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{{Version column}}
{{Version column}}
Patch 1.3, aka "Torch", was released on 2016-12-15<ref>Forum: [[forum:988712|Patch 1.3 Torch Live - Checksum 5256]]</ref> coinciding with the release of ‘[[Together for Victory]]’ [[DLC]]. The checksum is ''5256''.
Patch 1.3, aka "Torch", was released on 2016-12-15<ref>Forum: [[forum:988712|Patch 1.3 Torch Live - Checksum 5256]]</ref> coinciding with the release of the ‘[[Together for Victory]]’ [[DLC]]. The checksum is ''5256''.
<div style="float:right;">__TOC__</div>
<div style="float:right;">__TOC__</div>
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* New focus trees, generals, and ministers for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India including alternate history paths.
* New focus trees, generals, and ministers for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India including alternate history paths.
* 19 New 3d models for commonwealth infantry, planes and equipment as well as accompanying 2d art
* 19 New 3d models for commonwealth infantry, planes and equipment as well as accompanying 2d art
* New Autonomy system where a nations autonomy can move between Annexed, Integrated puppet, Puppet, Colony, Dominion or Free with different effects.
* New Autonomy system where a nation's autonomy can move between Annexed, Integrated puppet, Puppet, Colony, Dominion or Free with different effects.
* Masters can recruit subject forces
* Masters can recruit subject forces
* Masters can build in subject territory
* Masters can build in subject territory
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[[hoi4fr:Patch 1.3]]
[[hoi4ru:Патч 1.3]]
[[hoi4ru:Патч 1.3]]

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Patch 1.3, aka "Torch", was released on 2016-12-15[1] coinciding with the release of the ‘Together for VictoryDLC. The checksum is 5256.

Expansion features

  • New focus trees, generals, and ministers for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India including alternate history paths.
  • 19 New 3d models for commonwealth infantry, planes and equipment as well as accompanying 2d art
  • New Autonomy system where a nation's autonomy can move between Annexed, Integrated puppet, Puppet, Colony, Dominion or Free with different effects.
  • Masters can recruit subject forces
  • Masters can build in subject territory
  • Continuous National Focuses are new focuses that give running bonuses (basic ones included in patch)
  • A Land Battle Log giving you history and statistics of combats for a theater (basic history list included in patch)
  • A new Spearhead battle-plan command where units will aggressively take only marked provinces (great for encirclements using BP tool)
  • Ability to request lend lease from other nations
  • A technology sharing system where members of the commonwealth or factions can benefit from each others technological advances
  • You can now release a nation as puppet and decide to continue playing as it
  • 3 new commonwealth themed music tracks by composer Andreas Waldetoft
  • Voice over sound for infantry units in: German, French, Italian, British English, American English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish languages.

Free Features & Important

  • Theaters now indicate number of attacking and defending combats with color for status
  • Can now configure garrison order for what to guard.
  • Can now edit existing lend lease details
  • Added cosmetic tags for European states that are puppets of Germany
  • Added cosmetic tags for east-European states that are puppets of the Soviet Union
  • Added cosmetic tags for a number of British colonies (including a former one)
  • Added a new type of equipment design company (support units)
  • Added Manchukuo to the game. May God have mercy on us all (also a bunch of other nations!).
  • Added achievement viewer
  • Added a music player
  • Added outdated equipment alert
  • Added outdated and new production indicators for production view
  • Added several new generals
  • Enable player to call subjects to war even if the player isn't war leader
  • Buildings can now increase in cost for each level. Forts and naval forts now ramp up in cost the higher the level
  • Interesting countries screen can show more interesting countries with special national focus trees
  • Air attack (from AA battalions) now counteract enemy air superiority effects in combat and for movement
  • Warscore system now uses combats instead of just taking provinces (these give a lot less) to reward nations
  • Added 12 new achievements


  • Tweaked up base AI research factor for mechanized and lowered top level infantry weapons a little
  • Moved Weserubung focus to be taken earlier in historical AI focuses mode
  • Prevented AI from researching technologies more than one year ahead of time
  • AI now takes research bonuses into account for picking techs
  • Fixed casting errors in AI that could make it assign troups to a non-optimal front, and also cause overflows leading to random madness
  • AI no longer ONLY saves all its nukes for punishing the enemy taking their own cities
  • Improved AIs ability to adhere to supply limits.
  • AI now attempts to recover when units are unable to reach desired front location.
  • AI now attempts to detect and react to many encirclement opportunities, both against itself and against enemies. Includes evacuating dangerous areas and cutting off bottlenecks.
  • Tweaked priority for what AI considers "weak enemy" to avoid attracting too many units.
  • Added continent prioritization for the AI with high scores to Europe and the Pacific, but low to Africa.
  • Fixed bug where AI would keep swapping a fighter with land equipment at the top of the list for all eternity
  • Various fixes and tweaks to AI naval invasions.
  • AI should now be capable of using rockets.
  • AI sets up a couple of fleets to be used for special missions.
  • Tweaked AI research desires.
  • Tons of AI front balancing work. AI randomly abandoning fronts should no longer happen, among many other things.
  • Removed block from AI preventing it from adding more support than columns of regiments.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements to AI template design.
  • Made AI capable of making % of production LL and should increase their production accordingly
  • Made AI threat assessment properly include faction members of countries they are about to enter war with
  • Made sure that AI does not completely block itself when having multiple invasion orders against the same area but being unable to cover the regions for all of them at the same time
  • Made AI better at supporting naval invasions by focusing on the next one to complete preparation.
  • Tweaked naval invasion priority to make them more inclined to take islands (particularly with air bases) and home region
  • AI no longer ends up in strange state where they are assigned to a root order but not a following attack order.
  • Split up AI garrison order in two: home area and other areas.
  • AI is no longer using all types of garrison locations
  • Made AI invasions scriptably more unpredictable.
  • Made sure that a factor of 0 in tech script blocks research, and that it can not randomly get a negative score when picking tech.
  • Fixed strange bug in AI order assignment that left units assigned to a group but not an order.
  • Scary fix makes AI actually consider all target areas of enemy, in stead of one at a time. Should set pacific area ablaze when the time comes, and keep the invasions rolling.
  • Made sure AI is capable of calling subjects into wars even if they are not in a faction.
  • Fixed crazy random bug in AI that could randomly reassign units to one front before recovering over the next few days
  • Tweaked crazy production AI that lead to air fields in very bad places waaaaay too early
  • Fixed problem that caused garrison order to not garrison forts even when it was selected
  • Made sure that coastal defense garrison order prioritizes ports over empty coast if not enough units to cover entire coast
  • Made sure AI no longer ends up switching between mutually exclusive techs even when halfway through.
  • AI no longer spams trucks like they were some kind of war winning super-weapon.
  • AI countries now will always call subjects who cannot decline into war.
  • Fixed AI leaving military factories unassigned.
  • Improved AIs capability of determining if ready for war as well as AIs ability to ask again.
  • Made AI able to remove regiments in template design under certain circumstances.
  • Made absolutely sure that the AI uses military factories, even if it does not want to build more air planes.
  • Rebalanced AI desire to produce infantry equipment.
  • AI does not trust countries in other factions even if they have a NAP with them.
  • Unit controller does not consider provinces empty when a division is fighting its way out of it. Should reduce front shuffling.
  • Stabilized AI invasion priority scores. Should result in invasions not swapping units around as much and randomly getting canceled.
  • Blocked the AI from swapping the last support battalion int template design over and over.
  • Added AI strategy to tweak desire for modifying templates.
  • Fixed overflow that cause some countries to not build planes causing USA to end up with 0 strategic bombers.
  • Made sure released AI countries don't get stuck building nothing.
  • added a naval base in northern China to try and encourage Japan to engage in China
  • adjusted AI weights for Germany to allow non-historical Germany to actually decide to go with China instead of Japan
  • adjusted Soviet historical focus list slightly to account for focus requirements
  • Germany will no longer try and befriend Japan if Japan is already in faction with them. Germany doesn't l-like Japan or anything!
  • Garrison orders logic was significantly improved
  • China no longer accepts puppeting with historical focuses on unless Japan is comically strong. China accepting now also adds World Tension
  • Added system of scriptable AI areas for AI prioritization
  • Fixed bug in unit controller that would lead to provinces not getting any units.
  • improved Italy's minister picking AI
  • increased priority on some early industry techs for AI
  • Fixed a problem with naval invasions getting destroyed upon execution for AI
  • Fixed an issue with AI's old templates becoming honeypots for updates
  • Improved German production AI strategy
  • Marked equipment as correct type for AI to avoid it getting caught in truck vortex
  • Tweaked German idea selection for chief of air force
  • Fixed bug where AI strategy for template upgrades would pick wrong target
  • Tweaked japan starting strategies for divisions, less trucks for the truck throne
  • Tweaked japan target infantry template to try and keep their costly madness down
  • Tweaked Chinese tech AI
  • Tweaked minister selection AI for Japan
  • Tweaked minister selection AI for Germany
  • Tweaked minister selection AI for France
  • Tweaked trait evaluations for AI
  • Fixed issue where AI always thought negative modifiers were bad, even when they were good (bad ai! no I mean good ai!)
  • AI is now blocked from putting CAS on naval bombing missions. Should help GER and JAP
  • Japan will no longer approach Germany for an alliance if Germany is not leader of a faction
  • AI should no longer be able to cancel unit movement that is retreating.
  • Further improvement to unit balancing between fronts
  • AI should no longer leave civilian factories unassigned


  • Focus trees now remember their position when closed. Resets when looking at other trees
  • Diplomacy window 'sort by our opinion' now handles reverse sort
  • Proper highlighting of 'add new command group' button
  • Fixed overflow on long nation names in trade
  • Subject view, manage occupation and idea subwindows in politics view are now mutually exclusive and wont stack on top of each other
  • Added new icon to division modifiers in combat to highlight AA support
  • Setting up lend lease no longer says convoys are needed always even when they arent
  • Trade interface no longer incorrectly states that you need convoys when you dont
  • Amount of convoys indicated in trade interface now takes ones actually already used on route into account when displaying deficiencies
  • strait map icons no longer eat dragboxes and zooming
  • added cool canadian motto to loading tips
  • Fixed war view so ally does not wrongly show up in both member and uncalled sections.
  • Now dangerous naval invasion alert disappears correctly when enemy invasion fails
  • Dangerous naval invasion alert now disappears in max a month after success instead of next hour
  • Added In the Field and In Training to Manpower tooltip in top-bar.
  • Changed some equipment names. Fixed a lot of typos.
  • Added glorious manchuria leader Henry Pu Yi for benefit of all
  • Map icons don't merge naval and land ones now
  • Added flags for ANG BOT COG MZB KEN and ZIM
  • Added mr Orde Wingate, FOR TEH ORDE
  • Added 4 new Indian generic leader portraits
  • Added 4 new African generic leader portraits
  • Around 60 new focus icons added
  • Around 34 new national spirit icons added
  • Added 108 new report and news event pics
  • Added training indicator for armies in theater list
  • Added custom backgrounds and glow to show new and out of date items in production view
  • Made selected unit and wings sexier and easier to see (thanks Roflbinflood)
  • 'Received' and 'Given' military access relations are displayed with different icons in diplomacy view
  • Always pause for peace conferences in mp when a human player is involved
  • Longer range now supported for "mutually exclusive" national focus indicator
  • Resources now always shown in peace conferences
  • Option slider for setting volume of ingame voices
  • Clarified tooltips for breakthrough for attacks in combat view
  • Improved tooltip for "dismantle faction" button
  • Fixed misleading tooltip for naval invasion order
  • added DEF names for cosmetic tags ("The <country>")
  • Fix for missing generic military theorist pictures in country technology view
  • Fixed localization issue with Jet tactical bombers
  • Fixed a number of legibility issues with certain events and country names
  • Fixed soviet motorized equipment being invisible when in production
  • Fixed an issue where unique motorized icons were not showing in production menu
  • Fixed a proper endline to collapsing deploy entries
  • Fixed bug that prevented AI from rebasing its airwings
  • Fixed a display bug in news.228 event
  • Added tooltip to show total manpower of selected divisions in division list
  • Map colors and stripes are now properly refreshed in the building constructions view.
  • Fix for incorrect party popularity value in 'Stage a coup' dialog


  • Added num_tech_sharing_groups trigger to count active tech groups for a nation
  • Focus.AutoComplete now no longer closes focus screen or does a popup
  • added num_subjects > x trigger
  • "-hands_off" start flag now set max speed automatically unless another speed is set on command line (enjoy fire and forget go home support)
  • Changed the modifier send_volunteer_size to add to volunteer cap.
  • Added send_volunteer_factor to modify current allowed divisions.
  • Attrition from heat and extreme heat in provinces is now separate and called heat_attrition.
  • Added new graphical culture commonwealth_2d.
  • Added if-else trigger. Syntax: if = { limit = {<condition for trigger_a>} <trigger_a> else = {<trigger_b>} }
  • Added else to if effect. Syntax: if = { limit = {<condition for effect_a>} <effect_a> else = {<effect_b>} }
  • Made add_building_construction effect able to take some really special ugly input, that makes it easier to place province building. Use at your own peril.
  • Added modifiers cost of military leaders. military_leader_cost_factor, army_leader_cost_factor and navy_leader_cost_factor.
  • Added possibility to set unit cap on field marshals.
  • Added new way of naming countries. <TAG>_ideology_<autonomylevel> <TAG>_ideology_subject <TAG>_<autonomylevel><TAG>_subject. Can use OVERLORDNAMEDEF and OVERLORDADJ to insert name/adj of overlord in own name. <TAG>_<OVERLORD TAG>_ideolog.. etc etc.
  • Added add_ideas command to console
  • Added on_release_as_puppet on_release_as_free triggered from the manage occupied territories menu
  • Added 'set_cosmetic_tag' effect which allows to dynamically change country's appearance: name, flag, map color, names & portraits pool
  • Added 'on_subject_annexed', 'on_subject_autonomy_level_change' and 'on_subject_free' onaction events
  • Added 'add_to_tech_sharing_group', 'remove_from_tech_sharing_group' effects
  • Fixed CTD for reloadtechnologies command
  • It's now possible to script a message for the white_peace effect
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to really break AI production through script
  • Fixed diplomatic on_action scope set wrong
  • Added swap_ideas effect that will show the difference between bonuses of the two ideas. Syntax: swap_ideas = { remove_idea = <idea> add_idea = <idea> }


  • Maintenance Company tech no longer belongs to armor company, which caused AI to waste tech bonus on it
  • added lvl 1 port to Labrador so that supply works there if Canada/UK goes to war
  • Maracaibo now has correct name
  • Added Stanley Baldwin (thanks to tom_jones for base artwork!)
  • fixed bug in Italy National Focus tree (Capital ships focus now actually gives the naval XP it promises)
  • Japan can no longer create the Indian National Army if Raj is fascist or Japan is not at war with them
  • Japanese Battleship name "Yamato" no longer used for first battleship Japan builds, reserving it for future battleships (including super- and space-battleships)
  • Changed names for some political parties to be more accurate
  • Newsevent for “Eastern Poland to the Soviets” no longer shows two options if Soviet and Germany in same faction (there is a reason it is called “unholy”, guys)
  • added localisation for mountaineers_tech, cat_trade_interdiction and cat_battlefield_support
  • All ground forces in the Dutch East Indies are now under control of (colonial puppet) Indonesia. This should reduce the amount of Dutch units in Europe while keeping the balance of forces in the DEI roughly as it was before.
  • Added Pakistan as a releasable country
  • Added Angola, Botswana, Congo, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe/Rhodesia as releasable countries
  • added several hundred flavor names for equipment to a number of countries
  • Added British Malaya as a puppet of UK.
  • Added heat_attrition and heat_attrition_factor modifiers for both country and unit leaders.
  • Added Belarus as releasable country
  • One Australian land province is not wrongly marked as coastal anymore
  • Added Windhoek as VP to South-West Africa state
  • Added two additional flavor names for Japanese tanks
  • Restored Port Arthur to its proper historical significance, a decision that was not in any way related to AI performance and any such allegations are lies
  • Added tech sharing for Tizard mission events (if you have TFV)
  • USA no longer eligible for generic election events before 1948
  • Fixed a number of inconsistencies and errors in the French and German naval OoB for 36 and 39 starts
  • Fixed an issue where de Gaulle could be replaced as a leader of Free France for no good reason
  • Added colonial governor as official leader for Malaysia and Indonesia (retire on breaking free)
  • Added Yemeni merchant marine (5 whole convoys!)
  • Added a number of cosmetic tags for certain constellations of puppets
  • Added Italian generals Emilio De Bono, Italo Balbo and Radolfo Graziani. Added French generals Charles Huntzinger, Henri Giraud and Philippe Leclerc (Thanks to Sleight of Hand for this and other things ported from the Vanilla+ mod!)
  • Added cosmetic flags for German dominated UKR and BLR
  • British colonies now always use British equipment names and pictures if no unique ones exist


  • Increasing custom difficulty levels now also lower attrition units takes from that nation
  • Moved mechanized tech levels down one year, so first is unlockable in 1940
  • Increased hardness to 80% for light tanks from 70%
  • Increased hardness to 50% for light tank variants from 40%
  • Increased hardness to 90% for medium tanks from 80%
  • Increased hardness to 65% for medium tank variants from 55%
  • Increased hardness to 95% for heavy tanks from 90%
  • Increased hardness to 80% for heavy tank variants from 70%
  • Increased hardness to 99% for super heavy tanks from 95%
  • Increased hardness to 90% for super heavy tank variants from 80%
  • Added +10% hardness to motorized from first level mechanized tech
  • Bomber and CAS aces now use better bonus modifiers for attacking
  • CAS attacks now scale properly with active planes rather than whole wing when looking at ace bonuses
  • Added hard-cap for nations to become majors, 35 factories are needed. (should avoid wars dragging out into whack-a-mole-the-new-major as you blob)
  • Reduced air superiority boost for offensive formations (doctrine) from 25% to 15%
  • Reduced air superiority boost for logistical bombing (doctrine) from 25% to 15%
  • Added air superiority boost for combat unit destruction (doctrine) at 10%
  • Reduce base free repair from 0.5 IC to 0.3 IC
  • Reduced agility of Naval bombers to 30-35-40
  • Reduced agility of Close Air Support planes to 35-39-44
  • Reduced air attack of Close Air Support planes to 6-10-14
  • Reduced air attack of Naval bombers to 6-10-14
  • Brought carrier plane agility in line with land based versions
  • Carriers can no longer reinforce with fresh planes while in combat
  • Added a small amount of threat to more imperialist parts of US foreign policy focus tree branch
  • Nerfed Raj tech level at start
  • Reduced Chinese civilian start ic by 1
  • Nerfed French starting armor equipment in 1936 into the *bleep* ground
  • Germany no longer allowed to pull Turkey into their faction after they have capitulated. No fun allowed.
  • Warscore system now uses combats instead of just taking provinces (these give a lot less) to reward nations
  • Air attack (from AA battalions) now counteract enemy air superiority effects in combat and for movement


  • Fixed issue where some rocket sites would not show up on map
  • Fixed issue where small damage to aircraft would be ignored
  • Fixed issue where a command group icon was sometimes not selectable
  • Fixed issue where CAS ace would actually have a detrimental effect to damage done in land combat
  • Can no longer use console after re-sync in MP
  • Nukes now impact owners national unity, not controller
  • Fixed weird scaling issue with main menu bg
  • Fixed manpower not being returned from fleets
  • Fixed the issue when relations could be transferred wrong in civil war
  • Now lend lease has the highest priority in equipment distribution
  • Added cap for the factories going negative in multiplayer after very fast clicking
  • Now units that doesn't have supply path to the capital will count as encircled while disbanding them
  • Fixed the issue when division view was not showing air attack
  • Added fallback if ship names were not properly scripted in the database
  • Fixed the bug when player could call to arms country which was already at war in the war overview
  • US focus Defense of the Pacific is no longer blocked by Japan having the same ideology as Japan.
  • Stopped Japanese cloning program (Removed one of the Matsuis ).
  • Added category tags for some technologies. engineers_tech recon_tech mountaineers_tech military_police_tech hospital_tech logistics_tech signal_company_tech maintenance_company_tech.
  • Removed highest level artillery high command for most releasable nations. Replaced with lowest.
  • Fixed civil wars not spawning if revolter only has 1 state.
  • Winter_attrition now does more than nothing for unit leaders.
  • Save games now store enabled DLC bitmask which is checked. UI doesn't allow to load save game if some of DLCs are missed.
  • Map mode is no longer switched for secondary coop player if host player assigns/un-assigns naval mission
  • Releasable countries list is now correctly refreshed after player releases any country
  • Countries aren't displayed as if they capitulated twice in world tension log
  • Fixed issues where exp.forces could stay in wrong countries after a peace conference.
  • More small air wings is no longer better than less large air wings.
  • Air Accidents now happens equally fair regardless of how many different air wings you have.
  • Fixed corrupted theatres and fronts after the peace deal.
  • Fixed issues in unit naval transportation mechanics causing sometimes a unit to not leave it's port, and AI could not do anything about it.
  • Minor fixes in the supply systems - There is no longer created an invisible naval route from the capital state to itself. (No player could spot it. We found it while debugging the code).
  • Battleplans "estimated execution" province stripes are now correct when the source and destination are both 1 province long.
  • Fixed exploit where a player could avoid loosing most of the equipment in combat by doing save and reload right before the combat was over.
  • Nukes are doing now the real damage to the units, by reducing the manpower and equipment, not just str/org bars!
  • Player can no longer trade with factories gained from other trades. Tooltips was saying that, but nothing blocked the interface from doing so.
  • Fixed some possible GUI issue after peace conference
  • Fixed issue with calculating losses from manpower
  • Fixed issue where river crossing would not impact breakthrough of attackers
  • Expeditionary forces now use the manpower pool of their origin country
  • Fixed an issue with Burma road focus not giving rewards unless Britain actually owned India and parts of China (Britain owning India and parts of China would probably not want to help China anyway)
  • Fixed bug where some lakes could remain controlled by the enemy, and there was no way to conquer it.
  • Puppeting either the Soviet Union or Germany voids the MR-Pact
  • Neville Chamberlain resigning through event no longer forces fascist or communist leaders to resign
  • Removed exploit where the SOV Great Patriotic war could become permanent

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed potential CTD in num_faction_members trigger
  • Added some safety agaisnt CTDs when doing really broken saves with mods
  • Fixed a savegame reading bug leading to broken saves
  • Fixed potential CTD in trigger checks for home areas
  • Fixed rare order-related CTD.
  • Fixed CTD in automated handling of units in fronts.
  • Fixed CTD in unit map icon.
  • Fixed more divs by 0 than you can shake a stick at.
  • Made exiled units move to the area closest to them in stead of their capital.
  • Fixed CTD when player eventually clicked on the sea province in the construction mode
  • Fixed CTD in lend lease view, when player closed the view while having acceptance tooltip
  • Fixed memory leaks in political and unit stats view
  • Fixed CTD - AI referring to a deleted front.
  • Fixed CTD - Extremely rare and difficult to reproduce crash regarding the multithreading.
  • Fixed CTD - Caused by the division by 0 when a certain naval combat took place.
  • Fixed CTD - Rare crash when going back to main menu.
  • Fixed CTD - When trying to access a garbage memory data (regarding the supply naval routes) when loading some savegames.
  • Fixed CTD - When trying to access some data of deleted unit that was sent as a volunteers.
  • Optimized by ~70% super heavy performance spike after the peace deals.
  • Fixed OOS with peace conferences where not all human players were involved
  • Fix almost guaranteed OOS in mp for AI white peace
  • Fixed potential OOS on save load and some units were encircled
  • Fixed OOS due to multithreading issue in air superiority calculations
  • Very rare CTD fix (framerate dependent), when clicking CONTINUE to load the recent save
  • Fixed malformed map texture in low-detail gfx settings. Enabled some basic lighting that solves the tiling problem, which improves the look, but makes the shader a tiny bit heavier.