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The division is the atomic unit of land forces on the map. The composition of each division is specified by its division template. Division templates may be created and modified by spending land experience.

Division template

Each division consists of up to five combat regiments and five support battalions. In turn, each combat regiment is composed of up to five battalions. It costs 25 XP to add the first battalion in a regiment, with each battalion added or swapped out costing 5 XP thereafter..

A division may have any number of the same unit type for combat battalions, but only up to one of each unit type for support battalions.

A division template may be specified as reserve, regular, or elite. Elite divisions will be prioritized for better equipment, followed by regular divisions and finally reserves.

Combat Battalions

Each combat battalions consists of either infantry, mobile, or armoured battalions. The different battalion types available are:

  • Infantry battalions: Infantry, special forces, line artillery/anti-air/anti-tank
  • Mobile battalions: Cavalry, motorized, mechanized, motorized rocket artillery
  • Armored battalion: Tanks, self-propelled artillery/anti-air/anti-tank

Increasing the number of battalions in a division modifies the stats of the division: for example new combat battalions increase the HP and combat width of the division, and typically increase at least the different attack and defense statistics. Note that the divisions organization is the average of the organization of the included battalions, thus it is possible that the divisions (average) organization actually drops when adding new battalions.

Support Companies

A division may have up to five different support companies, and the options are:

  • Support artillery
  • Support anti-air
  • Support anti-tank
  • Engineer company, increases the entrenchment stat of the division. Helps in attacking forts and river crossings.
  • Recon company, increases the reconnaissance stat of the division, making easier to counter enemy combat tactics.
  • Military police, gives bonus to the suppression stat of the division helping to keep insurgency down.
  • Maintenance company, adds reliability bonus to the division, reducing the losses from training and combat.
  • Field hospital, increases trickleback stat and reduces experience loss when taking casualties.
  • Logistics company, reduces the supply consumption of the entire division.
  • Signal company, increases the initiative stat of the division, speeding up combat planning and increasing chances of reserves joining the battle.

When adding a support battalion the effect to overall division stats can be seen in tooltip in the division designer dialogue.

Army experience costs

Modifying a division template may cost army experience.

Action XP cost Notes
Duplicate a template 0
Change a template's equipment 0
Change a template's priority 0
Add a combat battalion of an existing type 5 Includes one battalion.
Add a combat battalion of a new type 25 Includes one battalion.
Add/swap out a combat battalion 5
Remove a combat battalion 5 This can remove the last combat battalion in a regiment, removing the regiment.
Change a combat battalion type to an existing type 5 per battalion The existing battalions may be swapped or removed within the new regiment type at no additional cost.
Change a combat battalion type to a new type 25 + 5 per battalion The existing battalions may be swapped or removed within the new regiment type at no additional cost.
Add/swap out a support battalion 10
Remove a support battalion 10

Division unit type

The overall division unit type is indicated by its default NATO icon. It determines whether certain military high command affects the division. The division unit type is determined by multiplying an internal priority score by the number of units of each type, and taking the unit type with the highest score.

Unit Priority Types
Anti-Air 301 infantry
Anti-Tank 1197 infantry
Artillery 1198 infantry
Cavalry 599 infantry
Engineer Company 0 infantry
Field Hospital 0 infantry
Heavy SP Anti-Air 301 armor
Heavy SP Artillery 1797 armor
Heavy Tank 2503 armor
Heavy Tank Destroyer 1797 armor
Infantry 600 infantry
Light SP Anti-Air 301 armor
Light SP Artillery 1795 armor
Light Tank 2501 armor
Light Tank Destroyer 1795 armor
Logistics Company 0 infantry
Maintenance Company 0 infantry
Marines 601 infantry
Mechanized Infantry 610 mechanized
Medium SP Anti-Air 301 armor
Medium SP Artillery 1796 armor
Medium Tank 2502 armor
Medium Tank Destroyer 1796 armor
Military Police 0 infantry
Modern SP Anti-Air 301 armor
Modern SP Artillery 1796 armor
Modern Tank 2510 armor
Modern Tank Destroyer 1796 armor
Motorized Infantry 599 motorized
Motorized Rocket Artillery 1199 artillery
Mountaineers 601 infantry
Paratroopers 2 infantry
Recon Company 0 infantry
Rocket Artillery 1199 infantry
Signal Company 0 infantry
Super Heavy SP Anti-Air 301 armor
Super Heavy SP Artillery 1798 armor
Super Heavy Tank Destroyer 1798 armor
Super-Heavy Tank 2520 armor
Support Anti-Air 0 infantry
Support Anti-Tank 0 infantry
Support Artillery 0 infantry
Support Rocket Artillery 0 infantry