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Industry technology

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<div style="align-center; text-align:center;"><!--Interactive--> '''Industry research tree'''<br>[[File:Industry research tree.png|center|1225px|link=|]]</div>
== List of industrial technologies ==
*Unlike level II through V, dispersed industry I also gives a {{green|+20%}} conversion speed bonus.
| Dispersed Industry II to V || 19391937-1943
*{{green|+10%}} Factory Output
|- id="Fuel Silos"
| rowspan="1" | '''Fuel Silos'''
| Fuel Silos || 1936 || Allows building of {{iconify|Fuel Silosilo}}, which increases fuel storage by 100,000 || Is necessary to unlock Synthetic Oil and Fuel Refining
|- id="Synthetic Oil Experiments"
| rowspan="9" | '''Synthetic Oil'''
* ''Dispersed Industry'' - Like Concentrated Industry, Dispersed Industry has 5 levels that can be researched between 1936 and 1943. Each new level provides the same bonuses except the first one, which provides different rewards than the rest. By choosing Dispersed Industry, the player is reducing vulnerability to bombing and allows for quicker changing of production lines.
One can think of the two styles as maximizing potential production at any given production efficiency vs. decreasing time to achieve 100% production efficiency.
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