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Experience, often abbreviated to XP, is gained at the national, commander, and unit level. It is used to modify land divisions, ships, and planes, and is mainly earned through combat.

National experience[edit | edit source]

National experience is gained during combat and training, including attaches, volunteer forces and lend-leased equipment. Advisors who are theorists give daily static bonuses to experience they are specified to. Some national focuses and ideas can also give national experience. There are three types of national experience: army, naval, and air, each can be used to modify equipment, templates or to receive a 100% research speed bonus in the relevant doctrines. Storing of experience at national level is capped at 500[1][2][3].

Army experience[edit | edit source]

Army experience Army experience is used to modify division templates or to create variants of land Equipmentequipment. It also can give doctrine research bonuses and can sometimes be used as a resource in decisions.

Navy experience[edit | edit source]

Navy experience Navy experience is used to create ship variants and give doctrine research bonuses.

Air experience[edit | edit source]

Air experience Air experience is used to create aircraft variants and give doctrine research bonuses.

Commander experience[edit | edit source]

Main article: Commander#Experience

Commanders gain experience as the forces under their command engage in combat. There are no air commanders, however, air combat may generate Aces. Aces boosts the air group they are assigned to, and give the best bonus to small air groups. The listed bonuses for aces are the bonuses given for an air wing of 100 planes. Commanders have skill levels to indicate their gained experience. These skill levels affect four skills - Attack, Defence, Planning and Logistics. Each Skill Level of Army Commanders gives a flat bonus - +5% to Attack or Defence, +5% planning speed and +2% max planning, or -2% supply consumption respectively. Each Skill Level of admirals increases Fleet Coordination and Naval Hit Chance. The current advance to the next skill level can be seen by hovering over the skill level number. Commanders do not only gain experience but also traits during combat, which give more situational but still helpful bonuses.

Unit experience[edit | edit source]

Individual land, air wings and naval units also gain experience. This gives a modifier to combat:

Experience level Minimum experience Land Modifier Naval Modifier Air Modifier
Green.pngGreen/Fresh/Rookies 0% −25% Damage:-10%
Air Attack:-15%
Night Operations Penalty:+15%
Trained.pngTrained 10% 0% 0% Air Attack: 0%
Agility: 0%
Night Operations Penalty: 0%
Regular.pngRegular 30% +25% Damage:+9.90%
Air Attack:+4%
Night Operations Penalty:-4%
Seasoned.pngSeasoned 75%
70% for air wings
+50% Damage:+19.90%
Air Attack:+14%
Night Operations Penalty:-14%
Veterans.pngVeterans 90% +75% Damage:+30%
Air Attack:+20%
Night Operations Penalty:-20%

Air units scale the experience effects between levels according to experience progress, so that 99% progress on the 'trained' level gives the same bonuses as 0% progress on the 'seasoned' level. Note that scout planes receive significantly lower bonuses and penalties.

Newly deployed land units normally begin with 'trained' experience, but can be deployed early with 'green' experience. Naval and air units always start on the 'fresh' and 'rookies' levels, respectively. Exercising units in the field allows them to advance up to regular experience level, at the cost of time and equipment (and fuel in case of fuel-consuming units). Higher levels can only be gained through combat.

Replacing casualties reduces the experience of a unit. This loss can be reduced with Field Hospitals. Air units lose -30% less experience over friendly territory. For navies, some terrain types increase the amount of casualties and XP loss.

Changes to the template or increase of wing size reduces the experience of a unit.

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