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A command group is a collection of divisions that can be lead by a commander. A command group is tied to the theater in which it operates.

Command groups can be assigned to a front and given orders through the battle plans interface.

Battle plan

Main article: Battle plan

Battle plans are a mechanic to give orders to command groups.

An army group can be commanded like any other group of units and simply giving a right-click move order to a destination. However, they fight better if they are given "plans" – a general order that is coordinated along a front, either to advance or defend.

When selecting an army group, the player will see a row of general orders appear at the bottom of the screen. Each of these has rollover text that explains in detail how to use this instruction. This guide will focus on the most important ones.


Command groups may be assigned a commander, increasing their effectiveness in combat.

There are two types of commanders:

Field Marshal

No cap on the amount of divisions that can be assigned to it. The traits are oriented towards controlling many divisions.


Generals can command up to 24 divisions before their bonuses start declining. The traits are more oriented towards combat strength. Generals may be promoted to Field Marshals at the cost of one skill level and all their traits (except "Old Guard").

Skill level

Commanders can have a skill between 1 and 5, where each level provides a +10% combat bonus to troops.

Commanders gain experience when the units under their command engage in combat. With enough experience, they will advance a skill level. The rate of XP gain is proportional to the number of divisions led in combat, with 1 XP gained per division-day (?)


Each commander may have a number of traits, represented by medal icons.

Trait Effect General Field Marshal Action required XP required note
Old Guard.png Old Guard −25% Leader experience gain
0%+1 Max Entrenchment
yes yes Not gainable. Isn't lost when promoted
Logistics Wizard.png Logistics Wizard −20% Supply consumption no yes Lack of supply during combat 1 000
Offensive Doctrine.png Offensive Doctrine −10% Own Combat Width no yes Being the attacker 1 000
Defensive Doctrine.png Defensive Doctrine +30% Max Entrenchment no yes Being attacked 1 000
Fast Planner.png Fast Planner +10% Planning Speed no yes Winning without max planning 1 000 Incompatible with Thorough Planner
Thorough Planner.png Thorough Planner +10% Max planning no yes Winning with max planning 1 000 Incompatible with Fast Planner
Organization First.png Organization First +2% Reinforce Rate no yes Winning with at least 2 reserves 1 000 reserve count likely to change
Charismatic.png Charismatic +10% Division Recovery Rate no yes Winning with less combat width than opponent 1 000
Trickster.png Trickster +25% Reconnaissance yes no The general or his opponent is flanking 500
Winter Specialist.png Winter Specialist −50% Winter attrition yes no Temperature is under -10° 500
Engineer (trait).png Engineer RiverRiver:
+10% Attack
yes no Attacking a fort or across a river 1 000
Fortress Buster.png Fortress Buster FortFort:
+20% Attack
yes no Attacking a fort 500
Panzer Leader.png Panzer Leader 0+5% Armor speed
+10% Armor Division Attack
yes no 40% hardness or more 700
Commando.png Commando −50% Out of supply yes no Temperature is under -10° or in a paradropped/amphibious attack 700
Desert Fox.png Desert Fox DesertDesert:
0+5% Movement
+10% Attack
+10% Defense
yes no Fighting in desert 700
Swamp Fox.png Swamp Fox MarshMarsh:
0+5% Movement
+10% Attack
+10% Defense
yes no Fighting in swamp 700
Mountaineer.png Mountaineer MountainMountain:
0+5% Movement
+10% Attack
+10% Defense
yes no Fighting in mountain 700
Hill Fighter.png Hill Fighter HillsHills:
0+5% Movement
+10% Attack
+10% Defense
yes no Fighting in in hills 700
Jungle Rat.png Jungle Rat JungleJungle:
0+5% Movement
+10% Attack
+10% Defense
yes no Fighting in jungle 700
Ranger.png Ranger ForestForest:
0+5% Movement
+10% Attack
+10% Defense
yes no Fighting in jungle or hills 1 000
Urban Assault Specialist.png Urban Assault Specialist UrbanUrban:
0+5% Movement
+10% Attack
+10% Defense
yes no Fighting in urban terrain 700
Invader.png Invader +30% Amphibious invasion speed
−30% Invasion Preparation Time
yes no In amphibious invasions 100


Any command group may exercise. While under exercise the divisions will get experience and the country will get land combat experience, if the troops are at least trained. While exercising divisions have a 6% increase in attrition of their equipment. Highest possible experience level attainable from exercise is regular. Units with regular and higher experience levels can't gain any additional ranks from exercise, but it may still be used to generate land combat experience.