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Hotkeys, alternatively known as keyboard shortcuts, allow you to quickly access specific game functions without using the mouse.

Top Menu Hotkeys

Qwertyui hotkeys.png

The Flag and 7 grey buttons just underneath the top bar provide direct access to the primary menus you'll use to interact with your country. The hotkeys for these menu buttons are noted above. They follow, from left to right, across the top row of your keyboard.

Hotkey Task
Q Opens Government Window
W Opens Research Window
E Opens Diplomacy Window
R Opens Trade Window
T Opens Construction Window
Y Opens Production Window
U Opens Army planner Window
I Opens Logistics Window

Map Mode Hotkeys

The buttons in the bottom right of the map. Each map mode emphasizes one type of information on the map and often changes the tooltips to that end.

Puzzle globe
Map Mode Interface
Hotkey Map Mode Description
F1 Default A blend of Political and Terrain map modes which makes it easy to see where countries borders are, as well as the terrain type of each province. This is the mode you'll pick when giving orders to your armies
F2 Naval This mode emphasizes the large naval regions and colors them according to where you have naval superiority (green) parity (yellow) or inferiority (red). It also makes naval bases more prominent, and provides more detailed information about sea zones where you have ships patrolling. This is one of two modes which display convoy routes (the other being the resource map mode). Finally, it adds small "mission" icons in all sea regions where you have naval units on active missions.
F3 Air This mode displays the air regions and allows you to click them for to see a more detailed information window about each one. It also makes air bases more prominent, and displays more detailed information in tooltips when hovering over an air zone. Finally, it also diplays "mission" icons in each air zone where you have an air wing on a mission.
F4 Supply This mode displays all supply regions (which are collections of states). They become colored based on the quality of your supply in that region, and provide additional information in the form of a hovering interface over the center of each region. These regions provide additional information via tooltips when you hover the cursor over them.
F5 State Colors all states based upon their starting Construction Slots. This does not appear to change as technology or national focuses improve the slot capacities of the states.
F6 Resistance Colors all states based on the current resistance level and changes tooltip to provide more detailed resistance information.
F7 Resource This mode displays the location and quantity of all resources available in the world (including those produced by synthetic factories; even in other countries). It is the second map mode that displays your convoy routes (the other being naval map mode).
F8 Diplomacy This mode colors each nation in the world based on their opinion of the currently selected nation (select new nations by right clicking on them; make sure you do not currently have any units selected). Blue indicates they are part of the same faction as the currently selected nation. Shades of green indicate favorable opinion of the currently selected faction. Shades of red/orange indicate unfavorable opinion of the currently selected faction. Tooltips for each nation changes to display it's opinion of the currently selected nation.
F9 Faction Colors the world nations by their current faction affiliation.
N Day/Night Toggles the Day/Night map overlay on/off.

Army Hotkeys

These hotkeys are specifically for use when commanding your land units.

Battleplan Hotkeys

Puzzle globe
Battleplan Interface

These keys are only active when you have units from a single army selected and the battleplan interface (see image to the right) is visible. The first 4 keys in this table represent the orders highlighted by the white box in the image to the right.

Hotkey Order/Action Description
Z Front Line After going into this mode, left click a border with another country to place a front for the selected units along the entire border with that country. Alternatively, you can right click and drag to customize the size of the front line. Note: It is not currently possible (1.0.1) to right click and drag a front line across borders with multiple nations unless you are at war.
X Offensive Line Can only be used with an army that has at least one Front Line already created. After activating, right click and drag to form the line you want your troops to advance to. While holding down right click, hit *Tab* to cycle through the possible "starting points" for the arrow. This allows you to create intricate multi-step battleplans.
C Fallback Line Can be used to right click and drag a defensive line anywhere (not just on a border). This allows you to station divisions in specific provinces or along a specific set of terrain (like a river).
V Garrison In this mode you select states for the army to be stationed in. When you are done assigning, hit "V" again to exit this mode. The selected divisions will spread out among the states and occupy cities, airbases, and naval bases. This is generally best used for occupying territory with garrisons to keep resistance low. Note that unlike other orders, if a Garrison order is assigned to any part of an army, the rest of the army cannot be assigned any other order without first removing the garrison order. It is an exclusive order. Therefore, an army with a garrison order should only include units that will be assigned to that order. Adding any new units to the army automatically has them join the garrison order.
Control Assignment Mode While holding control, left click on a battle plan to assign the currently selected units to that plan. Alternatively, you can right click on any battleplan while holding control to select all units currently assigned to that plan.
Alt Edit Mode While holding Alt, you can edit existing battleplans. Alt + right click and drag alters the length and shape of front lines, offensive lines, and fallback lines. Alt + Left Click alters offensive arrows to bend or change their origin point (can even change the origin point to the end of another offensive line).
Delete Remove Plan This tool allows you to selectively delete individual battleplans assigned to the current army.

Division Management Keys and Modifiers

These keys apply when you have divisions currently selected

Key Action Description
Ctrl* Support Attack With a unit selected, hold down control and right click on an existing battle to "support" that battle. Supporting a battle will allow your unit to participate in the battle, but it will *not* leave it's province and enter the battle hex upon conclusion. This can be very valuable to preserve the integrity of your front line. *Note: Currently, if you try to use this with a unit in an army, holding ctrl enters "battleplan assignment mode," and the support order does not work. The current workaround is to hold ctrl+alt and right click in order to perform a 'support' order. This will work with all divisions, regardless of their army status.
Shift Waypoint Like many other strategy games, holding shift while right clicking will allow you to set a series of waypoints for your selected units. They will choose the best path to get to each waypoint in succession. This allows you to navigate your units around problem areas like enemies, bad terrain, or low supply zones. Note:
H Hold Orders a unit to hold position, effectively canceling any move or attack orders currently assigned to the unit. This will not cancel their assignment to a front line, so if you give a hold order to a unit which is currently being moved due to a battleplan, they will hold only for a moment before immediately resuming their part in the battleplan. See next section.
Ctrl+H Remove from Assigned Battleplan This key combination removes the currently selected divisions from their current battleplan without removing them from their current army. This is the only known way to remove multiple divisions from an assigned battleplan without giving them a new battleplan. When they are removed, they become independent divisions that you can give direct orders to, or assign to another battleplan.

Naval Hotkeys

Still needs work