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Man the Guns icon.png Man the Guns


Release date / Patch
TBD / 1.6
Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns expansion reveal teaser trailer.

Man the Guns is the 2nd expansion for Hearts of Iron IV. It was announced on 2018-05-19[1]. The expansion coincides with patch 1.6.

Expansion features

  • Greater depth to the naval side of the war, including:
    • The ability to design your warships in more detail.
    • Add armor or heavier guns through a modular design.
    • Refit older ships so that they are more in line with the latest technology.
  • New options for the democratic nations, including:
    • New paths for the United States and other great free nations.
    • Explore alternate histories or fully mobilize the arsenal of democracy.
  • to be added.

Free features

  • to be added.

Developer diaries

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Man the Guns expansion, patch 1.6 (aka Ironclad), patch 1.7 (aka Hydra) and patch 1.8 (aka Fork).

Patch 1.8 (Fork)
No. Title and Link Description Date
43 New Launcher for Hearts of Iron IV The new unified Paradox launcher to arrive on HoI4 2019-11-12
44 1.8 Patch (wut?!) & Focus Tree Navigation The launcher patch and some balance changes 2019-11-13
Patch 1.7 (Hydra)
No. Title and Link Description Date
38 News from the Eastern Front Patch 1.7 'Hydra' bringing 64 bit, AI frontline & player frontline UI changes 2019-05-15
39 1.7 Update II - Technical boogaloo! Further news on 64 bit, naval combat balance, optimization 2019-05-22
40 1.7 Update and Radio & Armor Packs Overview of the 1.7 update and 2 new art and music DLCs to celebrate the 3 year anniversary release 2019-05-29
41 3 Year Anniversary! 1.7 'Hydra' release, 3 year anniversary, response to some Twitter questions 2019-06-05
42 Tech bugaloo II - Dragonslaying! 1.7.1 patch plans and overview of Out of Sync errors 2019-06-12
Patch 1.6 (Ironclad)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Man the Guns and PdxCon General goals for the future expansion and patch 2018-05-23
2 Fuel Information on fuel and new hotfix. 2018-06-27
3 God Save The King: British Focus Tree Rework Reworked British focus tree, allowing for alternate-history paths. 2018-07-04
4 A Post-Colonial World:Map Changes and New Tags Sweeping changes to the map along with the addition of more releasable tags. 2018-07-11
5 Custom Gameplay Rules New Custom Gameplay Rules allowing the player to steer the game in the direction they want. 2018-08-01
6 MTG - Bag of Tricks Smaller improvements to the game such as assuming leadership of a faction, manual focus cancellation, and naval and air exercises. 2018-08-08
7 Naval Access Improvements to the naval theater of HOI4 including marking dangerous seazones and asking for naval access to ports. 2018-08-15
8 Mines and Minesweeping Naval Mines added to the game along with minesweeping. 2018-08-22
9 USA focus tree rework Reworked USA focus tree, allowing for alternate-history paths. 2018-08-29
10 Modding and Traits Added trait system for admirals as well as more features for modders. 2018-09-05
11 Naval Production, Repair and Damage Extensive changes to the naval theater with reworks of ship production, repair and damage. 2018-09-12
12 Exiled Government Extend possibilities for exiled governments and more information about the British focus tree overhaul. 2018-09-19
13 Je Maintiendrai Announcement of and information about the new Dutch focus tree. 2018-09-26
14 Amphibious Vehicles and Research New Amphibious Tractors and Amphibious Tank. 2018-10-03
15 Naval Terrain Overview of new terrain types for seas. 2018-10-10
16 Naval changes #1 Overview of the different changes to naval warfare. 2018-10-17
17 Mexico focus tree Announcement of and information about the new Mexican focus tree. 2018-10-24
18 Bag of Tricks 2 Expeditionary Force Requests, Supervised States & On-map decisions. 2018-10-31
19 Ship Designer Overview on modifications on the ship designer system. 2018-11-07
20 Naval Treaties and Ship Refits Naval treaties effects on ship designing and refitting of obsolete ships 2018-11-14
21 Naval Rework #1 New mission types and changes to the naval interface 2018-11-21
22 Bag of Tricks #3 Dutch & British focus changes, ideology drift tweaks, map changes in Africa and the Balkans region. 2018-11-28
23 New Naval Combat Rework of naval combat to be more informative and less decisive 2018-12-06
24 Subs and Convoy Raiding Improvements to submarine convoy raiding 2018-12-12
25 Fuel Review and Motorized Artillery Changes to the fuel implementation and the addition of motorized artillery units 2019-01-09
26 Tech Changes Changes to the tech research system and the addition of new naval techs. 2019-01-16
27 Art and Music New music, 3D models and 2D art to ramp up MTG's awesomeness. 2019-01-23
28 The Imperial Japanese Navy An AAR of Archangel85's experience with the Imperial Japanese Navy in a MP session. 2019-01-30
29 Achievements New goals to strive for, with the addition of 21 new achievements related to MTG. 2019-02-06
30 AI Plans More AI strategy plans, and the integration of AI strategy into the Custom Game Rules menu. 2019-02-13
31 Man the Guns MEGA RECAP Recap of everything that has been announced. 2019-02-20
32 1.6 Patchlog Full 1.6 "Ironclad" patch log and Reddit AMA highlights. 2019-02-27
33 MTG Post Release Small telemetry information and what's planned for the patch. 2019-03-06
34 1.6.1 Patch and Statistics Full 1.6.1 "Ironclad" patch log, info about the 1.6.2 beta and player statistics. 2019-03-13
35 1.6.2 Open Beta Patch 1.6.2 open beta patch content and AI naval screen statistics 2019-03-20
36 1.6.2 Update 1.6.2 Highlights and patchlog 2019-03-27
37 1.6.2 and Roadmap 1.6.2 release, future roadmap and announcement of 1.7 "Hydra" and 1.8 "Husky". 2019-04-03