Cold War: The Iron Curtain

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The Cold War: The Iron Curtain is the first most popular Cold War mod set from 1949-2000, the mod is currently headed by Swf and Riprap. Currently, the mod is at 80,000 subscribers.

The mod has currently been played by ISP ten times, and the YouTuber has been in contact with the mod developers for some time now.

Upcoming Content


  • Second American Civil War
  • Better Civil War events
  • And more!

National Focii

  • Better USSR Focus Tree
  • Better Chinese Focus Tree
  • And more!


  • Alien invasion of earth (shelved)

Mod Co-Op

This mod isn't on the Mod Co-Op because Gunnar Von Pontius (Creator of an unreleased cold war mod) has denied access for this mod to be part of the co-op