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Government type:
Authoritarian Regime


Estonia is a minor nation located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It it is bordered by Latvia to the south, and by the USSR to the east.

Historical background

As the Russian civil war broke out, the Bolsheviks, who had taken over the official government, signed the Brest-Litovsk Treaty, in which they agreed to have a ceasefire with the Germans and ceded parts of western Russia to the advancing German troops. Estonia declared its independence by February 1917. After the German surrender to the Allies in 1918, and the withdrawal of forces in western Russia, allowed the Bolsheviks to advance through heading west. Allied forces, in hope of ensuring the independence of Estonia, and hoping to stop the communist advance to the Baltic states, allowed the deployal of German Freikorps, German anti-communist paramilitaries. The war for independence lasted 14 months, and ended with the failure of Red Army troops to conquer the Baltic states, and the forced withdrawal of Freikorps from Estonia.

The independence of Estonia lasted for about 30 years. Soviet interests on conquering the region began to increase approaching World War II, and its faith would be decided by the secret Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, in which Estonia and other Baltic states (among other states and regions) would be included on the Soviet sphere of influence.