands (129)
  • Yorkshire (130)
  • Northern England (131)
  • Lancashire (132)
  • Lanark (133)
  • Aberdeenshire (136)
  • Gloucestershire (338)
Can be done in conjunction with the "It's 1812 All Over Again" achievement as Canada. After capitulating and annexing the United States, prepare a naval invasion force and fleet to attack the UK. Annexing the US may help industrially and the Send in the Zombies focus may help with the recruitable population. If Iceland gets released, it may be necessary to justify against them. Try to take the UK before Germany or Italy tries a naval invasion. If the peace conference triggers before the achievement does, try to annex all of Great Britain as the other Axis members may take the required territory. It may be advisable to create a faction with Mexico instead of joining the Axis to make it harder for Germany to take British states in the peace conference.

With Historical Focus Off, the UK has a chance of becoming fascist or non-aligned. In that case, a democratic Canada may form a faction with the   United States.

1.3 VH
Sun Tzu Reborn
As Any Chinese Nation, Have a level 9 field marshal.
  Playing as either:   any army leader:
  • Is a field Marshall
  • Skill Level more than 8
  • This achievement is best done with a world conquest game or with the achievements "Awake and Angry" or "Battlecry"
  • If a General becomes level 9 before your main field marshal, you may promote the General to field marshal and you will get the achievement.
1.5 VH
With Mao as your leader, win the Chinese Civil War.
  Playing as   Communist China   Conquered all of   Nationalist China's Starting territory This achievement does not require all the Chinese cores. 1.5 VH
The weapons of the Third Emu War
As Australia, use a nuclear bomb on core Australian territory.
  Playing as   Australia   Country flag achievement_AST_nuke_self is set
  • Turn off Together for Victory and Man the Guns - this will allow you to leave Allies instantly. Do not engage any factions or wars then.
  • Don't develop any political branch in national focus tree.
  • Invent and build fighters, bombers and nukes.
  • Prepare and launch civil war.
  • Achieve air superiority over and nuke the rebels.
  • Alternatively, Japan will likely attack naval-invade one of your states (if you are in the Allies), you can nuke the state they invade. (very easy)
1.3 VH
30 Minutes of Hel
As Poland in the 1939 “Blitzkrieg” scenario start, inflict over 1,800,000 casualties to Germany to beat the 2018
  Playing as   Poland

  Start date is 1939.8.3

  The   German Reich has more than 1.80M Casualties inflicted by   Poland
  • Start game, put fascist demagogue
  • delete all army
  • open political discussion
  • get ready for a civil war
  • (minimal speed) play only 1h(time on game)
  • start civil war
  • join to axis
  • make 48 army only with one division(you have 5exp of army) (for fast training)
  • put all division on front with soviet
  • change this division for normal
  • win with soviet union
  • dont join to fight with alliance (or make paratroopers)
  • leave axis
  • you have a strong enough economy to defeat the Germans
  1.6 I
As South Africa, finish the Anti-Colonialist Crusade focus, release all European colonies via the focus, and take London.
  Playing as   South Africa   Focus   "Anti-Colonialist Crusade" is completed

  Is a faction leader
  A faction member controls the state Greater London Area (126)

  The following country flags are set:
  • SAF_released_ANG
  • SAF_released_COG
  • SAF_released_KEN
  • SAF_released_MZB
  • SAF_released_ZIM
Achievement may require the event to release the nations rather than the release nation button on the occupied territory screen.   1.3 I