American national focus tree

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As one of the seven major powers, USA has a unique national focus tree, with both historical and alternative branches. The USA has an interesting focus tree with 5 different paths to progress down.

NF tree USA.jpg

Issue War Bonds branch

USA NF War Bonds.JPG
Focus Icon Prerequisite(s) Bypass Effect(s)
Issue War Bonds Goal generic national unity.png Has War with: Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of Japan Japan, Flag of Italy Italy, Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union, Flag of France France, the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom OR another country with an army of at least 75% strenght ratio is in an offensive war with us OR world Tension is 95% None Add National Spirit: War Bonds Focus grants Consumer Goods Factories: -5%
Remove National Spirit: Great Depression (if not already removed)
Office of Strategic Services Goal generic position armies.png Issue War Bonds
AND Has War with: Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of Japan Japan, Flag of Italy Italy, Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union, Flag of France France OR Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
None Add National Spirit: Office of Strategic Services grants
Decryption Research Time: -5%
Encryption Research Time: -5%
Decryption: +20%
Wartime Industry Goal generic construct mil factory.png Issue War Bonds None Add National Spirit: Wartime Industry Focus grants
Civilian to Military Factory cost: -20%
First Special Service Force Goal generic special forces.png Office of Strategic Services None Army Experience: +5
Add Research Bonus: +50% for Paratroopers, Mountaineers, Engineers or Reconaissance
Rubber Reserve Company Goal generic oil refinery.png Wartime Industry
AND Has Government: Democratic
None Add 10 Resource: Rubber.png Rubber in the state of Kentucky
Manifest Destiny Goal generic political pressure.png Office of Strategic Services
AND Rubber Reserve Company
AND Has Government: Democratic
None Add National Spirit: World Police grants
Justify War Goal time: -25%
Scientist Haven Focus research.png Manifest Destiny None Add Research Slot

WPA & War Propaganda branch

USA NF WPA Propaganda.JPG

This part of the tree focuses on industry buildup and setting war goals against the major powers.

Air War Plans Division branch


Bureau of Ships branch


Reaffirm Monroe Doctrine branch


Turning entire Americas into democracies willing to align with the U.S., with possibilities to create pro-democratic civil wars. If the US changes government types, then the daily support switches to that government type. The target of the final two foci also change, depending on which government type the US has.