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=== Passive generation ===
=== Passive generation ===
Political power is generated passively on a weekly basis. The base value is {{sup|Needs verification|10}}, which may be modified by ministers and other effects.
Political power is generated at a base rate of 2 per day.
Dictators have a {{green|+100%}} bonus to political power.
=== National foci===
=== National foci===

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Political power

Political power.pngPolitical power represents the amount of influence a country's leader has over domestic affairs.

Passive generation

Political power is generated at a base rate of 2 per day.

National foci

Main article: National focus

National foci are a replacement for the Decisions in Hearts of Iron III. One national focus can be active at any given time, and each takes a certain number of days. When completed, they provide benefits. Each of the seven majors has a unique national focus tree: other countries have a generic one.


Main article: Ideas

Political power is spent to manage the government via ideas. These take the form of laws, ministers, and companies. Enacting or removing an idea costs political power. Some ideas may also have an upkeep cost, but this does not seem to have been implemented yet.


Main article: Commanders

Political power may be used to produce new commanders.