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Operatives can perform various operations. Operations all require at least one agent to perform, and some require more than one (in fact some powerful ones require more than you might have as a non-spymaster, making their access more limited). They also all need some level of network to have been built up in preparation.

Operations all need preparation before they can be launched. This is usually produced equipment, agents or a cost in industry over time. Once preparation is done an operation can have multiple phases. The most common is 3 - Infiltration, performing the job and exfiltration.

Operations list[edit]

Operation Operatives Network strength Risk Time Days Description
Strengthen resistance 2 35 20% 60 Strengthen the local resistance target with +10%.
Capture ciphers 2 50 20% 120 Capture clues to the enemies cryptos and gain progress on cracking them. Requires that you have a crypto department.
Infiltrate air force 2 50 10% 90 Gets you an asset inside the enemy air force. Gets you extra intel on their air forces, air techs etc.
Infiltrate army 2 50 10% 90 Gets you an asset inside the enemy armed forces. Gets you more info on their armies, techs etc.
Infiltrate civilian government 2 35 10% 90 Gets you an asset in the enemies government. Gives more intel on their production, buildings etc.
Infiltrate navy 2 50 10% 90 Gets you an asset inside the enemy naval command. Gets you more info on their fleets, ships, techs etc.
Orchestrate coup 2 70 30% 120 Mounts an operation to start a civil war in a target country. A coup needs low stability, political support for the ideology. Major countries are more difficult to coup.
Rescue captured operative 1 30 10% 35 Mounts an operation to rescue a captured operative.

Make Resistance Contacts[edit]

Get a local contact in the underground resistance. This helps boost resistance growth.

Steal Blueprints[edit]

Depending on the outcome and what kind of infiltration you have done you can get a research speed bonus.

Targeted Sabotage[edit]

Use your contacts in local resistance and strengthen and focus sabotage in an area. Requires that you have made resistance contacts.

Coordinated Strike[edit]

Allow setting up air strikes and launching a surprise attack. Your agents prepare an area that will see a strong initial strike. You need to set up your air force missions before and when the operation triggers the strike will happen (and war declared if you are a nation allowed to do this). It works for port strikes and strategic bombing.

Plant False Intel[edit]

This lets you create “fake troops” to trick the enemy. These troops will look like regular divisions to the enemy, although they will disappear into thin air if the enemy gains full intel or end up in combat with them. They don’t consume supplies and are not able to capture territory. Fake troops work on all of your non-allies, but a nation needs to be picked where to seed the false information.

Prepare collaboration government[edit]

An operation where agents are sent in to convert and/or support local collaborators. This is an operation you can run more than once (although cost and time goes up every time), and for each one you will strengthen the collaborators. Foreign Collaboration governments are tracked from your country screen under the 'collaborations' button.

The higher the value of collaborators present the easier it will be to make the nation capitulate which can be important in cases where you need to move in fast. You also unlock levels of compliance in the new resistance and compliance system which will be transferred to regular compliance once the target nation is capitulated. This can be useful for giving you a head start on managing a lot of occupied areas by laying some groundwork before you even attack.