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Mi Casa es tu Casa

Mi Casa es tu Casa
Mi Casa es tu Casa.png
Possible if
Playing as Flag of Mexico Mexico
Achieved if

Any country is exiled in Flag of Mexico Mexico

In order for Flag of Mexico Mexico to host an exiled country, it has to be DemocracyDemocratic, and the faction leader needs to be DemocracyDemocratic. Although Flag of Mexico Mexico does not have to be the faction leader, it still needs a powerful army or economy to host exiles.


Head straight to the Women's Suffrage focus to change ideology to  Democratic. Rush to Arrest General Cedillo to prevent a civil war and take democratic advisor in between, DO NOT take Institutional Revolution yet. Take the Spanish Civil War Refugees focus to get create South American faction. Depending on   Mexico's relation with church, take Falangist Veterans or Support Spain's Loyalists to avoid civil war. Realpolitik is a dead end in the focus tree and will not lead to war goals against South American nations. After the faction is created, take Institutional Revolution to turn  Democratic, and lower tension requirement by guaranteeing. To increase world tension, take March Southward to get more territory. Once world tension reaches 25%, check the European situation and guarantee countries that under Axis threat. For example, it is recommended to guarantee   Finland because the European nations may join the allies instead. Wait for   Soviet Union to declare war against them and answer their call to arms and invite them to the faction. To ensure that the war target will not capitulate and give a peace conference,   Mexico may need war participation. A simple strategy is to declare on a neighboring country while at war. They will join the opposing faction. Capitulate them to gain war score. Wait for   Finland to capitulate thus making them an exiled country in   Mexico