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{{main|Generic national focus tree}}
{{main|Generic national focus tree}}
{{flag|Portugal}}, lacking a unique national focus tree, uses the generic national focus tree instead. But in the upcoming DLC, [[La Resistance]], they will get a unique focus tree. But details about said tree have yet to be announced.
{{flag|Portugal}}, lacking a unique national focus tree, uses the generic national focus tree instead. But in the upcoming DLC, [[La Resistance]], they will get a unique focus tree.
{{#lst:Generic national focus tree|branches desc}}
{{#lst:Generic national focus tree|branches desc}}

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Government type:
Despotism Non-Aligned


Flag of Portugal Portugal is a Western European minor. Its mainland is bordered by Flag of Spain Spain. Portugal has several colonies scattered around the world including Macau in China, Portuguese Timor in Indonesia, Goa in India, Sao Tome, Cape Verde and Portuguese Guinea in Africa. Angola and Mozambique are its African Colonies that may be releasable as a puppet.

Historical background

With a regicide in 1908 and a republican coup in 1910, the history of Portugal in the 20th century has been anything but stable. Portugal entered the first World War after interning naval vessels of the Central Powers and fought alongside the Entente on the Western Front and in Africa in its colonial holdings. Portugal's losses during the war were far more than her gains, however, political and economic instability continued into the 1920s.

In 1926, a military coup led to the rise of an authoritarian Presidential Dictatorship headed by José Mendes Cabeçadas and then Óscar Carmona, the latter appointing António de Oliveira Salazar as finance minister. The Presidential Dictatorship evolved and ended with the 1933 declaration of the Estado Novo, or "New State" regime. This new regime, with its basis in Catholic traditionalism and authoritarianism, had instead its power delegated in its new Prime Minister, António de Oliveira Salazar.

Salazar, an economist, constructed the new regime from scratch and largely rebuilt Portugal's economy and Portugal's political system. A Catholic traditionalist, Salazar developed the regime as one with a focus on conservative, nationalistic, authoritarian, and Catholic principles, as well as a staunch anti-communist stance.

In 1936, Portugal enters its third year as the Estado Novo regime, with massive colonial holdings in the form of Flag of Angola Angola and Mozambique, and far-away territories such as Macau, Goa, and Timor-Leste under its grasp, the Portuguese Empire remains sizable.

National focus

Generic national focus tree.
Main article: Generic national focus tree

Flag of Portugal Portugal, lacking a unique national focus tree, uses the generic national focus tree instead. But in the upcoming DLC, La Resistance, they will get a unique focus tree.

The generic focus tree has 5 main branches:

  • Army Effort gives army experience and research bonuses to army research.
  • Aviation Effort gives air experience, builds air bases, and research bonuses to air research.
  • Naval Effort gives navy experience, builds naval dockyards, and research bonuses to navy research.
  • Industrial Effort builds civilian and military factories (usually even if building slots are already full)and grants extra research slots.
  • Political Effort gives the country choices on which political path they will take.


Portugal starts with 3 research slots.

Army technology Naval technology Air technology Electronics & Industry
  • Infantry Eq. I
  • Support Equipment
  • Engineer Company I
  • Towed Artillery
  • Destroyer I
  • Submarine II
  • Transport Ship
  • Interwar Fighter
  • Close Air Support I
  • Interwar Bomber
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • None


Portugal, in 1936 is a NeutralityNon-Aligned nation with elections every 4 years with the next one in March 1937.

Portugal has the following political parties:

Political party Ideology Popularity Party leader Country name Is ruling?
Partido Demócratico democracy Democratic 0% José Vicente de Freitas Portuguese Republic No
Partido Comunista Português communism Communist 5% Bento Gonçalves Maximalist Portugal No
Movimento Nacional-Sindicalista fascism Fascist 5% Francisco de Barcelos Rolão Preto Greater Portugal No
Estado Novo neutrality Non-Aligned 90% António de Oliveira Salazar Portugal Yes

National spirits



Portugal may release Flag of Angola Angola, Flag of Mozambique Mozambique and Flag of Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau as independent nations or puppets. It may also give the state of Macau to Flag of China China or Flag of Communist China Communist China, and Goa to the Flag of British Raj British Raj.

The Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom may ask Portugal to join its alliance via the invoke the alliance of 1373 decision, and Flag of Italy Italy is able to influence Portugal via the Befriend Portugal focus.

Staff and designer

Political advisors
Advisor Type Effect Cost
Augusto de Vasconcelos Compassionate Gentleman
  • Improve Relations Opinion: +15.00%
150 pp
Raul Brandao Silent Workhorse
  • Political Power Gain: +15.0%
150 pp
Jaime Cortesão Captain of Industry 150 pp
Álvaro Cunhal Communist Revolutionary
  • Communism Support: +0.1%
150 pp
Jamie Zuzarte Courtier Democratic Reformer
  • Daily Democracy Support: +0.1
150 pp
Alberto Monsaraz Fascist Demagogue
  • Daily Fascism Support: +0.1%
150 pp
Tank designers
Designer Type Effect Cost
Armor Company Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Time: -10.0%
  • Armor: Reliability: +5.0%
150 pp
Ship designers
Designer Type Effect Cost
Arsenal do Alfeite Ship designer
  • Naval Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Aircraft designers
Designer Type Effect Cost
OGMA Light aircraft
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Fighter: Agility: +10.0%
  • Fighter: Max Speed: +10.0%
  • Carrier Fighter: Agility: +10.0%
  • Carrier Fighter: Max Speed: +10.0%
150 pp
Medium Air Company Medium aircraft
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Heavy Fighter: Reliability: +20.0%
  • Tactical Bomber: Reliability: +20.0%
150 pp
Heavy Air Company Heavy aircraft
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Strategic Bomber: Strategic Bombing: +10.0%
150 pp
Naval Air Company Naval aircraft
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Naval Bomber: Operational Range: +10.0%
  • Naval Bomber: Naval Attack: +10.0%
  • CV Naval Bomber: Operational Range: +10.0%
  • CV Naval Bomber: Naval Attack: +10.0%
150 pp
Materiel designers
Designer Type Effect Cost
Artillery Company Artillery designer
  • Artillery Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Motorization Company Motorized Equipment designer
  • Motorization Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Fabrica de Material de Guerra Infantry Equipment designer
  • Weapons and Equipment Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Industrial concern
Designer Type Effect Cost
Industrial Company Industrial Concern
  • Industrial Research Time: -10.0%
150 pp
Designer Type Effect Cost
José Norton de Matos Military Theorist
  • Land Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05
150 pp
José Manuel Sarmento de Beires Naval Theorist
  • Naval Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Naval Experience Gain: +0.05
150 pp
Ortins Manuel Bettencourt Air Warfare Theorist
  • Air Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Air Experience Gain: +0.05
150 pp



Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 35% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
  • -40% Fuel Gain per Oil
  • -25% Fuel Capacity
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • +5% Research speed
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed
  • +20% Civilian intelligence to others
  • +10% Navy intelligence to others

Industry and resources

Type No.
Aluminum.png Aluminium 0
Chromium.png Chromium 0
Oil.png Oil 0
Rubber.png Rubber 2
Steel.png Steel 0
Tungsten.png Tungsten 302
Type No.
Civilian factory Civilian factory 10
Military factory Military factory 2
Naval dockyard Naval dockyard 2
Portugal has 1 civilian factory in Porto, Guarda and Mozambique. Lisbon has 4 civilian factories and Beja has 3. Its military factories are in Lisbon and its dockyards are at Porto. Guarda has 3 building slots and Porto, Beja, Azores, Madeira and Angola has 1 each.
Portugal has rubber in Portuguese Guinea and Angola. Their Tungsten is in Lisbon and Guarda.


Type No.
Infantry cropped.png Infantry 15
Cavalry cropped.png Cavalry 3
Motorized cropped.png Motorized infantry 0
Light tank cropped.png Light tank 0
Marine cropped.png Marine 0
Mountain cropped.png Mountaineer 0
Paratroop cropped.png Paratrooper 0
Army experience.png Total divisions 18
Type No.
Destroyer.png Destroyer 6
Light Cruiser.png Light cruiser 0
Heavy Cruiser.png Heavy cruiser 0
Battlecruiser.png Battlecruiser 0
Battleship.png Battleship 0
Submarine.png Submarine 3
Carrier.png Carrier 0
Convoy.png Convoy 0
Navy experience.png Total ships 9
Air force
Type No.
CAS.png Close air support 12
Fighter c.png Fighter 0
Heavy fighter.png Heavy fighter 0
Naval bomber.png Naval bomber 0
Tactical bomber.png Tactical bomber 12
Strategic bomber.png Strategic bomber 0
Transport air.png Transport 0
Air experience.png Total planes 24
Their Infantry has 6 units, support artillery and engineer companies. Their colonial garrison divisions have 2 infantry units. Their cavalry has 4 units.
They have 6 destroyers and 3 submarines.
Air force
They have 12 Tactical bombers and 12 Close Air support as their airforce.

Strategies and guides

To start off, the player must annex or puppet Spain. The best time for the player to attack Spain is directly after the Spanish Civil War. While recovering from said Civil War, Spain is repairing their industry and has a low division count (After the event that gets rid of the ~50 Civil War divisions). Timing is crucial to the player, as Spain begins to pump out division quickly after the Civil War. If the player ends up missing the window of opportunity between the Civil War and Spain's recovery in division count, then the player will be incapable of expansion over land. The War should be easy, as Spain may not even have enough divisions to cover the Portugal/Spain border. The ideal time to begin Justifying a War goal is when the Civil War appears to be wrapping up.

Ideologically, the most optimal route would be to go Fascist. If the player fights the Nationalists whilst the player are in the Axis, they have no faction to join, they get no aid (Volunteers/Land-Lease), and the player can get German help. If the player fights the Republicans, they can potentially join the Comintern, dragging the player into a war with the Soviet Union. Assuming they have done "The Great Purge", Germany can defeat the Soviets, but the player has to manually Justify a War Goal on Poland so Germany has a land border with the Soviets. The war with the Soviets will be a long and costly slog that may last at least 3 years. Becoming Communist is an objectively bad idea. Firstly, later in the game, the player will end up at war with the Axis after Germany declares war on the Soviet Union. This will most likely lead to Germany seizing the entire Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain), and its industry with it. Secondly, war with any other country will lead to an early World War between the Comintern and (For example) The Allies. This war would cripple the Soviet Union, and, without the Soviets, the entire Comintern will fall.

The player can intervene in the Spanish Civil war, but one must be careful. If the player faces the Nationalists, they may join the Axis, prompting Italy to possibly join the war. This is less probable, however, as in a recent patch the National Spirit "Recovering From Civil War" prevents them from joining a faction. As stated earlier, and combined with this information, the best faction to win is the Nationalists. Do not, for any reason, aid the Republicans. As stated before, and early Axis-Comintern war would be a disaster.

The rest of this guide assumes you are Fascist and you have full control of Spain.

Once Historical WW2 breaks out in Poland, Portugal can be a valuable asset to the Axis, as it leaves France's Southern flank open for attack. Once France has Capitulated, the player should mostly just aid in Germany's war operations (Operation Sealion, Operation Barbarossa, Controlling Africa, etc.)

Bonus! If the player has a sizable enough navy, you can re-colonize South America, Asia, and more. This can be achieved by Naval Invading from your colony in Guinea Bissau, taking Brazil, and then moving on through South America. DISCLAIMER: This will put you at war with the USA, as they have guranteed the independence of all of North and South America (Bar Canada).