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The wiki needs to be ready for translation by May 1st, so help is needed. We've compiled a list of tasks that need to be done, and a list of pages that are to be translated.

At the end of this page there's also a section showing the list of pages to be translated, and who has looked through each page (beyond the wiki administrators) to look for work needed. If you'd like to help, please check out one or both sections.


In order for the wiki to be ready for translation on May 1st, a number of tasks should be done.

Everything with "high" priority is imperative, while "medium" and "low" would be nice but aren't as important.

Anything in "none" are tasks that'd be nice to do at some point, but which are not relevant for translation of the wiki. These tasks should not be done until after translation has started.

If working on a task, please add "Claimed by <username> — " to the start of it and move to the bottom of the list so as to ensure time isn't wasted on conflicting edits. Remove the claim and cross the task out when done.

High priority

  • Verify content on Air warfare, answer questions on page, expand air superiority and missions information
  • Expand Logistics with a section on convoys, and the Logistics UI.
  • Expand naval units with a section describing what each statistic does
  • Expand organization with info on how it applies to naval units
  • Expand warfare with descriptions for each section and more info on surrender
  • Claimed by Dunbal — Expand naval warfare with info on naval combat, and more detailed info about the naval missions
  • Claimed by Ragingrondo12 — Expand government with info on country leaders, national spirits, elections, etc (should add more detail to this task)
  • Claimed by Ragingrondo12 — Expand ideology with all effects of each ideology, and info on how the ideological makeup of a country can be affected
  • Expand wargoal with details on what determines wargoal cost and justification time
  • Claimed by Tamer - Expand Diplomacy - Describe all diplomatic actions, add preamble to page
  • Claimed by Letar - Expand land units with a lead section, and info on what all the unit stats do
  • Claimed by Letar - Expand land warfare with info on how land combat functions
  • Claimed by TheDecider - Add a section about capitals to the province page
  • Claimed by Letar - Expand Division - Add details to support battalions section
  • Expand production with a section on consumer goods
  • Add a section about government type to the government page
  • Add a section describing how doctrines differ from the other tech trees to the research page.
  • Expand air units with info on what each statistic does
  • Add a section about national unity to the government page
  • Expand national focus with info on branching, time to complete, and typical effects of NFs
  • Merge organization with land units and naval units
  • Merge wargoal into warfare

Medium priority

  • Expand air warfare with numbers on generating and effects of aces plus limits on numbers of aces
  • Expand Civil war - Detail the scripted civil wars and the requirements for a civil war to start
  • Add links to Civilian factories - From different technology levels, remove unnecessary bold and link to nations instead
  • Add links to Combat tactics - Add test to explain page and link to relevant research
  • Expand and unlistify Command group -Rewrite lists as paragraphs and give more detaiol
  • Add links to Command group - Add images to Icon column too
  • Experience - More details on experience sources and where to spend, minor style fixes
  • Mechanics - add any missing, give each mechanic a short description
  • Manpower - Add more detail to all sections on the page
  • Expand occupation with info on the rebellion mechanics, what sabotage does, and finish the occupation policy table and add a description to each section
  • Expand province with more detailed descriptions of each mechanic (paragraph or so for each)
  • Expand puppet with details on what puppets contribute to their overlord
  • Expand state with more detailed descriptions of each mechanic (paragraph or so for each)
  • Add a section on trade influence to trade
  • Add the missing images to user interface
  • Rewrite weather so as to be based on the game rather than dev diaries
  • Expand weather with info on how the different stats are determined and their exact effects
  • Create a page about how events function (copying most of the EU4 page on the topic works fine)
  • Rewrite trade to be based on the game rather than dev diaries and speculation
  • Cleanup Battle plan - Bring into line with Project:Style, add links and capitalisation
  • Merge volunteers and expeditionary forces into warfare
  • Merge civilian factories into production

Low priority

  • Add links to Air units showing research required, also add images to table
  • Expand Army planner - screenshots on use
  • Rewrite Beginner's guide - See rewrite on talk page, also fold in the FAQ page as a section at the end
  • Upload image for countries on Countries - Upload missing files
  • Map - Describe all mapmodes, with colours
  • Add links to research so that users can easily get to each concept mentioned
  • Update user interface to be in 3rd person rather than using "you/your"
  • Expand ideas with all possible adviser traits
  • Claimed by Ragingrondo12 — Expand world tension with a more complete list of national focuses that affect or require world tension
  • Add links to Air doctrine linking to the research required for each box
  • Add links to naval doctrine
  • Update volunteers and expeditionary forces to be in 3rd person rather than using "you/your"
  • Minor copy edit of style on Equipment - Bring into line with Project:Style

No priority

These tasks are irrelevant to translation of the wikis, but would be useful to have done before the release of the game.


You can add new tasks here if you see something that's missing or otherwise sub-par.

  • Hotkeys is partially done. It may need some editing or additions. It also needs linking on the front page once complete.

Page review

Below is a list of all pages considered relevant to the translation efforts and a column for noting who has looked through the page. To help ensure that missing or sub-par content is spotted, we urge anyone who has the time, especially if they feel they know a topic well, to look through one or more pages on the list, write up any tasks (if any) that need to be done that aren't already listed (add them to "unsorted), and note down their username in the review column. This should ensure that every page gets looked over by at least one extra set of eyes.

Looking through pages that haven't been looked through is of course the most useful, but even looking through one that's already been looked through can be useful, especially if it is a topic you know well!

If you feel something important is missing from this list, add it in the "page suggestions" section below.

Page Reviewer
Example page Meneth
Air units
Air warfare
Army planner
Attrition and accidents
Battle plan
Beginner's guide
Civil war
Command group
Console commands
Hearts of Iron 4 Wiki
Hearts of Iron IV
Land units
Land warfare
National focus
Naval units
Naval warfare
User interface
World tension

Page suggestions

Here you can add suggestions for needed pages:

  • Achievements - They are now listed in common\achievements.txt and should have their own page for further information
  • Example page - Should describe what this page would be about with a sentence or two
  • Example page 2 - Blah blah blah